Legends of Yoga

Today day the Yoga feel their bases in solid fundamentals rational and scientific. However, even in recent times, its history is intertwined with many mysteries, wonders, and legends that are worth knowing.

Tell you, to mode of portrait, a story of an interesting but little known master of Sanskrit, Vedanta and Yoga. The Dr.Vagish of Varanasi taught me Yoga in private lessons, taught from a wooden podium. Instead of show them exercises making them the same, me them explained so I them was running following their instructions. Supposed I would, by the lateness of his age, some of those positions which he described would not be already able to practice them. Arriving at a particularly difficult, as that I did not understand your instructions, momentarily left the immobility of his podium and did it with astonishing ease, without preliminary asana, warming or any preparation.

The figure of this singular master emerges from that mystery India which still exists under the modern surface which is transformed to a fast pace. That, says of himself guided by "Interior teacher", is "illuminated" at age 20. It could pass for extravagance or presumption if it weren't for prestige that it supports him. For years he worked as a teacher in the famed Hindu University of Benares. She was also the master of the writer and Professor of oriental philosophy Chantal Maillard, specialist in Sanskrit, Oscar Pujol, current director of the Cervantes Institute in Delhi, among many other people and personalities.

Characters lives and unbelievable facts

In the famous autobiography of Yogananda, we have these mysterious legends of the India. In that story is draws the figure of a Babaji that, to say of the book, lives in the Himalayas with an age of hundreds or thousands of years and with a body so pure that supposedly is materialized or dissolves to will own. Also in the Autobiography of a Yogi, Perhaps one of the most popular Yoga books of all time, personalities of lives and improbable events are portrayed, but that have captured the imagination of thousands of readers. Then we are surprised to see photos of some of the legendary figures portrayed in this book in a Museum, like that of Swami Trailanga, which Yogananda has lived for days submerged under the waters of the Ganges. And descendants direct of Lahiri Mahasaya, so-called disciple of Babaji, still teaching kriya yoga by all over the world.

Today, the most famous Yogis internationally somehow bypass that mysterious facet of its origin India. Perhaps this has to do with their academic or scientific training as with Sivananda, surgeon's training. Also, possibly, by the notorious liked by them explanations medical or specifically anatomical of the so-called Yoga Iyengar. These medical or scientific presentations of Yoga, along with the undeniable effects on the physical form of schools such as Iyengar or Ashtanga Vinyasa, made perfectly presentable yoga in the field or the Western mindset.

Despite such spiritually neutral, rationally acceptable presentation of Yoga, its origin in the mysterious India bid to emerge that you find out. As well, some of the most famous schools in all the world, the B.K.S. Iyengar; the Ashtanga Patabhi Jois; the Vinyasa of Deshikachar (son of the founder); and also the school of the "other Iyengar", B.N.S, that until his death taught in them high of the Temple of the Palace Jaganmohan, where, sponsored by them maharajas Woodyar, had his school the Patriarch of all these teachers: Krishnamacharya.

The mysterious teacher of teachers

While their outstanding disciples are perfectly incardinated in the normal rational of West, the life of the master Krishnamacharya is wrapped in mysterious legends. Of he have their disciples that possessed the capacity of stop your heart to will, capacity that showed even before researchers arrived from Europe. Its formation is attributed to a no less mysterious master on the shores of the Lake Mansarover, in the current Tibet. It is also said he obtained important knowledge of an old book entitled Yoga Korunta, that was occasion of reading before disappeared. Another also important part of his inspiration he psychographed, came from the dictates of their ancestor Nathamuni, a Yogi of centuries ago, whose teachings, wrote to the dictates of the spirit of its predecessor.

That said, it is necessary to remember that tradition of the so called "Interior teacher" and the psicografías is not so alien to Western culture as in principle you could think. By only quote a case famous: in the century XVIII, Swedemborg, admired by his contemporary, the philosopher rationalist Inmanuel Kant, and subsequently by the writer Borges. This peculiar writer Swedish claimed to have communication with the spirits, whose news recounted and wrote in their books as On the heaven and its wonders and on the hell. Also the famous Swiss psychologist Jung claimed in his autobiography Memories, dreams, thoughts follow to two teachers interiors that you dictated or inspired great part of their theories.

Krishnamacharya (along with Sivananda) was one of them big drive of the Yoga in our times, especially taking in has that in their times, at the beginning of the century XX, is was of a science minority and almost forgotten. Through his own and his disciples they disseminated Yoga to make it a universally recognized and accepted practice, and increased expansion.

Incidentally that the greatest miracle or wonder is that Yoga has survived as knowledge/spread of master to disciple since, at least, five thousand years ago, such as testing arequeologicas.

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Joaquín García Weil graduated in philosophy, yoga teacher and Yoga room Málaga director. Practice Yoga for 20 years and teaches it since makes eleven. He is a student of Swami Rudradev (leading disciple of Iyengar), with whom he has learned in Yoga Study Center, Rishikesh, India. He has also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri de Benarés, among other masters.


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