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Do we know where we want to go and where can lead us yoga when we aim to practice it? The tradition yogic, before proposing any technique, speaks of his sense of desirable objectives, the foundations of a solid practice and obstacles that we can find on the road. Writing this series of articles Julián Peragón Arjuna.

The meaning of yoga


If we could symbolize our trajectory of life through simple lines, we would say the experiences we live to pass along a horizontal line joining circumstance after circumstances from birth until death. Over this horizon would need to rise to reach its entirety with the look. The vertical line will give us depth on the axis of experience, would teach us the wavy or straight, solid or flimsy drawing innumerable acts have left the vital field, and therefore we extraeríamos consequences.

If we put voice to this cross, the horizontal line we would say: "the table is served. You have to live, and we must live with intensity. We have a body and a mind for experiment and retire from life or live at half-throttle is a kind of madness." However, the vertical line would add: "not enough experience. It is vain to be attached to the wheel of life spinning non-stop looking for pleasurable experiences or fleeing from the painful. Not enough to leave an indelible imprint through experience, need to know points where it lived. You should squeeze the experience and get the juice of wisdom so that living is an art, a growth opportunity and a space of wonder".

Rise on the strength of lived experiences as the Eagle that can see the globality of the horizon does not seem easy to input. It requires an effort, it requires reflection, discrimination and equanimity, requires a certain distance and a detachment of the fruits of the action for not succumbing under the weight of the experienced.

Returning to the image of the truck, little would serve all the effort to set the carriage only to spin around our garden. With the wagon, we intend to make a long journey. This long journey is called in Yoga Samadhi: He is the eighth member which lists Patanjali and involves an extraordinary culture of attention to see reality clearly. Perhaps we could synthesize what Yoga as a landing in reality and not, as many think, a detach from reality to "unfathomable" worlds.

Certainly that Yoga does not rewrite his philosophy on human desert but on a yearning, which often goes unnoticed, of transcendence.

In summary, Yoga is the union of all that us lives to drive us as a springboard into the depths of the self.


Show on the map Summit which we want to get is relatively easy, it is more difficult to climb the mountain with our hands and our feet. Yogi (and the yogini) is first and foremost a Walker, not load with erudite books, prefer to know the reality of first-hand, to know what is fall and get up, Miss and social gatherings, cold and despair through roads.

True that Yoga is a special State of union and of importance as we noted a few paragraphs back, but let us not forget, Yoga is also the path that leads us to this State, with its stages, its progress and its difficulties.

In the metaphor of the path the scenery changes because we move in a certain direction. If we always go by the same site we would note that we are in a loop, that is, that we have lost the direction of the road. What happens in the practice of Yoga: If you do not advance is that you have met with a very serious obstacle, since Yoga is transformation and involves an advance in our understanding of reality and our personal development.

The unheard message of Yoga is that he says: nothing is impossible, provided you go step by step according to the limits. No matter what evenings, what matters is the March, step one behind the other, now a stretch and then a breath, then a centering or the understanding of the nature of a quality of the mind. The important thing is to understand that we start from a point, our present, and that, at that point, there is a potential that we can deploy. We are, so to speak, the butterfly within the worm, and Yoga is the process of the chrysalis whereby we inevitably have to pass.

A journey of such magnitude requires will, equanimity and ability to dominate our senses and extreme concentration. Now we have to ask ourselves if our wagon, and we with it, we are prepared for it.

(It will continue in the next few days)

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Julian Peragón, Arjuna, Trainer of teachers, directs the Yoga synthesis school in Barcelona.

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