Yoga OnLine 11 class: Yoga for pregnant women

De nuevo presentamos a nuestros lectores una completa Clase de Yoga OnLine producida por la Escuela Internacional de Yoga, un regalo exclusivo para todos pero en especial para las lectoras que espereran un bebé. Se trata de una clase guiada por la profesora Raquel Webb.

Rachel Webb

A través de una serie de posturas y ejercicios se va a movilizar la zona abdominal para regularizar el funcionamiento de todos los órganos abdomino-pélvicos. In this class the greeting to the Sun is done standing adapted for pregnant women.

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Says Professor Rachel Webb: "I think that the practice of Yoga leads to more creativity, peace and coexistence, finding strength through body as well access to the mind, spirit and heart.

My classes are held in the framework of a free style Hatha Yoga-based Integrator seeking a slow flow of alignment, with focus on the creation of the strength and the flexibility to form a safe and solid base".

Raquel es Profesora-Master de Hatha Yoga formada en la Escuela Internacional de Yoga, especializada en Yoga para embarazadas. Es además responsable de la Escuela Internacional de Yoga en Cádiz.

This kinds of Yoga platform has been created by the international school of Yoga to get the learning and practice of the Yoga wherever you are.

Each week it incorporates classes of different styles with different objectives, so that you can move into your practice.

You can choose practices short of 30 minutes and complete more than one hour classes, as well as several levels that adapt to your practice. Also you can practice meditation and Mantras.

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By • 16 mar, 2015 • section: International School of Yoga