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What if we honor losses by humanizing the world?

And the Giant Wave came, we were hit by the tsunami, and a storm that seemed endless engulfed us... And we experience in the skin and as humanity the impermanence and fragility. Writes Paula Colantonio. Days of pain, of fear, of death. Anxiety and loneliness. Doubts and insomnia. Losses and crisping. Long night fortunately [...]

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How an independent yoga center survives the covid-19

La reapertura de los centros de yoga no se vislumbra a medio plazo. ¿Qué salida nos queda a las escuelas independientes y a los profesores autónomos, entre la avalancha del “yoga gratis” y el poderío de las plataformas de pago? Escribe Paula Colantonio. Mi nombre es Paula Colantonio, soy cofundadora de un centro de yoga en […]

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