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Proposals for the weekend

For this last weekend of October we have come to the drafting of very varied proposals, especially of courses that begin. Interested in trying one? You can also check the updated fall withdrawals here. Friday 24 October Fight anxiety, panic and depression with Yoga The evil of our days and the [...]

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Want to know more about Anatomy?

Here are all the options to expand your knowledge of Anatomy, so that you can apply them to your yogic practice. They are workshops of different levels of deepening that you can do independently or as complete courses, depending on your needs. In Madrid, Escuela de Yoga de Las Tablas. With the intention of clarifying [...]

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Yoga Anatomy Course

To know the body itself and its functioning, nothing better than to do an Anatomy course. We propose four workshops aimed at teachers and yoga practitioners, with or without previous experience, in Madrid, School of Yoga of the Tables. First year: October 5. Led by Raffaelle Zampini, bachelor's degree in BSC Osteopathy (Hons), master's degree [...]

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