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"Cojines de meditación" Zafus

Yoga shop handmade. We specialize in also known as Zafu meditation cushions. We have covers for yoga mats. All natural materials made hand in Murcia.

"Equilibrium" Bhakti Yoga Shala, Estudio de Yoga

Classes: Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga Vinyasa, Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra. Teacher training (A.E.P.Y.), training in Bhakti Yoga Vinyasa, Reiki training. Massage Abhyanga Yoga, therapeutic, Chiromassage, lymphatic drainage.

"Estudio Yoga" Yogaes

Modern space dedicated to learning, teaching, and practice of Yoga where you can also take other activities related to personal development and overall wellbeing. Daily classes, courses and workshops for all levels. Hatha Yoga.Yoga Iyengar, Asthanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, meditation...

Academy Golden Temple. GRD Ashram

TRAINING teachers KUNDALINI YOGA teacher Kartar and Golden Temple Academy. Direct disciple of Yogi Bhajan.


Escuela de Canto Vedic and Yoga. Yoga Therapy classes and individual rooms.


Escuela de Yoga, Acroyoga and Thai Massage in Barcelona and in Kerala (India), with classes, workshops, retiros y formación de profesores.

Aquarium (Naad Yoga and Kundalini Yoga) Yoga

School of Yoga specializing in Yoga Kundalini - Yoga of the sound - yogic massage. Daily classes, teacher training, courses and workshops.


Center of Personal growth, where dimensions are addressed: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We do Yoga Integral shri Vivek, unitary movement, NLP psychotherapy and talks, workshops and courses for personal growth. To create your own reality aligned with the natural laws to live with satisfaction and happiness. You expect, we are in Central and well connected area of Barcelona.Para more info from the

Aditya, friends of the Yoga

Ensenyament del mètode IYENGAR.Classes regulars, cursos i xerrades.Diferents nivells de pràctica.IOGA IYENGAR a la NATURA. Intensius de primavera i tardor (cap de setmana)Curs d'estiu (setmana sencera a "La PLana".

AEPY - Spanish Association of practitioners of yoga.

Somos una gran Asociación con más de treinta años de historia dedicada a la "Formación de profesores de yoga", actualmente "Instrucción en yoga". Con muchos centros adheridos repartidos por todo España. Dedicamos un interés especial a la difusión del yoga, a todos los niveles.Asesoramos a nuestros socios practicantes, profesores o formadores y realizamos encuentros y actividades a nivel nacional.

Aero Yoga Institute teacher training center

Learn yoga Aero? Course developed by Rafael Martinez Aeroyoga Institute is an artistic method (art therapy) and complementary therapies training. The teacher training allows you to develop a technique of different work, effective at all levels: allows you to improve health, physical condition in an integral manner, the human relations in all aspects, is fun, fascinating and creative, and you can develop a new professional future. What you learn in the swing not forget about it and just need to practice more and more to continue to grow and be able to teach this complete technique of personal development.

Agua Viva

We are a centre dedicated to the Organization of vacation alternatives. Caring for the health and well-being of people. We offer all kinds of activities in a privileged environment; on the coast and close to the mountain. For groups, couples or individuals. Here you will meet, will make friendship and interact among them.

Aquamarine - your inner Pearl

Located in the heart of Deusto, aquamarine is a space where to find dynamic Yoga classes and other techniques of personal, mental, and emotional growth. We are dedicated to care for the health of

Ahimsa Yoga Studio

AHIMSA is a space located in the heart of Madrid, whose team, in addition to being teachers of Hatha Yoga, is formed by professionals in the field of health, and psychology. The sessions in Ahimsa are reduced in size, there are no more than 5 people per class, which allows the teacher to give personalized attention to each student @ adapting practice to your needs. Each class consists of a warm-up time, a time for the practice of Asanas or physical postures, a time for Pranayama, or breath control techniques and finally a time for relaxation. We also teach private lessons well at home or in the same study.


AIM SATYANANDA YOGA is an institution without encourage non-profit, that was created in order to promote, teach and spread the Bihar Yoga, which is based on the ancient traditions of the Integral Yoga, adapted to the needs of the current being by Paramahamsa SW. Satyananda Saraswati.Los teachers have been trained under the teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga Bihar Yoga Bharati and the academies of Colombia and Europe.

AJ. From Sant Gregori (Public) i Ginkgo (Privat)

AJuntament de Sant Gregori: centre public from which the great month respecte transmetre attempt to the ioga. Ginko: Study of personal growth (see website)

Akaljoti Yoga

Classes of kundalini yoga, meditation, mindfulness, blessing of uterus. Specialization in the health integral of the woman.

Akasha Yoga Burela

We offer the pedagogical method of dynamic Yoga, developed mainly by Godfrey Devereux. The practice of yoga postures can be experienced through a profound listening of the body, regardless of age, strength or flexibility.

Alalba Yoga school

The school was created 15 years ago and we are pioneers in Alicante in formations of Yoga. We teach yoga classes and other special child yoga pregnant yoga, yoga training adolescent etc... We are happy and we are passionate about sharing with those who want to create a better world. We are located in a privileged, Central but quiet area facing the sea.

Alameda Studio

Center multidisciplinary with regular classes and monthly Yoga workshops taught by Marcela Reggio Selfeni (Hari Shabad Kaur), teacher with more than 24 years of experience and titled in Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar tradition...

Clinical alaya

The application of psycho-corporal techniques in the field of health and prevention brings undoubted benefits to the person. The culture of care, slow and gentle movements that flow with breath, stretch made consciously, the internalization of the senses... phased physical tensions, energetic blockades, the agitation of the mind, the veil that obscures the awareness. Thus integrating the different structures of the human being (body, breath, mind) we develop the harmony and balance, health and well-being. Dr. Rafael Santamaría. Doctor. Yoga teacher.


Center for Yoga, health and well-being in O Rosal Valley. Yoga classes, morning, afternoon and evening hours. Open to people of all ages and physical conditions. Come and try a free class without commitment. Also consult yogaterapia and sintergetic.

Altasana Integral health - center of natural therapies

Altasana is a different Integral Health Center. Different because we integrate official medicine with complementary medicines and we try to offer you all the options to make you get involved active of your own health.

Alzentro Coworking

Alzentro is a shared space aimed at professionals in health, natural therapies and human development helping to make his work in a stable, sustainable activity and in constant evolution. Alzentro is a place specially built so that practitioners can work by adjusting their costs at the time of work. Cabins and rooms for rent. The public can attend the activities both recurrent and one-off, training courses, regular classes, etc., organized by members of the professional community that houses in its space. The Yoga classes are one of the main activities within the space. We invite you to know our project.

Loves dynamic Yoga

Tenerife dynamic Yoga Center is a space where you can relax, enjoy a different moment for your body and your spirit, relieve physical tension accumulated in the week, tone your muscles, rejuvenate your back and joints and increase your physical resistance to effort. Dynamic Yoga is a method that integrates the principles of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vini Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Integrates strength and flexibility, activity and relaxation, giving great importance to concentration, conscious breathing, and the presence, enhancing comprehensive development: physical, mental, and spiritual. It is the indicated discipline so you can achieve a calm mind and a healthy body


Yoga Center in Plaza de Castilla, who teaches: hatha yoga, yoga in family, children's yoga, yoga for adults, therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, yoga pregnant


Natural therapies centre specializing in the treatment of body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Center of integral yoga, following the pedagogical school Sivananda Vedanta. Located in the Centre of the city, yoga classes for a maximum of eight students in which we practice pranayama, asana, meditation and relaxation. Teaches: Conchita Fernández (Ambika) entitled by the Sivananda school, with more than ten years of experience teaching yoga, scholar of philosophy and history of yoga, yoga therapy teaches...

Anahata Center of Integral Yoga (since 1985)

As its name suggests, and taking as a basis the 8 angas of Patanjali, Anahata transmits, from the kindness and respect, an integral yoga. The training of teachers of yoga that is taught in Anahata is recognised by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (A.E.P.Y.)

Anahata, Yoga and meditation

A place to feel and feel through the practice of Yoga and meditation. Hatha Yoga, meditation, Yoga for children.