Teacher Training and Specialized Courses Guide 2020-2021

Like each academic year, YogaenRed develops this "Training Guide" that awaits you so much, to learn about the best options and proposals, who want to deepen the teachings of genuine Yoga. This list follows a chronological order.

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This is also a YogaenRed support service to all professional training course organizers for Yoga Instructors/Teachers and Specializations, who are invited to send us the essential data of their courses to info@yogaenred.com.
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–Training of Teachers of Integral Yoga Mahashakti School

Start: octubre, según nivel (1 o 2) y ciudad
Where: Pamplona, A Coruña, Bilbao, Gijón, Cáceres, Badajoz, Logroño, Valladolid, Madrid, Vigo, Santander, Soria, León, Vitoria, Castellón, Valencia, Murcia and Burgos.

We offer you a complete Training as Teachers of Integral Yoga in which we highlight the following aspects:
• A 2-year formative process.
• A total of 400 face-to-face hours.
• Attendance on a Sunday per month.
• A powerful audiovisual platform to support the face-to-face online part online.
The contents of the training process are adapted to Royal Decree 1034/2011 that regulates the Certificate of Professionality in Yoga. The Mahashakti School of Integral Yoga is part of FEDEFY (Spanish Federation of Yoga Training Schools).
También se ofrece un Curso de Actualización omleto, para los ya profesores/as.

Contact: info@escuelamahashakti.com / T 650 060 065
More information: https://www.escuelamahashakti.com/formacion-de-profesores-de-yoga-integral/

–Organic Yoga Teacher Training

Start: octubre 2020
Where: Organic Yoga. Madrid
Trainer: José Manuel Vazquez

Face-to-face and online. The training is divided into three independent and complementary courses:
-200-hour accrediting diploma. Yoga Instructor: Base Course, Yoga Basics (200 hours)
-300-hour accrediting diploma. Yoga teacher: Specialization course, energy yoga (160 hours).
-Specialization course, therapeutic applications of yoga (140 hours).

Contact: T 627 007 121/ info@yogaorganico.org
More information: https://www.yogaorganico.org/formacion/

–Yoga, Women's, Pregnancy and Postpartum Training - Omma Prenatal School

Start: octubre 2020
Where: Online and Presencial at City Yoga Madrid
Trainer: Montse Cob

3 Modules: I: "Yoga for Women" (Online), II: "Training Teachers of Prenatal Yoga" (Presencial), and III: "Yoga for postpartum" (Presencial).

Contact: T 91 553 4751 – 91 025 9233 – 685 549 906 / info@city-yoga.com
More information: https://www.city-yoga.com/servicios/otras-formaciones-especializadas/yoga-para-embarazadas-escuela-omma-prenatal

–Sivananda Online Yoga Teacher Training

Start: octubre 2020
Where: Online

Online course. October 4-31, 2020. Four weeks of theoretical and practical training in all aspects of yoga, composed of 267 45-minute teaching units.
After successful completion of the course, the certificate "Professor of Yoga online" of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta International Centers (ISYVC) is delivered.
The goal of this teaching program is to train inspiring yoga teachers with a consolidated practice that can convey to others the experience of yoga through their own practice and self-discipline.

Contact: 91 361 51 50 – mobile/whatsapp: 654 38 99 70 / madrid@sivananda.net
More information: https://www.sivananda.es/curso-de-formacion-de-profesor-de-yoga-online/

–Yoga Training for Meditation

Start: octubre 2020
Where: Trigon Room / School Yoga Synthesis. Barcelona
Trainer: Julián Peragón (Arjuna)

100% face-to-face training. Full course + a retreat.
This brief training trains to conduct Yoga sessions and workshops for Meditation by addressing in-depth listening and preparation and compensation of meditative posture. The practice exercises that promote mental calm. The adapted introduction of the seven levels of consciousness with their respective support supports. Addressing obstacles that may arise in the meditative process and the challenges to overcome them.

Contact: T 650221551 / julianperagon@gmail.com
More information: http://meditacionsintesis.com/actividades/yoga-para-la-meditacion-formacion-de-monitores/

–Online Course of Specialization in Meditation and Mindfulness

Start: October 12, 2020
Where: Online International Yoga School
Trainer: Denis Raised

Online course. Duration: 100h. 27 weeks in 7 months
For a Hatha Yoga instructor or teacher, it allows you to offer advanced meditation classes and workshops for your Hatha Yoga students. At the same time, this course offers the revealing mindfulness practices for personal growth and for personal and professional contexts, with a post-modern and scientific basis and also taking into account its connection with the pillars of yoga.

Contact: T 91 4166881 – 648 078824 / info@escueladeyogaonline.com
More information: https://www.escueladeyogaonline.com/meditacion-mindfulness/

–Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Course

Start: October 16, 2020
Where: Jathara Yoga Center C/Menorca 16 , under 5. Madrid
Trainer: Carmen Blasco

Face. Maximum reduced group 8 students.
Now you can be a yoga teacher in a dynamic style, full of energy and inspiration. Training in three years: 200 H and 300 H Yoga Alliance certified.
First year of training: Yoga Instructor Level 200 H. You will learn how to give and practice a balanced class of Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Hatha Yoga : Families and types of postures. Detailed study of postures, modifications and adaptations for different levels of practice. – Vinyasa krama How to sequence step by step. -Anatomy, Biomechanics and Physiology applied to yoga. -Meditation and pranayamas -Roots of yoga, Yoga sutras of Patanjali and classical philosophy of yoga...

Contact: info@jatharacenter.com / T 690792332
More information: https://www.jatharacenter.com/formacion-de-instructores-de-yoga-2020-2021

–Yoga training with Sadhana School

Start: October 16, 2020
Where: City Yoga Madrid
Trainer: Carlos Fiel and team

Face. A training to be a complete, didactic, active and very open yoga teacher in your thinking. It is four years old and consists of nine weekend seminars per year.
The degree is approved by european Yoga Union regulations.
Sadhana School has been training new yoga teachers for more than thirty years. It has five schools in Spain.

Contact: T 91 553 4751 – 91 025 9233 – 685 549 906 / info@city-yoga.com
Find out more: https://www.city-yoga.com/servicios/formaciones-hatha-yoga/yoga-con-la-escuela-sadhana

–Instructor Course 200h Mindfulness and Meditation

Start: October 17, 2020 (possibility of joining until 7 November).
Where: Presence + Live Online
Trainers: Jorge Cabellos, Noemi Franco, David Ortega and the Y.E.S. tutoring team

This course is certified by the I.M.T.A. (International Mindfulness Teachers Association) as a 200-hour Instructor Program in Mindfulness and Meditation. Our goal is that you explore and honor the tradition of Meditation knowing the origins of the main traditions of Oriental Meditation, while knowing the evolution of these practices and their contemporary application in sectors such as Education and Children, Companies and Organizations, Clinical Therapy and Psychology. This course offers you a professional, complete and specialized training for both your personal practice and for the teaching and facilitation of Mindfulness, Meditation and Conscious Relaxation techniques.

Contact: T 642 363 932 / info@yogaevolutionschool.com
More information: https://yogaevolutionschool.com/formacion-instructor-mindfulness/

–Instructor Specialized in Restorative Yoga

Start: October 19, 2020
Where: Online. International Yoga School
Trainer: Mayte Raised

Online course. This 100-hour training is a very rich exploration aimed at expanding the knowledge and teaching of personal skills of an Instructor or Yoga Teacher.
Students learn the benefits of Restorative Yoga through direct experience as well as practical possibilities in the way practitioners of all levels and sectors are taught and helped.

Contact: T 91 4166881 – 648 078824 / info@escueladeyogaonline.com
More information: https://www.escueladeyogaonline.com/especializacion-yoga-restaurativo/

–Training of Teachers of Integral Yoga

Start: October 20, 2020
Where: Mahashakti School of Integral Yoga

Face-to-face training requiring Sunday-a-month attendance in your city. We also have the online support of an audiovisual platform with endless materials (tabs, videos etc.) that complement the printed content. In this training process the future teacher performs a deep work on a personal level and at the same time acquires the tools that will make it easier for the Yoga Master inside, acquiring the ability to set up his own classes and offer them efficiently.
Face-to-face training in Pamplona, A Coruña, Bilbao, Gijón, Cáceres, Badajoz, Logroño, Valladolid, Madrid, Vigo, Santander, Soria, León, Vitoria, Castellón-Valencia, Murcia and Burgos.
Enrollment is open for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Contact: T 650 060 065 / info@escuelamahashakti.com
More information: https://www.escuelamahashakti.com/formacion-de-profesores-de-yoga-integral/

–150h Specialization Course at Prana Vinyasa Flow

Start: October 24, 2020
Where: Face-to-face on weekends in Madrid + Online live (live broadcasts are recorded to follow in deferred as well).
Trainers: Jorge Cabellos, other international affiliates of Shiva Rea's school and the Y.E.S. tutoring team.

This is the official training of Prana Vinyasa Flow© and Elemental Prana Vinyasa© in collaboration with Samudra School, Shiva Rea's training school. Take advantage of the training of Shiva Rea, the creator of Prana Vinyasa Flow, with the Yoga Alliance certificate. Shiva Rea has been leading the evolution of Vinyasa Yoga since the 1990s with Prana Vinyasa Flow© which integrates Vinyasa, Ayurveda, Tantra, Bhakti and music as a facilitator of flow. Prana Vinyasa Flow is an essentially energetic yoga integrative method where prana movements (prana vayus) and 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) guide our consciousness to a meditative state where attention flows effortlessly (flow state).

Contact: T 642 363 932 / info@yogaevolutionschool.com
More information: https://yogaevolutionschool.com/curso-de-especializacion-en-prana-vinyasa-flow-yoga/

–Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids - Om Shree Om School

Start: October 24 and 25, 2010
Where: Online and Presencial at City Yoga Madrid
Trainer: Christine McArdle and team

Face-to-face and online (13 horas de sesiones no presenciales). Tutorías (con instructor o mentor asignado): 3 horas. Clases presenciales (City Yoga): 64 horas distribuidas en 4 fines de semana (sábado y domingo) de 8 horas.
Face-to-face internships (various places) : 20 hours
The Om Shree Om school, run by Christine McArdle, has been offering this prestigious training for children since 2011 in addition to the formation of Om Shree Om for adolescents and children with functional diversity.

Contact: T 91 553 4751 – 91 025 9233 – 685 549 906 / info@city-yoga.com
More information: https://www.city-yoga.com/servicios/otras-formaciones-especializadas/yoga-para-ninos-escuela-om-shree-om

–Yoga therapy training

Start: 24 and 25 of 0Ctubre 2020
Where: Dhyana Yoga School. Murcia
Director of training: Juan Ortiz

Second Yoga Therapy Training Promotion. Open for yoga teachers trained in any yoga school and also for health workers, therapist in any branch, psychologists...

Contact: T 968277477 / 699582688
More information: https://www.yogadhyana.com/actividades/index.htm#murcia1

–Mirrored Integral Yoga Workshop with Basic and Advanced Swing

Start: October 24 and 25, 2020
Where: Mahashakti Integral Yoga Center. Bugallal Marchesi Street 10 Bajo. A Coruña
Trainer: Kali, mahashakti School's former

Face. Aimed at anyone related to yoga and related disciplines, looking for a first approximation of work with the swing. Throughout this intensive we will see how it is possible to use the swing as a support tool for the practice of integral yoga. We will understand the swing as an excellent directional support, which will sustain and assist us during the asanas session, and throughout the sadhana in general.
The basic workshop takes place on Saturday and the advanced on Sunday, both in intensive format.

Contact: T 626 45 65 29
More information: https://www.escuelamahashakti.com/cursos-especializados/yoga-integral-columpio/

–Yoga Teacher Online 200 hours

Start: November 1, 2020
Where: Online - Kavaalya School
Coordinator: Laura Santisteban and team of indian teachers

Until November 30, 2020. This is a unique opportunity to earn the RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Certificate, only until December 31, 2020.
Course in Spanish.
This 200-hour online yoga course is an intensive program designed for you to gain the fundamental skills and confidence you need to teach yoga, based on the lineages of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa, led by an incredible team of Indian yoga teachers.
The program is divided into 4 modules that cover the most important aspects of yoga learning.

Contact: +34 620 95 43 52
More information: https://kavaalya.com/es/profesorado-yoga-online/

–Mindfulness course

Start: November 2, 2020
Where: Online
Taught: Isabel Ward

8 weeks, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The promise of the Course is that you will be able to generate a state of serenity where well-being and calm are possible.

From there it is possible to positively influence or transform all areas of your life since you will find ways to respond more adaptive and creative in everyday life.

Isabel Ward is a professor of Mindfulness authorized by the University of Massachusetts and Brown University and since 2002 has been practicing, studying and teaching relaxation, meditation and yoga techniques.

Contact: T 647 51 22 78
More information: http://www.yogaanandamaya.com/mindfulness-2/

–Training to be a Yoga Teacher

Start: November 21, 2020
Where: Oyoga. Seville
Trainers: Lourdes Vidal and her team.

Face-to-face and online (direct). 200 hours, Vinyasa Flow approach. Yoga Alliance USA International Certification Program.
Essential Aspects of Training: Practice: Strong Alignment and Anatomy Approach. Pranayama. Meditation: essential practice in training. Theory: deep study of the philosophy of Yoga with traditional and contemporary texts.

Contact: hola@oyoga.eu
More information: https://oyoga.eu/formacion-profesor-de-yoga-200-horas-enfoque-vinyasa-flow/

–Sadhana – Deepening and/or Training of Yoga Teachers with Silvia Jaén & Eva Klimberg

Start: January 12, 2021
Where: Face-to-face and online
Forming: Eva Klimberg and Silvia Jaén

Interactive – Presence – Online. Exclusive course for 20 students.
A course where you can practice, deepen and perfect the technique but above all your yoga experience. For those who want to finish learning and understanding those essential details around asanas, pranayamas, meditation, mantras, deep philosophy of yoga, etc.
Structure and Contents: Level1: Sadhana personal (1st module: Technique and bases. 2nd module: Deepening). Level 2: Pedagogical training (3rd module: Teach what you have lived and learned). Level 3: Master (4th module).

New schedule: every Tuesday from 18:00 to 21:00h

Contact: T 622 186 202 / miyoguiyyo71@gmail.com
More information: https://yogaartstudio.com/profundizacion-formacion-profesores-yoga/

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