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In this section we publicize the social and solidarity Yoga projects that come to the writing (if you want, send yours to Today we present the Lotus Blau Foundation, which offers free accompaniment through yoga and meditation to people diagnosed with cancer.

The Lotus Blau Foundation it is a non-profit entity born in 1999 in the state of Colorado in the USA by David Urgeles, born in Mataró (Barcelona). In 2001 the Foundation's headquarters were opened in Catalonia and in 2007 it became the headquarters and closed the US headquarters.

Mission, vision and values

  • – Promote social welfare.
  • – To serve the most vulnerable groups in our society.
  • – Support the development of each individual in their physical, mental and emotional aspect.
  • – Facilitate access to volunteering for people sensitized to social problems.

The Foundation operates mainly in the maresme and Barcelons areas (with a strong impact in different municipalities near Mataró).

Cancer Project

The Cancer Project was born in collaboration with the Maresme Health Consortium, specifically with the Hospital de Mataró and the Oncology Plant, with the aim of offer free accompaniment through yoga and meditation to all those diagnosed with cancer and improve the quality of life of cancer patients during the disease process.

Many years of previous experience, accompanied by scientific studies, showed that with the help of meditation and yoga the pains and nausea of treatments decreased.

The Restorative Yoga provides people living with cancer with the following benefits:

  • Improving sleep quality
  • Improved stress and anxiety
  • Decreased pain
  • Improving mental and emotional state (memory improvement, positivism)
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Decreased dependence on sedatives
  • Improves chronic fatigue
  • It encourages intuition and creativity

This project has been operating in Mataró since 2011 and barcelona 2015. Throughout all these years, the Foundation's team has treated more than 250 cancer patients, "Some of them have been with us for months and others have left us on the road," say project managers. Some of the students who started in the cancer project, overcaked cancer and continue to come to the center, doing regular yoga classes. Following their journey from diagnosis to recovery is a very valuable process and we appreciate the trust they place in the Foundation and in the work that is done, from within."

The Foundation collaborates with cancer associations or entities such as Agate who advise people once diagnosed. Thanks to this network and the solidity of the Foundation in the territory, they publicize the cancer project.

Free yoga classes and online platform

The Lotus Blau Foundation offers three free classes of Restorative Yoga, in the yoga center of Mataró and three in Barcelona, in different time slots of morning, noon and afternoon. "We know that once, they start treating chemotherapy or radiation therapy, moving to the center, it's harder, that's why we facilitate time flexibility."

Due to the current situation with COVID, the Lotus Blau Foundation has created a new platform for yoga online so you can get on with your practice from home. A platform with different classes and styles, tutorials, guided relaxations to suit you. For 15 euros a month discover the benefits of practicing yoga wherever you want.

For people who are part of the cancer project, classes are still subsidized and free.

Anyone who wants to collaborate on the Cancer Project, the Foundation accepts voluntary financial donations. Another way to contribute is to publicize the work that is done from the Lotus Blau Foundation, with social projects and with yoga centers in Mataró and Barcelona.

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