Books/ The Authentic Hatha Yoga, by Theos Bernard

This practical yoga essay is the story of a learning in Hatha yoga as traditionally taught in India by the hand of gurus and following their system. Edit: E. L. A. PVP: 17.95 .

The book tells us what is the order of asanas we should start with and the cleansing or purification exercises that we must perform at the right time as is our preparation, then the breathing exercises, the exercises to achieve spiritual strength or mudras and finally the samadhi or the state of supra-consciousness is addressed.

This study is not an attempt to test the merits of Yoga or to explain its results, but as the author himself refers: "It is a report of my personal experiences in learning and practicing the basic techniques of Hatha Yoga, in order to give the reader occ Iania accurate description of what a typical oriental Yoga course is like in its place of origin."

Since the techniques of the Hatha Yoga are described in the classic texts: "Hatha Yoga Pradipika", "Gheranda Samhita" and "Siva Samhita", the author makes a continuous reference and comments on the most important parts of these works, when relating his personal experiences in learning and practice of these techniques.

This work is therefore a way of approaching the real Hatha Yoga, through the experience gained in India and Tibet by its author, a person prepared and committed, and which is not done randomly and without foundation, but is accompanied by quotations and comment the works that form the foundation and foundation of Hatha Yoga.

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