Yoga Nidra to flow into life

Integral methodology of the authentic Yoga Nidra lets you undo lockups or very subtle knots at the physical, energetic, emotional and mental level, beating them to achieve a better quality of life and raise awareness of the human being. Type Denis servant.

The Yoga Nidra arising and that is offered in the International School of Yoga (EIY) rescues its authenticity, is more than a meditation and conscious relaxation in which the student is lying on your yoga mat. Yoga Nidra from the India rescues other key practices and it is turning into a perfect complement for instructors and teachers of Hatha Yoga who want to provide is practical meditative in their classes.

In the West, most of the practices, the instructor of Yoga Nidra offers a meditative voice a session and its participants are just lying. However Yoga Nidra is a systematic technique that originally includes asanas preparatory, specific pranayama sessions of Nidra and stands for lie down in the final stages. But it is not only to lie down. It is just this kind of Yoga Nidra from a comprehensive methodology which has been studied by Neuroscience for its powerful benefits.

Let's look at the three bases that make up the Yoga Nidra with integral methodology to provide a systematic in its execution and respectful practice with the tradition of the India.

Biological basis

Tensions remain deeply in the physical body, and even in the subtlest levels of which we are not even aware. A simple physical stress can be relieved with stretch, exercise or massage, but the subtle tensions are difficult to recognize and even harder to unlock.

Yoga Nidra allows you access to levels of a dream-like but remaining in a brain integrative activity, relaxed and aware. Normal brain activity of awakening produces waves Beta more fast and fragmented. The waves Alpha slower, and even the waves Theta, the slower, produce deep relaxation and are the entry points to the subconscious. In this State, is made from the logical, linear, and left brain consciously junction, until the intuitive right-brain that connects to the field of intelligence pranic aware, where the intention is carried out spontaneously and effortlessly.

Brain waves Beta they involve the sympathetic nervous system, which reacts to the stimulus and the secretion of adrenalin. A chronic or stress action creates an imbalance, forcing the right brain and the parasympathetic nervous system to become progressively more latent and dysfunctional. Deep conscious, relaxed practice of Yoga Nidra involves the body so that the natural polarity is integrated and comes into balance. We have integrated all the layers of being.

Psychological basis

The stress of our unconscious individual conflict (that creates patterns) is built into our psychology. In yogic terminology, is our karmic debt personal of the life we live. In psychology, the vast complex of habits, patterns, beliefs and self-concepts that control our mind, our behavior, is in essence our life, and they prevent us from living full and happy.

Karma is the irresistible force that regulates your actions, form your own image, shapes your perceptions, affects your health, structure your beliefs and personal traits, creates mental and emotional barriers. It is at the root of what we perceive as our problems, although it can take many forms. All the human suffering caused by the conflict created by our personal reactions, conditioned and biased to the impersonal nature of reality.

La deuda kármica es desencadenada a través de las relaciones interpersonales y no tiene nada que ver con una persona o situación que inicie nuestra reacción kármica. En cambio, el karma vive en el punto de nuestra reacción a esa persona o situación. Los patrones kármicos que traen sufrimiento están enterrados en nuestra reacción que es activada por el botón kármico empujado por otra persona. Yoga Nidra se centra en la eliminación del botón, que provoca la reacción desproporcionada e inconsciente en lugar de la persona o situación que empuja ese botón. The practice of Yoga Nidra allows you to discover and alter the deepest karmic hidden in the subconscious roots.

Yoga Nidra has the potential to undo all the interpersonal traumatic past anchored in the form of subtle knots, What gives it power to release the vital energy held hostage and strengthened to pass the time by guilt, anger, jealousy, hatred, fear and attachment. This is the process of awakening of consciousness, perception uninhibited, expansive and inclusive.

Spiritual basis

This approach is neither physical nor psychological. It is a quantum leap beyond comprehension of body and intellect, and operates from the domain of trust and faith, love and compassion. It is a State of consciousness that transcends linear logical understanding, reason or memory or physical understanding.

A rope wrapped around a pole 100 times required to go 100 times counter-clockwise for laying. Yoga Nidra burning rope, skipping over all the technical, linear, physical and logical approaches. Exactly to the spot known in Yoga as conscious union of IDA, Pingala and Shushumna nadis that come together in the third eye)Ajna Chakra), the point of integration. By using an analogy of the hindu, Yoga Nidra practice is like bathing in the sacred waters of Trivani Sangam, the 'purifying' waters where confluence of three Indian rivers: the river Ganga, Jamumna and Saraswati. Dive deeply into consciousness through deep sleep, the toxic seeds or prints that create conflict, blocking, tension and chaos in all layers of the self begin to RID in the heat of the conscience.

With the process of elimination of subtle tensions and the entrance to a deeply inclusive space, is the State of presence, i.e., the communion with the conscious presence interconnects with everything. There is no separation, but compassion, an embrace that all-encompassing.

To transcend the limited of the mind-body field, move us into the field without limits, the consciousness (unitary)Atman), We got that it softens the field limited and thus the Prana flows freely bathing us vitality.

The primary key of the deepest levels of Yoga Nidra is the integration from the consciousness of the body, the energy, emotions and the mind. Deeply rooted karmic tensions can only be fought when you enter successfully trapped in the subtle bodies inhibitions, blockades and restrictions. This means that you are bringing balance biological, psychological, and spiritual. When United systems operate in harmony, energy moves in all directions.

With all previous resourcesWe have ventured into the principles of Yoga Nidra from an integrative practice, authentic and true to tradition. Con Nidra se permite deshacer bloqueos o nudos muy sutiles a nivel físico, energético, emocional y mental, superándolos para alcanzar una mejor calidad de vida y elevar la conciencia del ser humano.

This process of integration, which offers Yoga Nidra leads to the experience of Samadhi, the final stage of the Patanjali completo Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga Nidra is the possibility to recover what they have lost, the interconnection with everything that lies within each of us, the fluidity of the moment that occurs in life.

Dr. Denis Criado received Yoga Nidra training in the India and US from different schools pioneering in this age-old practice. Course taught by Deepak Chopra.

Yoga Nidra Integral methodology course:
Given the rigor of training in Yoga Nidra, it has as lasting 50 hours. Recommended for instructors and teachers of Yoga of any school.
Beginning in October 2018 (Madrid).

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