A month of very special in India: Adhik Maas and Panchkosh Yatra pilgrimage

According to the hindu calendar, have entered the month of Adhik Maas, that is celebrated every three years. This month the Sun is not any sign of the zodiac. It is considered a very auspicious month, whereby positive actions carried out have ten times more impact at the spiritual level. Writes Cristina Iglesias.

The current India practitioners of Hinduism uses two calendars: the Gregorian (Western, based on the Sun and its passage by the signs of the zodiac) by governing every day, and the hindu calendar or Vikrami (due to its creator, the King Vikram Aditya, 1st century ad C). The latter is mainly used in the celebration of festivals: Diwali, Holi, Maha Shivratri, Raksha Bandhan, etc. And it is based on the cycles of the moon.

The Sun is governed by a 12-month cycle of which spends 30,44 days in each of the 12 different signs of the zodiac. However, the Moon cycles are shorter, a few 29,52 days. Is to say that while the year moon about 354 days, the solar year has 365. Due to this imbalance between the solar and the lunar cycle, each year about 11 days every 3 years forming a new month accumulate: Adhik Maasalso known as Purushotam.

This month as we said it appears every three years to return to compensate both calendars (solar and lunar) is a very auspicious month for Hindus. This month the Sun isn't in any zodiac sign, so it is not a propitious month for new events such as weddings, sacraments and major purchases. However It is a month in which positive actions carried out have ten times more impact at the spiritual level.

Of Adhik Maas is a month dedicated to the religion in which the god Krishna is especially revered. This month is considered very important to the reading of sacred texts, make fast, perform rituals and good deeds that accumulate good karma, make a pilgrimage to holy sites; In addition through various rituals the Kundalini energy is balanced, the negative aspects of the chart are balanced, and purify themselves "sins" accumulated in the last two years.

Pilgrimage of Panchkoshi Yatra

In Varanasi Many Hindus carried out this month in the Panchkoshi Yatra pilgrimage. It's a very ancient ritual in which more than 100,000 people flock to Kashi (Varanasi) to, both on foot as in any vehicle (depending on the devotion, physical possibilities of each person or temperature), bypassed the city in a perimeter of 88.5 km visiting five very important places: Kardmeshwar, Bhimachandi, Rameshvar, Shivpur, and Kapiladhara. This journey can be done in a day with vehicle or five days walking. Along the way there are some 108 temples and important altars. This issue also has a great significance in hindu Cosmology since it is the result of the 12 signs of the Zodiac by the 9 planets.

Although its origin is a festival for women, some men also made this pilgrimage. To start the devotees take a bath in the Ganges River at Manikarnika ghat, the crematorium main of Varanasi. Dressed in new clothes after the bath come to Assi ghat, South of the city, heading to Kardmeshwar, the first place to visit. Along the way there are hostels where pilgrims can stay in Exchange for a donation, and some food stalls. Many people are fasting during the 5 days, drinking only water and fruit or some nuts.

After completing the route pilgrims bathe in the Ganges at Manikarnika ghat before heading to their places of origin.

Also in other places in India pilgrimages and special in the month of Adhik Maas rituals are held.

This year in India Adhik Maas will go from 16 May to 13 June.

If you want to come to India and meet the Holy places that are visited to get in touch with us and we will help you to organize your personal pilgrimage. In addition, this summer we offer you four cultural trips in which we try all these issues; a few trips that will enrich your knowledge about India and Hinduism.

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Ravi Dubey and M. Cristina Iglesias. Directors of Sangha Services

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