A ruling recognizes the freedom to use the term "Iyengar"

Any teacher or Center specializing in this style may freely use the term without permission or payment. This is the fortunate result of a story to tell us today from the Yoga Center Madrid.

Open Yoga Center Madrid to offer the best modern Hatha Yoga in a single center of yoga. We honor the unique heritage of each style of Hatha Yoga, exceptional teachers and their distinctive styles. In no time we pretended to be the only ones who could teach these forms of yoga. Of course, we pride ourselves on our experience in teaching and the professionalism and integrity of our teachers in each unique style.

Recently approximately 16 years, since we began to openly teach Iyengar Yoga, in the Centre where we teach Hatha Yoga Rishikesh style and Pattabhi Jois's Ashtanga Vinyasa, We started to receive threats of lawsuits on behalf of AEYI (Asociciacion Española de Yoga Iyengar). We responded to each threat with the same response: our Iyengar Yoga teacher was trained by B. K. S. Iyengar and we had every right to teach that style much like anyone else. After 16 years of annual burofaxes who threatened with legal action, finally in 2016, AEYI filed a lawsuit against us alleging that they were the only ones who could use the name Iyengar Yoga to teach yoga. Reluctantly we prepare to go before a judge.

We are very pleased to report that all went well. The judge agreed that phrase Iyengar Yoga or Iyengar Yoga can be used to describe the style of Yoga which corresponds to the style of Hatha Yoga, BKS Iyengar taught.

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Read the statement here: https://www.yogaenred.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/SJdo.-Mercantil-de-22-marzo-de-2018-2.pdf

Press release

A judgment of the commercial court No. 3 of Madrid dismisses the demand filed by the Spanish Association of Yoga Iyengar (AEYI) against the International Association of teachers of Yoga Sananda (AIPYS), Yoga Center Madrid S.L., and D. Ramón Clares by alleged misuse of "Iyengar" brand and previous builds to which any natural or legal person may use the term "iyengar" in educational and training fields.

The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed December 7, 2016, by the AEYI against the Association International of teachers of Yoga Sananda AIPYS, Yoga Center Madrid S.L., and Ramon Clares by alleged misuse of the mark "Iyengar" to provide classes, intensive workshops and training of trainers and teachers of yoga.

The demand led to the parties to a trial held last January 9, 2018, published the judgment of March 22, 2018, in which the judge recognizes the right of the defendants to use, without having to get permission or pay any amount , the term "iyengar" within the framework of training and similar actions. The judge has considered the use that respondent made the term "iyengar" to give workshops, classes and training in this style of yoga, was not illegal or violated the rights of the AEYI.

As a result of the Court ruling, it has sat above and now any teacher or yoga Center can make use of the term "iyengar" without asking permission to the AEYI nor, therefore, pay any amount.

After this sentence, the Association International of teachers of Yoga Sananda AIPYS, Yoga Center Madrid S.L., and Ramon Clares will continue to use this term to describe one of the styles of yoga offered in their classes and training programs. In addition, instructors and teachers trained in this centre can continue to do use of the term "iyengar" without fear to be sued.

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