What is Dharma?

The Sanskrit word "dharma" comes from the root dhri: what holds, shaft, the beam, firm, which holds together. Different meanings, it has been awarded as duty, virtue, as cosmic law manifested in all phenomena, such as religion, as a straight, as a goal. Alfredo Iglesias - Druva writes.

Originally is the source of life, our own being. It is therefore not something external; It is the law of life that unfolds and models everything, no purpose other than the drive the evolution of all beings.

That is why it has two meanings: Swadharmto and Suddha Dharma.


It refers to our operation in the process of the world, which is changing due to the time and circumstances of life. Each individual must adapt to these changing conditions consistently and in accordance with their degree of evolution.

So in the world of manifestation.

Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita It says:

"In the three worlds samsaric
i.e., in the planes of knowledge, desire and action,
There is nothing that I want, or anything I need to get;
However, I am always committed to the work of the manifestation".

A single existence, a single being that it manifests itself in multiplicity.

Suddha Dharma

There is another dharma, as old as time, the Suddha Dharma or eternal Dharma that is valid in every time and place; the same everywhere, applicable to all, immaculate and beneficial for all beings.

This is the Dharma as a goal, the realization of his own being.

Change forms, change styles, but the goal is always the same for everyone.

Whenever we forget what is the real meaning of life, the battle will begin; Thus begins the Bhagavad Gita:

"In the Dharma field of battle..."

impossible to avoid battle and that occurs in each, and within us.

But we are not alone...

"for the restoration of the Dharma, I I would like to express in beautiful and beneficial incarnations..."

In such a case of time in time, to adjust the Dharma to the needs of the times. That's him Sanatana Dharma, the eternal process of life.

"Whenever righteousness declines and dominates the injustice (a-dharma), for the protection of the righteous and to teach the true knowledge of Sanatana Dharma encarno as a teacher"

School Sanatana Dharma It was founded in order to spread the science of Yoga and prepare highly qualified instructors for this work. Members provided instruction and media that you will allow to understand and develop harmoniously their personality and superior aspects that make up the human being.

The science of Yoga allows us to open the door of knowledge and with it, cross the threshold that separates us from the "divine essence".



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