As you perceive the body, you perceive the world

We live exteriorized and alienated by the outside, but the discovery of being required to stop search happiness in the objects to the same consciousness. Writes Maria Mineth.

In ancient times, Sankara He proposed to a King who had as disciple to consider all things, even his power and his will as reflections of him and all the things. This ongoing research is that kept those people who feel a strong won recognize its being in life.

Let's get to know we ourselves us responsible for our body.

When we practice yoga at times the person, if it is not well guided, carried out a practice on the surface putting their happiness in the sense of well-being, in escape time from your hectic life, to build the asanas at the expense of pulling the body, have fun or maybe listen to interesting things to discuss with others. If this is done, the work is not integrating It seems that the person does yoga in the room but his experience of seeing life and life itself are not transformed. And it is that it is not yoga which transforms, but the inner work to be performed by the person; Here the self-realization arriving from the practice and while one is offered. Leaving practice under the Faculty of the mind towards the quality of consciousness that it wakes up.

When the person further begins to consider the reality of his thoughts, what feels like, decisions, their relationships and where you are born... discovering possibilities that maybe prepare it to access a quiet area and has always been under the apparent.

Not a silence away from noise but a silence more frequently that the intelligence biologico-corporal, or mental brings understanding of what is, in a new reality to the above possibilities of reaction or repression and to allow us to relate in depth.

Way from the body

And the easiest start on this path is from the body and what you have told us of it against what we discovered to pose us the reality of our muscles, the force of gravity; How to change the position of the body it changes our vision from the outside; how the space that is generated in the joints and visceral relaxation changes our weight; How to feel the body fluids move opens us to fluency; How reconnection of the sleeping areas awakens the brain and integrity, thus preparing the body back to your inner self. If perceived consciousness in the interior, it is much easier to perceive the outside from awareness.

Connecting the body in all its diversity to the diversity of life.

Accept ourselves, accepting life and accepting the other, in a State of accountability that drives us from what is moving us in reality spontaneous and intelligent way without thinking so much. See What is It will take us to know what to do and how to do it.

When the body does not perceive the reality we cannot do it; We do things but we don't move, since we have not learned to think and make decisions under the usual thinking that usually brings conflict, for we take opposite and inconsistent choices that maintain that inertia without giving us.

Real yoga is to know relate to life in its diversity.

Everyone from children have experienced this deep inner connection, but in ignorance; at some point in life we lose the inner connection along the way. If we return to reconnect and are aware of being aware and recognize it, we will be able to share it in a natural way.

Organic education

Here we do it with Organic education: it is a based on Hatha Vinyasa yoga and neuropsychological of the organism and its interconnections intelligence between mind-body - consciousness in the light of recent studies on somatic.

-In a first step, we make an organic approach to self-regulation body to generate health, time in life to see and stop, as well as energy for practice and research. We call it the "The order of the body".

-Once full awareness of how you feel the body, begins to integrate, holding more and more life and facing reality, opening her eyes inside and out in a silent gaze of interconnection with everything, in a creative, loving life and unconditional peace at every moment. We will call you "The order of life", to which we have access to recognition in our evolution and human vulnerability.

Somatic Yoga training

In training, we wanted to preserve the intimate and collected character of a small group where you can make an accompaniment for three years to students.

In antiquity yoga is taught master's disciples, and this system after become popular in the West was lost. We want to maintain this closeness with our students by means of inviting them to discover their own organic scheme: each person is unique and is at the particular time, we can not generalize in the teachings therefore training is done every two years people with this impulse to discover its beauty, if given.

Returning to life.

Maria Mineth, Directora del instituto Nacional de Yoga Somático. Barcelona y Murcia.

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