The traveler and the attitude to the journey of life

The traveller captivates with the pyramids of Egypt or the Taj Mahal in the India, but don't want to take them and hang them on the wall of his room. I appreciate them and enjoy them, but not cling to them; even leaves your mind free to be able to continue watching and enjoying other wonders. Calle Ramiro writes.

The traveler maintains the presto mood, senses open and receptive, the enthusiasm skin-deep. It risks, see, enjoy and live. Every moment of the journey has its charm. The traveller is not obsessed so it will be within two or three days, because that would prevent him from contemplating what is seeing in every moment. Not it carries the memories of what he has already seen, because these images are superpondrían to what you are seeing and distort them.

The true traveller has a proper attitude. Go and look; thus enjoy, refreshes, tones the mood, take heart of and does not lose neither joy nor vitality. So the traveler. And we must keep that attitude on another longer journey: that of life.

Travel outward is travelling in. We travel through life with an attitude based on mindfulness, intensity, the opening of the senses and the heart, the serenity and lucidity. Every minute counts and is irretrievable once happened. Every moment it has its glory and is learning. Let us learn to grab and release. The journey of life is sometimes even shocking so it has great mystery, but at the same time is the opportunity to help others and ourselves.

The traveler know see and watch. Fully captures what every moment living, but his mind is not fixed, because then it would not flow with the next thing must contemplate, live. It is free of judgments and prejudices and does not impose its criteria or points of view that observes and experiences. Is opening, flowing, constantly renew its ability to surprise, does not resist unnecessarily, not judged. Connect with what is, in the freshness of the moment. And thus makes the trip out on journey inward. He looks and is regarded. It feels and feels. Experiment in the laboratory of life that is open to every moment in the course of the trip.

Throughout trip they may arise problems. In the life, which is much longer, with more reason. But the traveler is not daunts, faint not psychically, takes adverse circumstances as part of the trip and feels inspired and strengthened by the same. It is not obsessed with the arrival, because each step turns it into goal. As in opening, anywhere you can feel in your own home. Opens the senses to perceive everything as if life were you on it. The trip becomes an initiation, in a transformational rite.

In the journey of life, it is important to maintain the attitude of the real traveller. Know take and know release. Live every moment as if it were the first and the last. Keep your mind like a mirror which reflects faithfully, but not is always measuring, prejudging and labeling.

We can serve each trip, short which is, wake up. The journey of life, if one does not precipitate in internal routines and habits coagulated, if one is not Amigo psiquicamente, is a continuous shaking to keep the mind more awake and fuller consciousness. And so on all trip, traveling also inward, and on the journey of life die many times for many times back to birth. That way We shed the old mind to welcome the new mind.

Meditation is to let for a few minutes to die old mind and to surface the new mind. It is a journey to the inside, going through layer upon layer, until you reach the inner being. The journey inward teaches us to travel out, in the same way as all travel outward, if the mind is attentive, quiet and even-handed, journey inward.

Calle Ramiro

RamiroCalleMore than 50 years has been Calle Ramiro teaching yoga. He began teaching at home and created an Academy of yoga correspondence for all Spain and Latin America. In January of l971 opened its Yoga Center Shadak, that have already passed more than half a million people. His 250 published works include more than fifty devoted to yoga and related disciplines. He has made Yoga the purpose and sense of his life, having traveled a hundred times to India, the homeland of yoga.

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