Meditate like a cleansing rain

A symbol is a shortcut for memory. If we are sensitive enough, it is a key to open an archetypal world where our soul unfolds his heroic battles. Write this series of "Meditation on symbols" Julián Peragón (Arjuna).

Beautifully, sooner or later, the sky makes love to the land through a fertilizing rain. Cloud blend and the Earth is embedded, the Dark Sky brightens while the Earth creates green. The life cycle starts: water and Earth, wind and Sun kneaded each seed, nourish it, water it, running it and air it.

When we follow meticulously our body from top down, front and back, we also assist a purifying rain. Accompanied by breath, our intention descaling, drag and cleans tensions, pains, inflammations... With our mental scalpel, a parched and corseted costume back out to put us another new, flexible and permeable, sensitive and pleasurable.

Julian Peragón Arjuna, Trainer of teachers, directs the school Yoga synthesis in Barcelona. He is author of the book meditation synthesis (Ed. acanthus).

His latest book is LSynthesis of yoga. The 8 steps of the practice. Acanthus publishing.

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By • Nov 29, 2017 • section: Arjuna