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How should the yoga be transmitted to adapt to our evolutionary time? Do preparation has to meet a teacher of yoga for the 21st century to face its responsibility? Mayte Criado offers all the keys in this teaching manual very useful to all teaching yoga. Edit Kairos. RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: €36

This work is a generous legacy in whose preparation the author has been immersed in recent years: a book that synthesizes his knowledge and experience of 15 years at the front of the International School of Yoga, that have left more 3,000 instructors and teachers of yoga of Spanish-speaking, as of Guide, support and guidance any practitioner who wants to learn to pass on yoga... There is nothing.

The result, a work of great value objective for teachers of yoga and other advanced of any style and school. A monumental manual (of more than 600 pages) of pedagogy of yoga adapted to our time and place, as we do not know, with all the keys and fundamentals a programme of training of professors, teachers and proven yoga instructors, contrasted and consolidated with success over the years.

Mayte Criado exposed his no-metodo that finally is the methods method for its integrative vision and open, respectful of tradition but inclusive of the best contributions to the contemporary yoga. "It's share and reflect upon what is learned and lived, with the aim of helping future instructors and practitioners of yoga, both in relation to the teaching of yoga, as in the impact of its practice in everyday life."

Indeed, this book is not limited to share experiential knowledge and solid technical foundation system, but that transmits all a proposal of teaching yoga with soul: inspirational, modern, inclusive and fully-humanist sense. And that proposal can only start with the purpose of support and promote the creativity and freedom to each student and teacher to message from their own potentialities the transformative and transcendent of yoga, but adapted to our days.

There is no doubt that we Yoga evolution It will be the best support for professors, teachers and yoga instructors, How is thus expressed the main desire of the author, a manual intended to become reference for teachers of yoga integrator of our time.


In Yoga evolution Mayte Criado dumps its extensive experience in more traditional forms of Hatha Yoga along with their knowledge of modern anatomy. Throughout its pages, the author gives voice to a revivalist and inclusivist - but respectful vocation with the tradition - that is open to new ideas, practicaso techniques runtimes. The text - developed with the rigor demanded by serious training in Yoga - provides a synthesis of the contents offered by Mayte Criado in their training programmes.

The volume contains parts and chapters as practical and attractive as shown by these headings: Keys to the teaching of yoga, instructions and settings, the argument of a sequence, a full session of yoga, create sequences of yoga postures and their families, programming and sequencing, the art of creating yoga sessions...

Reflections, instructions and recommendations are complemented by an abundance of diagrams, summaries, graphics and images.

The author

Mayte Criado He is Director and founder of the international school of Yoga (Madrid) and Vice President of the Spanish Federation of entities forming of Yoga. Exercised in various styles of Hatha Yoga (Iyengar, Ashtanga and Sivananda), he teaches at different schools with their own method, result of decades of experience and dialogue between the classical traditions of yoga and modern anatomical approaches, sensory and meditative.

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