Meditate like a permeable branch

A symbol is a shortcut for memory. If we are sensitive enough, it is a key to open an archetypal world where our soul unfolds his heroic battles. Write this series of "Meditation on symbols" Julián Peragón (Arjuna).

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Every tree is stands through its branches to reach the light of heaven, but this effort would not be possible if, simultaneously, their roots not penetrate the darkness of the Earth to support that elevation. Paradoxically, the branches are as daring roots spanning the space, while the roots are rather shy branches seeking Earth-safe haven. In any case, the beauty of the tree lies the majestic vertical linking heaven and Earth. This fruit that we eat are available is the magic product of the encounter between two impulses: the nutrient of the fertile land that rises and warm sunlight descending.

To some extent, the human being is also planted in the Earth and also aspires to a rise, in this case, spiritual. Our column is the trunk, our feet and legs the roots, and our hands and arms, branches. Both the tree and the human being have subtle conduits through which circulates the energy, and that is all about: learn to meditate as permeable branches sway with the wind that yield and yield to juicy fruit weight.

Julian Peragón Arjuna, Trainer of teachers, directs the school Yoga synthesis in Barcelona. He is author of the book meditation synthesis (Ed. acanthus).

His latest book is LSynthesis of yoga. The 8 steps of the practice. Acanthus publishing.

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