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This section of astrology + Yoga is the result of collaboration between an astrologer and a yoga teacher. What brings us this month of November? How can yoga help us to address their challenges and take advantage of their potential? Write Florbela Cristóvão and Montse Ramirez.

In the continuity of the cycle that began in October, November is deepening the relations now taking as its central theme the processes of transformation, which for many will mean acceptance of the inevitability of end processes, the need for death as a opening for a new cycle of growth. November is a month where all related to the need for a process of emotional feedback will gain visibility. The important thing will be enable the change without excess drama, work the confidence in the processes of loss. Work detachment. The values and purposes of our relations need to be questioned and some reflection.

Throughout the entire month in the sign of Scorpio energies will be predominant, when we talk about Scorpio talk about intensity, power and depth. Feel that has the control is what makes Scorpio feel safe, is a fixed sign, and belongs to the element water, so that the control and security is emotional. Scorpio directs the emotional energy to have control, but the nuclear learning in this sign tells us that when we stop control we have greater power, Scorpio is on the need for a total surrender in the confrontation with our darkness, with the deepest fears that we inhabit. In Scorpio emotions run deep but need to be transmuted, November is focusing intensely on our shadows emotional, recognize them to be able to accept them, a surrender that finally produced the victory, which leads us to a broader life.

We will initiate a new lunar cycle day 18 which symbolized brings issues about power, and by power struggles. Pride and arrogance excessive as a result of the fear and expression of resistance to change. The fear and loss that generates excessive attachment, usually leads to a desperate attempt intercourse already without sense, cling to the circumstances already worn and somewhat to strive to maintain the status quo, which finally leads to a intensification of passions; love hate fear. The need to experience these emotional extremes as a way of increasing the internal pressure that finally compels us to release and to transform will be expressed.

November designates a period in which relationships tend to defy our shadow, our vulnerability, our pain, our fear of rejection, and are these situations that will lead us to question our motivations, our premises, gaps and needs. It is a period which talks about the need to transmute the desires of the ego, to follow a process of evolutionary growth that will allow us to create with will and power, more according to the passion of the soul.

We are naturally more in touch with our healing powers, we can further deepen in the healing of our emotional body, above all with the emotions more dense and heavy as there are a number of celestial aspects that suggest this possibility of energy and emotional healing. The second half of the month is also characterized by a notable absence of energy in the Earth element, which suggests some difficulty in the realization of the activities or have a more emotionally than practice on the issues focused on course.

Pelvic opening

In this month of November, loaded with convulsive emotions to the surface, you I just work the emotional body from the physical body postures of pelvic opening. Is not simply to open the pelvis but all consciousness to this area of the body while you do yoga postures flooding your mind with positive thoughts of love, trust, understanding, compassion, equanimity and perspective, connecting the emotion with the wisdom of the heart.

If you can include in your practice postures such as tree or triangle (asymmetrical pelvic opening of foot); prasarita pada uttanasana (opening pelvic symmetrical foot); supta padangustasana (asymmetric opening lying on your back); titirasana o badha konasana lying on the back (symmetrical opening); and upavista konasana, turtle or mandukasana, the frog (seated).

If you include the frog be present also the symbolism of this position: the Frog invites us to the transformation, assuming the changes and adapt to them with joy. Symbolizes the opening to the spiritual elevation that is the true metamorphosis which have come in life. Also invites us to accept differences with others, to be more tolerant, dynamic, open, and comprehensive.

Information prepared by:

Florbela Cristóvão, transpersonal astrologer (charts, face-to-face and Skype, meetings and workshops queries)

Montse Ramirez, journalist, yoga teacher - Escola Yogavida Coordinator

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