Sadhana 'Tattwa Shuddhi' (tantra sadhana)

The sadhana of Tattwa Shuddhi or purification of the elements ES the response of Paramshakti, the great mother nature, to the sincere plea for the applicant who wants out of the darkness. It is the practice that we rescued from the ocean of suffering. Attend two briefings on December 16 and January 20 in Madrid. Writes Jamie Estella.

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They have the Scriptures that once Shiva (the Supreme consciousness) vagabundeaba distracted with the freshly slain body of his consort Sati. During that time the three worlds fell into darkness and ignorance... in the absence of awareness, empty of strength and prosperity, the hearts of incarnate beings were dried and disappeared the joy... The great demon Târakâ it conquered all.

Faced with this situation, the Devas (gods), after advice to Vishnu, invoked the Luz Suprema or Prana Shakti, the intelligence that lies behind all phenomena, in search of refuge and assistance. The great mother never neglect their children.

The Luz Suprema personified before them with female form, young and beautiful with skin the color of the rising sun. With breasts full and plump, adorned with the most beautiful ornaments, priceless jewels, sitting on a Lotus Flower, with utensils in his arms that represent his omnipotence, embodying the highest mercy, willing to grant his grace. Only she could help them.

In search of the great mother

When a child is desperate, when he can't find a solution to their problems, when you don't know to whom to turn, his mother is looking for. It is the salvation. In the same way, we as humans, when we find ourselves in the darkness of ignorance and lack of conscience and wisdom, is to the great mother, Paramshakti (Luz Suprema or Prana Shakti) who must use. It is the solution to our problems.

Before such occurrence, the Devas bowed before the Luz Suprema which is beyond 5 bodies, witness to the three States of mind: awake, I dream with dream and deep sleep. She, in which resides the nature of Brahman (awareness and discernment). She, the manifestation of the pranava OM, powerful and all-knowing.

Then Paramshakti asked why it had been invoked; She would listen to them and give their pleas, generous and magnanimous, omnipotent. The Devas explained the reason for their suffering and she decided to incarnate again and become Parvati, Shiva spouse. Likewise, Paramshakti explained to them the nature and manifestation of the universe and its elements, and how to worship it to purify themselves. What it meant How to put light on the darkness in which lived, how to see clearly, how to retrieve the happy natural, be how truly happy...

The sadhana that we offer

That is the practice of Tattwa Shuddhi or purification of the elements, the answer or explanation of the great mother nature to the sincere plea for the applicant who wants out of the darkness. The sadhana Tattwa Shuddhi is the practice that we rescued from the ocean of suffering.

We propose a sadhana of five-month for practitioners with experience in meditation (he is not training). It will be necessary two classes per month in Madrid on Saturday, from February to June 2018 (3 and 17 February, 3 and 17 March, 14 and 28 April, 12 and 26 May, 9 and 23 June all hours of 11.00-15.00 h.) There will also be a removal: 29 and 30 June and 1 July).

We will make two briefings, being required to attend one of them to participate in the sadhana: 16 December at 18.00 h and 20 January 12.00 h. To subscribe to any of the briefings should contact with Yamila Estella in or phone 699 06 31 26.

We will work with japa and likit japa mantras, yantras, chakras, nyasa, different practices of meditation, trataka, yoga nidra, ashwattha bid... and will give us a bath in the philosophy of Tantra and the Samkhya in the manifestation of the elements and their relationship with Yoga. We will work with vibration.

It will require a daily hour of practice at home. ES indispensable open minded, devotional attitude and intense desire for liberation. You have to love the practice.

If you want more information please write to:

Yamila Estella Gets the name of Yogadhara ("base or foundation of yoga" or "union power") of his master SW. Niranjanananda Saraswati, tradition that is close-knit with Karma Sannyas initiation. 14 years learn of Danilo Hernández, who must all his gratitude for his teachings, example and opportunities, and currently teaches in the school of Madrid Bindu yoga, among other places.

He has numerous courses and multi stays in monasteries of different traditions, but live in the Bihar School of Yoga ashram (India) more than two years is what has served more to dis-cover the essence of Yoga. Practice and experience are the basis of its transformation.

"Nothing of what we will see in the course belongs to me and is my merit - Yamila says-." Everything is in the Scriptures and just put it into practice."

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