Quiet you and know...

Perhaps everything is much easier than it is has made us believe. Ultimately, practice techniques to meditate is to continue feeding the individual microcosm that the mind has woven to give life to an ego that likes to believe is very spiritual, but that well regarded is a game, one illusion as other any. Writes Emilio J. Gomez.

Watching", Beatriz Hernández", finalist in the III photography competition on Yoga and meditation

"Quiet you and know that I am God"
Psalms, 46.10

The techniques are like toys that have nothing to do with the Supreme spirit. In fact, the man does not need them; only required to sit in silence and stillness to feel his own being. Sitting down to make the no - do. What or who impedes? His own mind, commanded by ahamkara, the ego.

The ego loves to search and dig, entertain yourself with techniques, rituals and traditions to create the self-image of spiritual seeker. It is normal that happen, even if that is a personal image more like other either. A way to spend time entertaining.

Believe me, so simple, simply sit in silence and stillness to feel being that he already is, but to find him in the outside world has forgotten it is. It can not be to be what one is. Already, the absolute. Sit in stillness and feel being to understand from my own experience what this article tries to convey in words.

Thank you for your attention.

Emilio J. Gomez It coordinates the inner circle of silence Yoga and individual teaching of meditation. 616 660 929 T- info@silenciointerior.net

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