Meditation Nyasa, a workshop with Lula Reed

Through the connection with the wisdom of the interior space (Hrdaya), is projected this luminous force and their potential towards the main energy centers and parts of the body, through the conscious, in order to promote the transformation of the person and produce touch favourable changes in everyday life. Lula writes gray.

To the Meditation Nyasa is considered the origin, the source of the meditative technique of Yoga Nidra, and it was broadcasted by Swami Satyananda.

It is an ancient technique of meditation used as an integral part in the Vedic rituals, such as for example the "Sandhya - Vandana", transition or meditation prayer to the Sun. The examples Tantric also held a practice with this name, whereby the master granted an initiation to the disciple, support thumb on different parts of his body, from head to feet, as a symbol of blessing and fusion between the two Recognizing and encouraging spiritual maturity.

In the aphorism 3.25 of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali mentions this term in the context that is refers to meditate in a way very special (Samyama), managing and projecting "inner light" that resides in the space of the subtle heart (Hrdaya). In aphorisms previous 3.23 and 3.24 refers to the development of qualities of ethical, such as friendship, and physical order as the strength of the elephant. This technique represents a symbolic, ritual, very proper and suggestive formula that meets these objectives: extend and project the interior light to enhance the integration of qualities.

Etymologically Nyasa mean place, inject, deposit, set, also directed, project. This Sanskrit word also has the meaning of offering, total abandonment to the Lord. It is built on this term Sannyasa, waiver, and Sannyasin, the have resigned.

Meditation consists of three phases: Sankalpa (seed), you choose an intention, an affirmation, quality, also a sacred formula Mantra or prayer. Samskara (habit, trend) is deposited in the body by means of coded gestures, joining in the areas related to the main vital functions, through deliberate and conscious touch is introduced the program at all levels: physical, psychological, energy, transcendent. Samyoga, Finally, the merger with the intention is performed.

It is important to choose the project that we are introducing, with which we want to unite; We must interest and favorable for our evolution. It may be related to any of our life situation: a positive, assertive sentence, even an image, a symbol, you can also write in a paper.

Practice: Connecting with the space of the heart (Hrdaya), the resolution sand collects on the hands, that spread it all over the body, taking into account the energy centers or chakras main. We rely on the stages of breathing: to inspire, the Act of "taking"; to eject, "deposit"; during the retention to empty lungs, "inject", as is planting the seed in the ground. The expulsion will be somewhat longer than the inspiration. Each touch we repeat the formula chosen, with serenity and determination

Phases of the Nyasa meditation

1 Sankalpa. Choice of intention

2 Samskara. Insert and push the intention

(IN-EX+RV, in each part)

  1. Foot - Ankle
  2. legs
  3. knees
  4. thighs
  5. hips
  6. perineum (Muladhara chakra)
  7. Belly (Svadhishthana chakra)
  8. navel (Manipura chakra)
  9. subtle heart (Anahata chakra)
  10. 10. throat (Vishuddhi chakra)
  11. mouth
  12. eyes - ears
  13. front - brow (Ajna chakra)
  14. Crown (Sahasrara chakra)
  15. by wrapping the entire body
  16. Tip of the breastbone, the heart space


3- Samyoga: Merger - integration with the intention

Lula gray. Trained as a Yoga teacher in Sivananda, ETY-Viniyoga and the AEPY. Training recognized by the AEPY, collaborated in the pedagogical Committee of the Association. He has collaborated in the formation of teachers ETY Viniyoga.
It complements the study and practice of yoga with Buddhist Mahayana tradition. Philosophies of life who want to combine harmoniously both in their practice and personal and professional life.

Yoga Workshop: the practice of Nyasa

When: sSaturday 4 November from 10.00 to 14.00 pm

Where: Anandamaya yoga. c / Alcalá 68. Madrid/t 647512278

Price: €35

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