4 asanas to strengthen arms

In the way of progress toward advanced positions, balance on arms and hands, you need previous and ongoing work to feel safe when it comes to hold you and to balance you. To be able to trust the balance in your arms, you have to strengthen them.

Obviously the ability to advance to positions such as Bakasana, Adho mukha vrksasana or Astha vakrasana, resides on multiple factors: confidence, abdomen, balance, flexibility etc. But it is also true that without strength in his arms not you'll go very far. To do this you can include in your practice short spaces focused on these areas of the body or you can, in addition to your practice, include small sessions throughout the day dedicated entirely to this part of the body.

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1 sequence in Marjariasana (CAT) asymmetric

By adjusting your body in Marjariasana: inspired and directed back your leg forward and right your left arm. Exhale and bring your right knee towards your chest and your left elbow to your right knee.
Inspired and directed back your leg forward and right your left arm. Exhale and now brings the right knee into your chest and your left arm back parallel to the ground, Palm of the hand facing up.

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2 Chaturanga, step by step

Adjusts your body in Marjariasana. From here it moves your dolls ahead of your shoulders. Keep active arms and directs the buttocks forward to place you diagonally on the mat. Collect the coccyx and lengthen the lumbar area. Keep the open chest. Start by slowly bending back, elbows close to the body, BRA when your elbows form an angle of 90 ° or when the top of your arms is parallel to the ground.

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3 Vasistasana with three support points

Sit in Vjrasana (on heels) and dropping the buttocks to the right side.
It supports right-handed in a span of your hip to climb it is aligned under the shoulder. Stretch the right leg and supports the external edge of the right foot. Cross your left leg over the right and supports the foot on the floor. Left hand to hip.
It inspires and elevates the right hip of the soil supporting firmly on the right hand, the outer edge of the right foot and your left foot. If you feel comfortable / to raise your left arm.

4. Adho Mukha / Makarasana (Dolphin)

Go to Adho Mukha Svanasana. Slowly bend elbows backwards to go down your forearms pararelos to the side edges of the mat (not open elbows). Keep the spin out of the top of your arms and open chest.
When you reach Makarasana (Adho Mukha on forearms), you make your way back. Without opening the elbows, i.e., keeping them back you return to climb towards Adho Mukha.

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