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What to do with the memories of life? The revealing history of the Yogi Jaigīṣhavya. Writes David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu), master traditional of Advaita Vedānta.

(c) Can Stock Photo / nevenm
(c) Can Stock Photo / nevenm

Thank you Lord for life for giving me the opportunity to grow, to love and to know truth, it is understand you to you, the creation and my own existence, lifting the veil of what is perceived, it appears, moves and disappears, desidentificando me with what is transformed, to know the truth of truth, the same knowledge that directly and immediately, like me, , without break is, knows how much is known and unknown, in the past, present and future.

Journal of a sādhaka, who is looking for the truth in itself same:

The memories I trap. They are me. My life. People, relationships, experiences, conditions, desires, fears, successes, failures, pleasure, pain, love, hate, know, ignorance, well, evil, attachments, passions, frustrations... My life. I giving me completely in every situation that was worth it, that I was looking for because what it is but life? I want to live intensely. I want to extract all the nectar to life. I don't want that death surprised me knowing that I have not lived long enough. Then it would die of truth. In life or in death. Then, nothing in me would have made sense, nothing in my life would be worth living.

I live passionately or that bury me my dead. Life is full of dead burying their dead. I want to fly, grow, shine on my own!

I was not born to follow the procession of death. I was not born to be carried by escalators in shopping malls.

Looking, looking, always looking... hallo finally the knowledge of the Vedānta and the practice of the Yoga meditation, etc. I feel that this is final.

Surely are not the forms you were looking for, but I feel that it is authentic and complete.

Now what?

This knowledge that seems to take me to the whole truth, omnipresent, eternal, the being of all beings, without limits, without other, puts before me the need to release the burden of all my memories, the suitcase of dreams and frustrations of the journey of my life until today.

My memories not can be real, because each an of them not existed before its appearance and not after its disappearance, by what not are real, since the truth exists in them three times. My memories are therefore a superimposition on truth through Māyā, the magician who brings up the world in existence, one, absolute, without limits of any kind: not of space (place), weather or objects (bodies).

But how am I going to give up my memory, if it is my life? I can't! No I can give to my person! How will I follow the practice without my person? It's impossible! It makes no sense. No, not

Dear, let me you tell, paraphrasing it, the history of the great Yogi Jaigīṣhavya ´Senor Victorioso´, of who know of the purāṇas (ancient stories traditional) and of the great epic of the Mahābhārata (book 9, section 50).

Jaigīṣhavya had long been practicing intense tapas (austerity, meditation) in the forest of very intense and uninterrupted. Since: "But [the practice and its outcome] becomes firm when it takes place with devotion" (delivery, sincerity)continuously (without interruption) and for a long time." (sa your dīrgha-kāla-nairantya-satkāra-āsevito dṛiḍha-bhūmiḥ |) (Yoga Sutras I.14).

Thanks to his indomitable force of will, Jaigīṣhavya challenged to the hunger, the thirst, the tiredness, the rain, the cold, the impulse to lift is and Act, etc. His body looked like a skeleton, but his consciousness, sharp, concentrated in its interior, powerful, was being illuminated with clarity and understanding, lifted layers meeting with increasingly deeper levels of itself and the truth.

In some time, Jaigīṣhavya abandoned the consciousness of the body and saw the relationship between them tattvas (constituents of reality) of:

-body: Earth, etc.: the five material elements, objects of the senses;

-the senses: five senses and five organs of action, which are impacted by their objects of perception and throw it to the mind; and

-the different faculties of the mind: receives the impact of them colors (differentiation, multiplicity) of them elements materials that you bring inside them senses; colors at the same time the impact with his own impressions - memory - and all this, launches to the next level of being individual experimenter: the ego and the intellect.

Against all odds of the currents of life, strong, determined, brave, Jaigīṣhavya stepped up its practice of concentration and managed inside the operation of his ego and his buddhi ´intelecto´ vision.

The first is suitable as a ´yo and mio´ of the body that inhabits, his senses and mind, with its contents and functions. The intellect is what brings the mind and decides what to do with it according to their conviction, will, desire, attachment, fear, according to their system of beliefs and values, their understanding and, therefore, its capacity, its light and darkness. And so the intellect ordered, decides and continues. Continues with its action and experiences through its instruments: ego, mind, senses, organs, body, world.

The great Yogi continued tireless in your internal search, like an arrow dancing happy, carefree in the space, toward the center of its target. What's inside the buddhi? What is the being inside, the truth, of the will and the knowledge?

Jaigīṣhavya found then a world new of infinity.

This paradise was nothing more than the immense field of your subconscious mind: endless mountains and large mountains such as the sky of waste; the latent karma of millions and millions of lives past, called sanchita karma, the Bank of past waiting to bear fruit as experiences, karma associated with birth and life in such time be so right or wrong born.

After initial confusion by the discovery apabullamiento, Jaigīṣhavya took a breath, calmed, concentrated and understood: ´Esto is my subconscious storehouse of my karma... last ´ then the great Yogi collapsed and fell into an intense despair and deep depression: ´Esta vastness without limits, without beginning or end, actions of extreme differentiation is karma waiting for me. It will wait my whole life! Because it is infinite. And not going to stop to give me their experiences. For that there are. For that they are here, in me, available. Because I am. Not have remedy! There is no salvation!, and fell huddled on the floor as a fetus enclosed in its mother's womb.

´Este latent karma is well present, arranged, attentive, awaiting their moment of hunting. I am the hunted. And Hunter, who did all this that will give me million births and experiences of pleasure and pain, of search without sense, because it will never come to an end, because I have to experience infinite sensations result of my past karma and also experiencing go making new karma that is latent again... shit!, he shouted tearing the soul in his lament that smote the sky like lightning camouflaged.

The vision of the subconscious level of reality overflowed to the great Yogi who was wanting to see, which spit to the mediocre life and entered his radical practice of yoga (meditation, concentration) samādhi. ´No I'll rise up to meet the verdad´, proclaimed saying goodbye to the mundane, self-confident, upon entering the forest with itself.

His spit sprinkled taunts and criticisms, wrapped around the Earth like a worm returned to the pot.

The experience surpassed the great Yogi. The reality is infinitely more wonderful, shocking and brutal than fiction, than mere fantasy. But, Oh, how much we like to dream! Because the other - mechanical life - is even more ugly.

Had lived so many lives, done so many things! Had been King, insect, beggar, elephant, demon, be heavenly... of everything! Literally, everything!

I had known to millions of souls. Some had hated them and he had been hated. He had injured himself to others, and others had wounded him. Had loved with madness and had been loved intensely. He had embraced and left. Had a hug and left.

All as you spent some time affecting you in a chain of lives and deaths without principle had created a print that was stored intact in your subconscious.

There were in all intervals experience of pleasure but as immersed in an erect River. as ocean of desire, darkness, loss, absurdity, pain, illusion over and over again, frustrated wave after wave in the loop of life, lack, need, emergency, last breath... lost!, struggle, pain, rupture, tear! Bleeding! Potential creative... always frustrated, beauty foul, discredit, loves dogs... and turned to fly as a small and cheerful bird of thousand colors, with a wing broken.

Your Museum. That you treasure in the corner of your Chamber of life, practice, love, betrayal and work, moans and cries. Your memories. Inexhaustible. Eternal unconscious.

(To continue coming soon)

David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu). Traditional teacher of Advaita Vedānta. Light of Scripture - Advaita Vedānta traditional school

Continuing education "traditional study of the Scriptures of Advaita Vedānta and Yoga-Sāṅkhya - the knowledge of the self"

Continuing education:

Study traditional of the Scriptures of Advaita Vedānta and Sāṅkhya-Yoga-the knowledge of the being. Traditional, experiential and systematic, in-depth study of the Mokṣha Śhāstra, Escrituras-Ciencia and art of total liberation: Sāṅkhya Kārikā, Yoga Sutras, Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, Bhagavad Guītā, Upaniṣhads and Brahma Sūtras, with the main comments (Śhaṅkarāchārya, Vyāsa, Madhusūdana Sarasvatī, Vāchaspati Miśhra, Gauḍapāda, Hariharānanda Āraṇya, Vijñāna-bhikṣhu, Bhoja-rāja, etc.)

Face to face: A weekend a month, in Madrid and Barcelona. Also within reach.

In progress:

Yoga Sutras, book II ´Sādhana´

In Madrid: Yoga Shala Alcobendas / /

Yoga Sutras, book I ´Samādhi´

In Barcelona: /

Panchadaśh, of Śhrī Vidyāraṇya Muni. Text critical of Advaita Vedānta, prior to the study of the Prasthāna Traya ´Triple Canon´: Bhagavad Guītā, Upaniṣhads and Brahma sutras.

In Barcelona and distance:

Presentation of David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu)

Was devoted completely to the knowledge of being since in 2008 went to Rishikesh, Himalaya (India) and gave with his teacher, Dravidāchārya Śhrī Rāmakṛiṣhṇan Swāmījī (Shastra Nethralaya Ashram), in the Advaita Vedānta tradition of Śhaṅkarāchārya; disciple Swāmī Sarveśānanda Sarasvatī and his teacher Swāmī Śhānti Dharmānanda Sarasvatī.

Six intense years of continuous study, asceticism, delivery, reflection, meditation, contemplation and experiential knowledge with a competent teacher, received the liberating wisdom that reveal so complete and original writings of the classical schools of spirituality and philosophy in India (ṣhaḍ-darśhana), in addition to Sanskrit. This knowledge ends completely denying of being ignorance and thus, being knowledge itself, it auto-revela directly and immediately, as the real me and the truth of the world known and unknown, past, present and future.

These are referred to Scripture:

-Advaita Vedānta

-Prasthāna Traya ´Triple Canon´ with the comment of Śhaṅkarāchārya: Bhagavad Guītā, main Upaniṣhads and Brahma sutras. The latter with Bhāmatī, Vāchaspati Miśhra subcomentario.

Advaita Siddhi, of Madhusūdana Sarasvatī, part of the Bṛihat Prasthāna Traya ´Gran Triple Canon´.

Prakaraṇa granthas (text side) as Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, of Śhaṅkarāchārya; Panchadaśhī, Vidyāraṇya Muni; Vedanta Paribhāsā, of Dharmarāja; Siddhānta-leśha-saṅgraha, Appayya Dīkṣhita; Dakṣhiṇāmūrti-stotra ´Himno to Dakṣhiṇāmūrti´; Pancīkaraṇa; Tattva boddha; o Ātma-jñāna-upadeśha-vidhi.

Yoga Sutras Patanjali with commentary of Vyāsa, etc.

Sāṅkhya-Kārikā of Īśhvara Kṛiṣhṇa.

-The rest of the classical schools (astika darśhana): Artha-saṅgraha (Pūrva Mīmāṁsā); Tarka-saṅgraha (Nyāya-Vaiśheṣhika).

-Grammar of the Sanskrit (vyākaraṇa): Laghu-siddhānta-kaumudī of Varadarāja (traditional simplification of the Aṣhṭādhyāyi of Pāṇini).

He was initiated in the tradition of the Yoga meditation in the Himalayas by is Veda Bhāratī, disciple of is Rama of the Himalayas (Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh). In this ashram, he began to teach the Scriptures and meditation, and coordinated the Dhyāna Gurukulam, the traditional school of the ashram.

In 2014 the life brought you back to Spain, making directly available the complete method of knowledge to be revealed in this tradition, through the continuous teaching "traditional study of the Scriptures of Advaita Vedānta and Yoga-Sāṅkhya - the knowledge of the self" in Madrid, Barcelona and distance.

Writes regularly in journals such as Roles of India, Government of India;, o YoguiOla.

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