Meditate, the adventure of the knowledge (8th and last part)

This is the eighth and final part of the article 'Meditation, the adventure of knowledge'. What gives us the meditation practice to the restless urbanites here and now? Jose Manuel Vazquez writes.


The last border

The meditation itself begins to pick up our attention on a single point (dharana), keep us in it (dhyana) to establish ourselves in the pure observation (samadhi). This is the method of research of meditation (samyama) according to the tradition of yoga.

For those interested we will say that in the last phase of the meditative process we have the possibility to continue to exist mental content to support our attention (samprajnata samadhi or sabija samadhi), in that there are no mental content where relax our attention (asmapragnata samadhi or nirbija samadhi) and finally fits the possibility that us establish without further in the extraordinary experience of becoming part of the consciousness (dharma megha samadhi).

The last frontier is described as a State of clarity in yes same (sat), clarity (chit) and happiness (ananda). All have had moments of revelation, of joy, of strange connection with other beings that is difficult to describe. But then forget us, but then we can not play that extraordinary sensation, that is still there, somewhere in our psyche as background music, as a hidden order in things that we cannot see clearly. Transpersonal experiences are more common than we think. History is full of great discoveries that have been product of a great tenacity and effort but also, in many cases, an extraordinary revelation.

Be constants (abhyasa), at our pace, with our own way of doing, but while maintaining our gaze to the place where you want to go. Without attachment (vairagya) outcomes, enjoying the way, although sometimes we have the feeling of not being at all doing the right thing. That is my last invitation to try meditation or, if they already do it, so they do not get in the way. As a friend of mine says, everything adds or subtracts. Meditate as you want but think; standing, sitting, walking, dancing, cooking, writing, embracing, watching TV, reading a book, on top of a mat, hanging from a tree, holiday, working, sleeping or awake. Meditate for you and all your colleagues.

Thank you for coming here. Desire that les has been useful this reading.

Jose Manuel Vazquez. Teacher and trainer of yoga and founder of Organic yoga.

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