Mantras, vehicles for raising the consciousness

The manifestation of sound through representative of energy structures phrases has been used by Yogis since always. As a means to practice meditation or connection with the subtle dimension of existence, mantras have power of the primordial sound to recreate the consciousness of the self as part of the whole. Writes Paul Rego. Photo: Boom Shankar travels.

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In Vedic and Hindu Mythology the gods are the representation of different energies which, together, constitute the whole. How different detachments, each appearance where he manifests the energy in the universe and the human being is materially represented through images and sounds.

Images of the gods, used to attach the idea of what energy represent and how to work with it and with that aspect of the self, have a direct relationship with the name assigned to it; name that usually form part of the so-called texts mantras, although there are others that are abstract and do not represent any deity.

The sound produced the pronunciation of the name of a particular deity or concept creates a vibration that affects the universe and, of course, in our energy structures. For this reason, the choice of a mantra for meditation is related to a need for transformation or search for balance in any part of our being.

Each mantra, each deity, concept or power that we invoke exerts a particular influence on our spiritual body, by the sound vibration, more that the representation of mental or textual, although the meaning of the spoken words and the representation of the chosen image help and strengthen his power.

Functions of the mantra

The vibration strength of the mantra, to manifest itself, is something that escapes to the rationality or the mind. Its pronunciation has a few very specific physical effects that have to do with anything the mind can interpret. It is pure sound, as an instrument with a tuning and sound range specific that sonar produces certain vibrations. These concepts are further explained in the article"Sound and vibration influence on being

This is one of the functions of the mantra: vibrate, make us vibrate and in that vibration synchronize our frequencies with the frequencies of the universal balance. It is therefore important to know the true sound of the mantra, to the more reliable is that has been originally represented in the text, to be pronounced, created more tuned vibration to manifest that frequency and not another, like the string of a guitar.

Mantras are often expressed in a continuous repetition as an infinite phrase that can say out loud or mental way, silently. Many meditations determines the number of repetitions in hundred and eight, mystical and sacred number. To create this repeat the vibration effect occurs, both from the point of view more evident, by vibrating the sound wave, and from a quantum point of view, by vibration created in our minds.

This quantum vibration is the same that is created when we think of thousands of things that we end up attracting unconscious way and that change our deeper structures, up to the energy of our cells and DNA.

If we give a sense to the vibration of the mind, we can focus on one aspect determined energy, reducing unproductive thoughts cycles and creating a subtle image in line with a certain energy frequency, creating concentration.

Through mantra meditation is a way of diverse experiences and training to lead the mind to certain States of attention, but it is important that occurs the confluence of all energies since the connection with all includes and integrates all the frequencies with which we can relate.

The energy manifestation, its representation and its meaning

First is the sound and then the light. Light is the image, the visual representation, but also which is represented in our mind. In the same way sound is represented in the mind, but is an image.

To transform sound into image creates the graphic, text and drawing in two dimensions and then the representation in three dimensions that they are, for example, sculptures and temples.

The written or graphical representation of the mantras is only a means to view and transmit the sound. Similarly the iconic pictures of the gods are a way to represent a power and up to the emotion that can wake up the connection with that energy. In the same way are constructed sculptures and allegorical temples to immaterial aspects of the manifestations of the human and universal energy.

All this expression then creates ideas and mental identifications that are nothing more than the ultimate, the most obvious, surface and less important, but that often is the dimension in which we human beings need something quick to resolve us life.

The practical relationship with mantras

There are different ways to use the mantras. From its pronunciation in a meditation, through its Sung expression calls Bhajan o Kirtans and generally used by groups who share the energy force of expression, both in "eco" mode of recurrence group coral way.

The choice of the mantras is determined by a almost unconscious impulse, Although it probably won't be as well recognized, who is decided by one or another text or song. It is not the same to attract energy than any other, as it is not the same choose one representative deity than other.

There are people who choose a mantra and just use that. Perhaps one day they feel the need for change and it is due to the need to perceive another vibration. Those who pray or sing different mantras every day and there are those who sing in Sanskrit, Tibetan or Japanese, or in all languages, since what has, in the first instance is the feeling, vibration.

There is also an ancient practice in which the master, pure soul, starts the disciple by assigning him a mantra that guides you, represents and light the fire sacred in his heart. He says an ancient rule that once assigned the mantra, as well as the deity followed and guru not should be replaced.

Mantras, yoga and meditation

There are many different forms of mantras. Many are worshipping a deity or attraction of its energy as part of universal energy representative.

He extended Gayatri Mantra It is a universal mantra which refers to the whole, to the power of the universal light which is expected its influence for a path to purity. Then there are "Gaiatris" for the different deities with which is connected through the repetition of these mantras. Like this Ganesha, Vishnu, Shiva, Branch, Krishna, Durga, Lakshmi, Sarauati, Shakti, Guru o Suria (the Sun) have their own mantra.

The most widely used mantra in relation to a deity is OM Nama Shivaya (ॐ नमः शिवाय), in relation to Shivacreator of the universe)

Also there are those "nirguna mantras"have no shape or evoke a deity, they are abstract and create a connection with the conception of the universe as a whole.

In the article"Simply Om"is explained in depth this expression as the mantra that represents the original sound. OM (ॐ) is used as a way to harmonize mind, body and spirit.

Another simple and short, affordable meaning, mantra is mantra So Ham (सो ऽहम्) translated as "I am what is" which refers to the deep connection of being with all that you exist. It is a mantra that connects easily with breathing relating in practice the sound "OS" "while it is inhaled and"Ham" While you exhale.

Hari Om (हरि ॐ) purified by removing the suffering and rising above all things the value of life.

The theme of mantras is extensive and very complex for its connection to ancient cultures. In fact, Mantra Yoga is a path, a technique, a science that takes a lifetime traverse to reach high levels of consciousness.

There are books interesting to deepen this topic as Meditation and Mantras of Swami Vishnu Devananda, Mantras of Swami Sivananda Radha o The big book of meditation of Calle Ramiro, among others.

Paul Rego. Yoga teacher. Masajista-Terapeuta holistic. Diploma in medicine Ayurveda of India

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