Asanas for autumn

The practice of yoga in the autumn and the beginning of winter should be governed according to the needs of the body and the characteristics of the environment at this time of the year. An accurate idea is to give priority to postures that activate the base of our kundalini energy.

Photo: Can Stock Photo / mrFox
Photo: Can Stock Photo / mrFox

Surya Namascar (sun salutations)

Start your daily practice with five rounds of sun salutations. This classical sequence will help you to warm your body, to bring attention to the present moment and to connect you with your practice. Make them consciously, a fluid but leisurely pace and in a profound and meditative way. You'll be focused and ready to continue the positions.

Padhahasthasana (Stork)

Stand with legs together and stretched, the trunk is flexed forward with the spine straight. It supports the palms on the floor, next to the foot, pushing with the hands against the ground, lengthening the spine and stretching the entire trunk down.

Trikonasana (triangle)

With your feet apart, put the heels aligned and parallel. Raise your arms and extend them to the sides with the Palms down. Gets the inside of the left foot inward and rotate right 90 °. Aligns the two heels. Extends the torso towards right leg bending the joint of the hip, not the waist. place your right hand where to arrive, on the Shin, ankle or on the ground, what possible without distorting the posture of the torso. Stretch your left arm toward the ceiling, in line with the top of your shoulders. It is situated the head in a neutral position. Hold this position for 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Ardha Matsendrasana (spinal twist)

Sitting with the securely bones on the floor, cross right leg over the left. With the serving of lever arm, bring the left hand to the right leg extended and try touching the tibia. Torsion of the spine is emphasized by an impulse of the right arm, placed behind the back, with the hand resting on the ground. Torsion part of the sacrum to earn progressively throughout the column, including the neck, by a rotation of the head. Return slowly to the starting position in the reverse direction, and practice the posture on the other hand, folding, therefore, left leg. During torsion the line of the shoulders is, as far as possible, parallel to the ground.

Paschimottanasana (clip)

Sit on the floor with the supported buttocks and legs stretched in front of you, lengthens the twins and heels forward. Keep active feet. Take the trunk towards your thighs. Keep this stance 1 minute.

Finally, lying on the floor looking for a neutral position. The width of hips separate legs. Softens the pelvis but not much relaxing the lower back. Release any tension that may exist in the body and making aware of your breathing.

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