10 yoga postures to relieve cold and flu

We share this interesting article from the Insayoga blog, written by Noelia Insa: "autumn is a beautiful season that brings wonders such as the colors of the leaves, pomegranates and tangerines, fat socks and the smell of firewood... But also, unfortunately, brings us the colds and flus..."


In this entry I review breathing techniques and yoga postures to relieve cold and flu (along with a proper diet). I also include the recipe for a couple of infusions that, from my own experience, I can say that they work.

First of all recalls that practice Yoga regularly throughout the year is the best way to prevent colds and flus. It has been shown that Yoga significantly improves the immune system, and therefore keeps us strong against viruses and bacteria.

Recently, a study from the University of Oslo has proved that when a group of people practicing Yoga a week 111 essential genes for the immune system, a percentage is activated in them very superior when the same people practiced another type of exercises, in which 38 genes were activated.

Postures to activate and strengthen the system immune

Positions that can most help you strengthen your immune system are:

-Investment: stimulate the thyroid gland and promotes blood flow to vital organs.

  • Salamba sarvangasana or posture of the candle.
  • Halasana or posture of the plow.
  • Sirsasana or position on the head.

-Rear bending as the position of the camel (Ustrasana) or bow (Dhanurasana).

-Former bending as the simple bending forward (Uttanasana), bending forward with legs apart (Prasarita padottanasana).

Postures to relieve the discomfort of the cold or the flu

If nevertheless you get a cold or the flu, I recommend that you practise mostly restorative postures such as:

-Supta badha konasana, restorative yoga pose to relieve cold and flu. You can do it with props such as several blankets folded under each knee and a pad in the hollow of the back.

-Balasana with support. To relieve the discomfort of colds and the flu, it is best to perform this position supporting the head, chest and abdomen on multiple folded blankets or a cojin-rollo.

-Viparita Karani with lumbar back support: so this asana is even more pleasant and easy, you can place a cushion or roll under lumbar back.

Postures to relieve nasal congestion and better breathing

If you have nasal congestion or even sinusitis, these positions can be helpful:

-Adho Mukha Svanasana, dog looking down. This position directs blood flow to sinuses, which relieves congestion.

-Sasangasana or posture of the rabbit. Relieves colds and sinusitis.

Postures to relieve congestion at the level of bronchi and lungs

-Position of the Cobra or its more accessible variant: the Sphinx. Open the chest and favours the air inlet.

-Ustrasana or posture of the camel. This asana intensely opens the chest and helps you breathe better.

Pranayama technique to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu

-Kapalabathi: The breath of the blazing skull, or fire breathing as it is known in Spanish is very effective to relieve congestion on the nostrils and lungs. To practice the kapalabhati breath, sit in comfortable position, on the floor or on a rigid Chair. Inspires naturally through the nose and exhaling (also through the nose), do so in vigorously, while contracting the muscles of the abdomen with force. The inspirations are produced automatically, but Exhalation must be powerful.

Two infusions to relieve cold and flu

Finally, I would like to recommend two infusions, which to me is very useful in case of congestion and headache:

-Pure ayurveda or tea yogi tea. You can find more about its benefits and how to prepare it at this link. This tea will help you with the cold and can even relieve gastric discomfort frequently associated with the flu. I also add a little turmeric powder, especially if I am very sore, since this root has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and can relieve headache and muscle pain.

-Infusion of ginger and turmeric with the juice of half a lemon. An infallible remedy for find you much better in a short time. Scratch a bit of ginger and a bit of turmeric and add boiling water. Leave it in infusion for 10 minutes. After waiting infusion is warm, add the juice of half a lemon and... enjoy.

(Read the original article here:) http://insayoga.com/10-posturas-de-yoga-para-aliviar-el-resfriado-y-la-gripe/)

Noelia Insa Satorre is editor of the blog of Insayoga.com. Look at his career here.

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