Plans for an autumn weekend

This weekend you have a wide variety of courses, workshops and formations in which they participate, but if what you want is to attend a retreat you can consult This article where them we have compiled and ordered chronologically.

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Friday, October 28

Course of introduction to the Bhagavad Gita. Chapters 1 to 6

Course directed both to practitioners of yoga as to people who have not never practiced, but want to know this sacred text; and student or yoga teachers interested in recycling or update their training in the Bhagavad Gita.

First class: Friday 28 October 2016. 30, 17 h 30, 19 h. It teaches: Ananta Sri Swami, Professor of Yoga and Vedanta.

Places limited. You must reserve a place by e-mail or at the reception of the school.

It organizes Escola Yogavida. Contact:

Where: C / Villarroel, low 65-67, Barcelona.

More information:

Formation intensive de instrucctores of Yoga Nidra

Course of maximum 3 people. Yoga nidra, conscious sleep. It will be a totally practical training so we take what we get. The delivery of a certificate of attendance of the studies shall be made at the end of the training.

Contact. Albert: 622154315

Where: Garden of Hara fraternitat c / 25 low - Barcelona.

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Palpatory Anatomy

28-30. When the students come and tell you: guysss hurts aqui¨. You know exactly what muscles and structures are in that area? The workshop Anatomy palpatory is aimed specifically for those people who want to know the location, with precision, the muscles and relieves bone in their bodies and others.

Learn Anatomy through your hands! Develop awareness and accuracy! Aimed at teachers of Yoga, Pilates and other types of therapy through movement.

Where: C/Martin de Vargas, 26. Madrid

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Saturday, October 29

Training of instructors of Yoga Nidra

So if your goal is simply to deepen the experience of yoga nidra, as if what you want is to teach this technique of conscious and deep guided relaxation session. Syllabus: Origins of Yoga Nidra; General introduction to the discipline of Yoga Nidra, purpose and benefits; Methodology and pedagogy; Detailed knowledge of the elements of the practice of Yoga Nidra; Voice training; Yoga Nidra and the mind; Yoga Nidra and the brain; Introduction to Western methods of relaxation and the three topical of psychoanalysis; Yoga Nidra practice; The student practices.

The training is delivered one Saturday a month, from October 2016 to March 2017, clockwise from 10 h to 14 h. Start: Saturday, October 29, 2016.

It organizes Escola Yogavida. Contact: Tel.: 93 209 33 98.

Where: C / Villarroel, low 65-67, Barcelona.

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Family constellations workshop

The constellation famailiar is a simple and effective therapeutic tool to treat diverse problems personal, family, labour and health. It is a work that defies any description and must be experienced. The therapists are surprised by the effectiveness of this method, which in a way very fast and clear, brings to light the cause of suffering that the person poses. Participants leave with an understanding of themselves, of the power of love and the forces that govern human relationships, life-changing. Why more and more psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, physicians, nurses, educators, therapists, social workers, lawyers, entrepreneurs... are interested in family constellations. Price: €40.

Reservations: 679822137 /

Where: Diwali. Yoga and holistic wellness center. Avenida del Manzanares, 58. 28019 Madrid

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Structural Anatomy of the first series of Ashtanga yoga with Dr. Gilad and MIri Harouvi

29 and 30 October if we practice Yoga, should ask ourselves 3 main questions:

  1. Is Yoga a component of religion or religion? (Can outside the religion spirituality exist?)
  2. When we practice Yoga, we are carrying out a ritual or we are researching something?
  3. Based on that information, how should one relate to the physical practice of Yoga? How does it work? What should you bring with you? What is the purpose of the practice of Yoga? Answer these questions could lead at least one life. So, in the Meanwhile, we are going to carry a few sacred cows graze to do a test, why not? Why not define our personal practice of Yoga in a clearer way? After all, "Yoga Sutra" is personal practice and personal excellence, this tells the text and this teaches Sri T. Krishnamacharya (the great teacher of teachers and the most influential person of Yoga in our time).

We'd like to share with you our 30 years of practicing Ashtanga and research experience and 20 years of courses for teachers (Teacher-Training programs) our main tool is the "technical anatomical the Ashtanga", (Anatomical Ashtanga Technique, AAT). Learning Anatomy in the "proper" brings years of University. Many people are fascinated by Anatomy but do not need it in their practice. The ATT (fruit of our experience) was developed to respond to this dilemma. Provides a database for a personal safe and informed practice working with the basic principles of the study of Ashtanga (B.P.V.D. / Bandha/Pranayama/Vi-Nyasa/Drishti), and facilitating their assimilation into the physical body and daily life. All this without filling the mind with too many terms in Latin and names, but improving essential anatomical knowledge. We will do this in a simple and humble way. Although simple it is not always easy...

Reservations: 667 815 377 or email:

Where: Valencia

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Sunday, October 30

Raw vegan for health and awareness meetings

A space of friendship, to share, find, experience and liberating laughter therapy workshop and sense of humor with inner smile of Taoist healing meditation.

  • From 10.30 to 13´30 h. contribution €30. Lunch raw vegan with full Menu.
  • From 14 to 16 h. Contribution € 30. Lecture and discussion: "Numerology"
  • 16 to 18 p.m., with free admission.

If one attends to the two activities, contribution of €50. Reports and book: 625-479-849.

Where: "Hot" restaurant C / Luís Vives nº 9 Madrid. Metro: Cross beam and prosperity

Air Yin & Yang Yoga

From October 30 to November 5. 50 hours, 7 days, Max. 9 participants content:

  • Warming, in and around the hammock Yin
  • UPS back, opening of the heart, positions in different heights of the hammock, relaxation
  • aerial silence, aerial fit, reversed positions and opening of the hips, as teaching - intensive
  • Practice of teaching, air flow and greetings to the Sun with fabric
  • Aeroyoga for children, teenagers and elderly people, aerial Yoga for two
  • Practice of teaching reversed and Choreografia... do a touch of circus?

Teacher: Christine Swoboda, FeelFreeYoga Graz, Austria price: €630 registering prior to Sep 30. €700, including "Working Book" and diploma of teaching languages: Spanish, English and German

Contact: Doris: / 633, 239, 245

Where: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

More information:

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