Urban yoga retreat: talk with Gopala

Yoga online interview with Gopala, Professor of yoga Sivananda in Spain, and organizer of this full urban retreat. Kinds of Asanas, meditation and Satsang, talks about the classical teachings of Yoga, which will take place in Barcelona, from 28 to 30 October.


Gopala He graduated in law, lawyer of the Court of Auditors, Professor of the Sivananda Vedanta international Yoga centers and Secretary of the Association Centre de Yoga Sivananda in Spain. Direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda, since 1975, has taught courses of yoga and meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing and asanas in work, control stress, yoga in daily life, occupational ergonomics and Anatomy in different countries in the last 30 years. He currently leads a group of translators who aims to bring the work of the great Indian Sage, Swami Sivananda, master of his teacher Swami Vishnudevananda into Spanish.

Why is it called "urban retreat"?

Simple: Is called "urban retreat" because it does not leave the city.

We have associated mentally to withdraw, for any activity, and especially for the practice of yoga, it requires leaving your urban, not sleeping at home and go to the field environment. When we talk about withdrawals of yoga comes to our mind, as necessary, an environment surrounded by nature. But in the experience of the Yoga not there is nothing essential except the beauty of the practice. That we do not forget never.

It is a concept of fashion or has a basis in reality?

I do not think that it is fashionable. It is the first that we do in our country and in particular in Barcelona. We want to help people who for various reasons have to return home after enjoying the meditations, the asanas and exercises of breathing (pranayama). We want to approach and facilitate the intense experience of yoga, not to remove it, not to hinder it.

Will removal what objectives have?

As we have already shared on other occasions a Yoga Retreat is an excellent opportunity to find deep relaxation and fill yourself with new energy for your everyday life. Tea recharge body, mind and soul with new energy, positivity and peace within.

The circumstance that is in the middle of a huge and beautiful city and urban as Barcelona does not change substantially.

Meditation and chanting of mantras in the morning (although a little later, je, je, for reasons that we all have to get to the place) and in the evening. Intense practice of pranayama, asanas and deep relaxation for beginners. Beginners welcome all of us and the students and teachers with experience.

Time to talk about yoga, listen to us and share us on our basic oneness.

Yoga, like life, is more poetry than prose, he used to say Swami Sivananda. Enjoy his poems ever surprise.

What does this new experience out of the Centre of Madrid in the context of the Sivananda Yoga path?

We do not intend to innovate substantially. Swami Vishnudevananda was scrupulously respectful with the teachings of the yoga tradition, but at the same time innovative your way of speaking in each Conference. Each of his meditations, lectures and actions yogic was traditionally novel.

There is no intention in this experience of the creation of a new line of work urban yoga retreat in the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta centers. We have already had some urban retreats in other countries of Europe and America, without any pretense, beyond closer and facilitate practice. Swami Vishnudevananda created all its centres in large cities, establishing a network of peaceful oasis in the asphalt. We now use the city to practice all day. In the evening we return home and return to practice the next day. Sure that on Friday and Saturday nights also dream as Yogis and yoginis.

Our Academy of language defines oasis as a night's sleep in the setbacks of life. What better definition for urban yoga retreat?

Who will take part in the retreat?

Yoga retreats are a space to share. Basically to join us for the experience of Yoga. Not be raised as which knows more, that teaches and which knows less, that learns. It is an exchange of experiential wisdom that comes from sharing sincere practice. On this occasion I have to coordinate the teaching, which is what the teacher Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda. Me is accompanied by a large group of teachers who work every day in Barcelona and its surroundings, with sincerity, headed by Rajeshwari who coordinates the Group of Satsang Sivananda in Barcelona.

Which contents of the withdrawal is expected to bring more benefits to attendees?

Four sessions of asanas, pranayama and relaxation. Two conferences on "The psychosomatic effects of yoga" and "Ahimsa, non-violence". Four satsangs, we share in meditative silence and chanting of mantras.

This is a good recipe that brings countless benefits to attendees.

If you are interested in attending this retreat here you have all the information: http://www.sivananda.es/retiros-espana

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