Training courses for instructors and teachers of Yoga 2016-2017, updated

Begin new training courses in yoga, both deepening personal and professional for graduating as a teacher of yoga. The offer is very wide, but here we offer a selection of the best that arrive at our office, located in alphabetical order. (All organizers of courses can send us your information at

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Anandamaya training in Yoga and meditation

Where: Madrid (Yoga Anandamaya)

Training designed to go developing next to them participating a practice personal with which experience in first person all them benefits of the yoga and of the meditation and acquire ones knowledge solid of the context of study, of the mind and its application in the life everyday.

Director educational: Elizabeth Ward

Structure: 3 modules of three months

More information:

Contact: 647 51 22 78

City Yoga

Where: Madrid

Contact: 915 53 47 51

Precious Yoga school

Where: Madrid

Start: January 2017

Training of teachers of Hatha Yoga 2017

Structure: one weekend per month from January to December 2017

Address pedagogical: Lola Irusta and Javier Hernandez

More information:

Contact: 637872747 915319929

School of Yoga Vasudeva

Where: Alcobendas, Madrid (Center of Yoga Vasudeva)

Start: February 2017

There are courses for Instructor and Yoga teacher approved internationally, that meet RD 1034 / 2011 (Yoga teacher qualification) and RD 1076 / 2012 (Yoga Instructor certification). Diploma awarded by the center of Yoga Vasudeva and recognized by the European Yoga Alliance and FEMALT (European Foundation of alternative medicine).

Director educational: Carlos Miguel Perez

Mode: face to face

More information:

Contact: 916 61 30 59 / 609 07 13 80

International School of Yoga

Where: Madrid, Elche, Santiago, Mallorca, Cadiz

Start: November

School pioneered Yoga teachers training from a vision integrating and evolutionist. Those programs comply with all the specifications of the certified official of Yoga in Spain.

Director educational: Mayte Criado

Modalities: Presence, Online, residential

Levels and programs progressive:

  • Instructor, Professor and Master
  • Specialization courses
  • Program higher for teachers of Yoga graduates

More information:

Contact: 91 416 68 81 / 648 078 824 / 91 309 36 07

Witryh Yoga school

Where: Navarra, Zaragoza, Madrid, Catalonia (Olot), Sevilla, Mallorca, Tenerife, Bizkaia, Cantabria, Ciudad real (Valdepeñas).

Start: November (teachers)

Training of instructors, teachers and master of yoga. Qualification endorsed and approved by the Spanish Federation of Yoga Satsanga (FEYS), Member of FEDEFY.

Director educational: Soma, Xabier Satrustegi

More information:

Contact: 627 498 558

Dance Yoga training

Where: Ciudad Real

Start: March

14 days - 112 hours

Director educational: Kira, Esther Manzano

More information:

Contact: 627 498 558

Training Yoga Instructor in the air

Where: Undues de Lerda (Zaragoza)

Start: April and July 2017

Director educational: Yeira (Cristina mantecón competition) and Arul (Rafael Rosello)

More information:

Contact: 627.498.558

Training of instructors of Yoga Nidra

Where: Barcelona

Start: November 2016

Formation of Nidra fully practice. Four meetings, 36 hours.

More information:

Contact: Alberto Colomer 622154315

Training of teachers Bowspring 2017

Where: Madrid

Start: January 2017

Pedagogical Director: Christine McArdle (OM Shree OM training of Yoga for adults)

More information: Facebook: Bear & Bowspring Spain /

Contact: 622 847 911 Chandra

Padmasana Center

Where: Madrid (Padmasana Center)

Start: February 2017

After deepen with them students in the theory and practice of them different methods of the Yoga classic of Patanjali and of the Hatha Yoga original, the course is focused in transmit with rigor the bases pedagogical for be a good Professor a time integrated the sadhana timely. Be a good Professor only is gets when the practitioner has a vision integral of the yoga from the philosophy to the verification experimental of each an of their technical. Includes study of Ayurveda applied to the Yoga and approach of the different technical meditative.

Director: violet Arribas Alvarez

More information:

Contact: 913822733

Sadhana synthesis / Danilo Hernandez

Where: Madrid (Bindu)

Course of formation and deepening in the yoga directed especially to teachers of Yoga, aspiring to professors and practitioners interested in deepen in its knowledge and experience of the Yoga.

Director: Danilo Hernandez, Swami Digambarananda Saraswati

Start: November 2016

Structure: Two cycles with a duration approximately of two years (November 2016 to June 2018)

More information:

Contact: 91 413 82 38 / 653 24 37 92

UNED, certificate of professionalism-instruction in Yoga

Where: Madrid and online

  • Information and pre-registration in the new professionalism CEertificados (fully face).
  • Course of expert / to professional teacher / a of Yoga. Online + two sessions face to face

More information:

University Polytechnic, certificate of professionalism-instruction in Yoga

Where: Madrid. Polytechnic University. Faculty of Sciences of the physical activity and sport - INEF

When: last date incorporation, 2 of December

The total duration of training will be 550 hours (430 h of theoretical and practical training) and 120 h of non-labour practices in companies.

More information:

Unnata aerial Yoga

Where: City Royal (Yogasadhana)

Start: December 2016

Training that will allow you a better and greater understanding of your own practice of Yoga through the use of this unique accessory, the hammock.

Pedagogical Director: Montse Lominchar

More information:

Contact: 926 67 07 85 / 600 58 23 81

Yoga Evolution School, Y.E.S.

Where: Madrid/Online

Start: March 2016, April 2016

Specialized in Vinyasa Yoga teachers (200 h and 300 h Yoga Alliance) certified training. Hatha Vinyasa Base of 200 h and specialization courses course 300 h of Vinyasa (various styles of practice: Vinyasa Flow and Power Vinyasa). Courses for practitioners who wish to deepen their practice as well as for teachers who want to be in Vinyasa Yoga. Several programs (trans) training that employ methodology Coaching in a proposed integrated of Yoga, Mindfulness and Coaching.

Modalities: Face to face: 5 weekends + weekend retreat. Online: 5 months + weekend retreat

More information:

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Where: Barcelona (Yoga & Yoga)

Includes the yoga course + yoga teacher training module. It gives you the tools to teach in a safe, professional and own, from your experience and knowledge of how to adapt it and transmit it to others. With this course you will have a professional degree, an internationally recognized yoga teacher. Our school is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

More information:

Yoga Integral Association Shiva-Shakti

Where: Madrid (Yoga organic)

Start: October 2016

Is inspired both in them texts classic that all Professor of yoga has of knowing as in the contributions methodological and adaptations born in West. We are teachers who should be an example of ethics and professionalism. This training provides the knowledge technical minimum for the development personal and professional of a teacher of yoga.

Director educational: Jose Manuel Vazquez


  • Diploma accrediting of 200 hours. Instructor of yoga
  • Diploma of 300 hours. Yoga teacher

More information:

Contact: 91 310 51 81

Yoga One

Where: Madrid

Start: November 2016

Course designed for those who want to delve into the teachings of Yoga, both to begin his training as a teacher how to grow within the path of yoga at a personal level.

Teachers: Jordi Canela and others.

More information:

Contact: 902101979

Sivananda Yoga

Where: Madrid, Madrid (Zaragoza), France, India

Start: August 2017, March and June 2017 (course advanced), November 2016 (intensive Sadhana)

The objective of this training is to prepare qualified and inspired teachers who are able to maintain their own practice and personal discipline and convey this experience to others.

Director educational: Swami Sivadasananda

Modalities: Residential


  • Course of training for teachers-Teachers Training Course-(Madrid, Zaragoza)
  • Course advanced of training of teachers (India and France)
  • Sadhana intensive (India and France)

More information:

Contact: 913 61 51 50

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