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Since childhood, a constant inner need to sing and play music out of me. Music has a great influence on us. We have all experienced what can make us feel a song, filled with emotions. Writes Daniel sword.


Music has a great influence on us. All have experienced how much we can make feel a song, by filling us of emotions. Phrases as: "without music it life would be an error" or "the music is to the soul what the gymnastics for the body" us say how this beautiful art penetrates deeply in our heart.

By this, the music and the meditation share something in essence, since There is no best meditation that remain in the State of presence as pure consciousness, and music, when it is created from this natural state of being, has a wonderful vibe.

Since childhood, a constant inner need to sing and play music out of me. And I without thinking, did, feeling a deep welfare whenever they let me embrace in this way. You soon discover that the music would be my companion and my way of life.

As I grew up and deepened in this world, me di has of how much competitiveness and fight of egos existed. This society where you can breathe constantly "better", "worse", "more", "less", "good" or "bad", was that it affected my way of sharing creativity.

During a time let me wrap for this battle, and studying 8 hours a day to be "the best", forgetting that freshness and beauty that experimented in the pure and spontaneous creativity.

The ego continues to exist today in the world of art; Even so, always were and will be beings wonderful as Sam Garrett, who, with their music and vibration reminds us to bring attention to our being more intimate, so feeling a great sense of lightness and natural happiness.

And is that When you desidentificas that "I" falsely and simply you are, you experience a joy and a joy that cannot be compared with

This reflection is an invitation to be the unit, to enjoy creating and sharing from our natural state, from love, spreading that vibration to the music and everything we do, so this trip for our soul flooding us with peace and harmony.

Daniel sword He is a composer, multi-instrumentalist of Madrid. Your project Organic meditation music It offers meditation with ancestral instruments, composed music from the heart.
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