6 strategies to have a positive mind and combat stress

People who are less stressed in this world are those in which prevails the positive thinking. Beatriz Recio writes.


Those who think in a positive way have extra capacity to cushion the psychological effects of stress, such as apathy, anxiety or irritability. Also they know motivate and develop better, your health is good and resist well physically also to the dangerous effects of stress.

Thinking positively does not see life in pink or deny problems, but find the good side to all circumstances and situations that life presents us or, at least, not to stay stuck in negative thoughts.

I am sure that you will meet people (or are you just one of them), which always come first the negative side of a situation. What they do is, as I like to say it, search each solution to a problem.

The way of thinking is in many cases inherited, i.e., we learn from small to analyse what happens or what happens to others and put a qualifier: Terrible, very bad, bad, regular, good, very good, very good, excellent.

If your parents and teachers had a tendency to think negatively, it is likely that you've inherited that way of thinking and that it cost you to see the good or positive side of life. This is emphasized when it is subjected to high levels of stress: the negative person stays stuck in your terribilizacion and is unable to see a more constructive and positive to the situation.

The good news is that the way of thinking can be changed. One can learn to be more realistic and positive thoughts that will bring you more quickly to their purposes and will allow you to enjoy more of his life.

6 strategies to have a positive mind

Strategy 1: acknowledge your negative thought patterns

I want you to do memory and say aloud two expressions which usually use regularly and you know that they are pretty negative. I'll give you a few examples:

  • I'm fed up! This situation does not have solution.
  • It makes me sick! I can not stand to fulanito.
  • I hate having to wait in line at the supermarket every day! It is unbearable!

These expressions are quite negative, and what they do, rather than give us life, is to put even more load to the situation that we are living. Is better let of tell them with such frequency and use them only when really is necessary (very few times).

It is essential to remember that the naysayers tend to focus inordinately on the negative aspects, with which are not seeing reality that is, because they only see one side of things... It is not always easy to see "the good side", especially when you are stressed, but at least Admittedly, there are different ways of perceiving a situation and try to pay attention to them.

Strategy 2: stop negative thinking patterns

One way to encourage positive thinking is to realize the quality of thoughts that we are having throughout the day. As soon as you constant that your feelings are negative, it is resist the temptation to dive in sadness and defeat. Is that your thoughts are rational and get an effort by see the other side, light side, where there are solutions and hope.

It is best to not think in terms of "all" or "nothing". For example:

  • Everything I go wrong.
  • I will never do anything good.
  • I'll never find my ideal partner.
  • All people hate me and mocks me.
  • Not fall well anyone.
  • Nothing makes me happy.

Strategy 3: advance

Another very effective strategy to stimulate positive thinking is the anticipation: imagine, step by step, an event that can cause stress and see himself doing that which scares us or us stressed in a relaxed way, in a cheerful and successful way.

Imagine that you have to go to a job interview: instead of having negative thoughts in which you see yourself with distraught face, lost to the recruiter questions, visualize yourself smiling, with a posture that denotes safety and confidence, replying with ease to the interviewer and coming out of there with a good feeling.

Elite athletes often use this type of visualizations in advance and they themselves claim that it helps a lot to make best brands, to have less anxiety, etc.

And you are going to put it into practice? I hope that Yes, you will see how it helps you.

Strategy 4: emphasize the positive

Usually tends to ignore or to not give so much importance to the positive life facets, especially when it is subjected to a high level of stress. Fear, uncertainty, indecision... make positive situations to pass unnoticed and dissolve in the midst of so much darkness.

A good strategy for thinking of mode positive is draw up a list with the positive aspects of our life. You can do it every night, to go to bed: lists all the good that has been in your life. Does not need to be big things, also have small details, the small moments.

To be a more positive person you should tip the balance towards the side of positive thoughts, there are no tricks or shortcuts!

Strategy 5: Autovalorarse

The American psychologist Carl Rogers (1902-1987), creator of the client-centered therapy, firmly believed that each person possesses an intrinsic worth. The Panel found that positive thinking is most common in individuals who have enjoyed positive consideration unconditionally by their parents or other persons near. Rogers suggested that, in adulthood, a person can learn to be an optimal consideration itself and become your best ally.

With the correct work, you can also get it. Thus, your thought patterns tend to be positive in a natural way.

Strategy 6: autosuggestion

Do you sound type phrases: "I am a valuable person and have a lot to offer," "every day I feel more sure of myself and I pass it on to others"?
These statements are part of auto-suggestion. Émile Coué, chemist and French psychotherapist, developed the strategy of autosuggestion at the end of the 19TH century. The Coué method is based on the daily repetition of positive affirmations about oneself. These statements, if performed after a deep relaxation, are much more effective and work directly on the unconscious mind.

Exercise practical: takes paper and pencil and scoring them five claims positive with that are going to start to work starting from tomorrow.

I hope that these 6 strategies you have helped to be a person more positive. Rolvides that we can't change what happens but if what we say to ourselves about it.

Thanks for share this article in your networks social and so make that more and more people leave the negativity to a side and build a mind positive.

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Beatriz Recio. Creator of www.zencoachingparatuvida.com

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