A weekend to live unique experiences

This weekend is very special because it presents exceptional opportunities: Learn about the long history of yoga, try a kind of Mindfulness, attend a single Drupad price free music concert, learn singing Raga, connect with your emotions thanks to the figure of the Clown, experiment with Mindful Hatha Yoga or attend a festival of sacred music Kundalini.


Friday 7 of October

Conference on the origins of yoga

Conference + Power Point presentation + videos on the origins of yoga and the civilization of the Indus Valley. Introduction to the different historical periods of yoga: Vedic, pre-classic, classic, Postclassic and modern.

Opening hours: of 18, 30 h a 20, 30 h. Places limited. You must reserve a place by e-mail or at the reception of the school.

It organizes: Escola Yogavida. C / Villarroel, low 65-67, Barcelona

Contact: info@escolayogavida.com

More information: http://www.escolayogavida.com/actividades/

Presentation course Mindfulness - MBSR

The original 8 week program created by the Mindfulness Center of the University of Massachusetts. Friday the courses begin 7-14 Oct. to 11.00 and 18.00

Presentation schedule: 18.00 hours

They impart Carola Garcia and Carmela Llauradó

Where: Madrid. City Yoga

More information: http://www.city-yoga.com/servicios/mindfulness

II Seville Sacred Festival

7 to the 9 of October. Second Festival of yoga, music and spirituality, 'II Seville Sacred Festival', a free event that will serve as a national presentation of the Spanish Federation of teachers of Yoga Kundalini (F.E.P.Y.K.) See program here.

Where: Parque del Alamillo on the Isla de la Cartuja. Seville

More information: http://www.yogakundalini.org/Sacred-Festival/

Saturday 8 of October

Concert of the master of Dhrupad Yvan Trunzler and Jorge Lozano

Aushadhi School of Yoga brings from France to the Yvan Trunzler Dhrupad master, one of the very few heirs of this art in the West. The Dhrupad is the oldest classical music of North India (with a meditative component of incalculable value) that requires a lifetime of dedication to be executed correctly. Precisely to do get this art to all, the concert is offers to price free (donation) and Jorge Lozano will accompany to the Pakhavaj, one of the few musicians connoisseurs of this percussion in Europe.

Price free!

Where: Aushadhi Yoga school. Ride of the Delicias 47-51 (passage) Madrid

Opening hours: 20:30 (opening of doors to the 20:00)

Contact: T 915391669 and 615986339 / contacto@aushadhiyoga.com

More information: http://www.aushadhiyoga.com/index.php/musica/eventos/yvan-truzler-en-directo

Workshop ' of the singing Raga Indian to the meditation '

Teaches to experience the sing ancestral of the India that you will take to the stillness and the freedom creative. Singing Raga is a practice to cultivate the heart through sound, a wonderful exploration of colors and textures of the emotions. It transforms and expands our perception of reality and relieves our heart with everlasting joy. Through the Indian approach to hear and repeat simple scales can develop: deep listening. Give the sound a full presence. Free breathing and voice. Develop attention and consciousness. As we rested in sound mind, the qualities of the heart arise naturally.

They offer: Didier Danthois and Sara Rajzman. For the past 24 years, Didier Didier has deepened the knowledge of the human being by the Buddhist teacher of the Tibetan tradition Sogyal Rimpoche.tambien remained for 10 years next to the Indian master of Calcutta, Batthacharya Rajeswara, learning singing Raga.

Opening hours: from 11:00 to 14:00 h

Price: €15

Contact: info@teatro-del-corazon.org or info@yogaanandamaya.com / T 647 51 22 78

Where: Yoga Anandamaya. C / Alcalá 68. Madrid

More information: https://sites.google.com/a/teatro-del-corazon.org/teatro-del-corazon-es/

Workshop 'The wisdom of the Clown'

This workshop combines the work of the full consciousness, with the mimo and the clown. MIME is a form of communication that is born of silence; an adventure non-verbal towards the time present and the listen inside. From this simplicity comes creativity, freedom, and the game of the clown. The Clown, with his humanity and simplicity, will help us to open our eyes to a new way of perceiving life and its obstacles, revealing the beauty and humor that lies within all things, what we might call the "wisdom of the clown". In Spain the figure of the clown not known well. It's an ancient archetype, also called the "crazy from the heart" (Fool at Heart), whose simplicity and innocent wisdom connect us directly with that eternal child is hidden on the inside of each person. On trust and innocence of the "sacred Clown" (Sacred Clown) resonates soul music and the most pure and genuine joy.

Didier us guide you towards that Sacred Clown that remains asleep in each one of us as an expression of our true nature, that is generous, loving, creative and in peace. Embodying this Clown, disclaim the shadows of old habits and the fear of the unknown, and it reveals the beauty and humor that there is in all the things.

They offer: Didier Danthois and Sara Rajzman. Didier during the last 24 years Didier has deepened in the knowledge of the human being beside the master Buddhist of the tradition Tibetan Sogyal Rinpoche. His work led him to found the theatre of the Heart Association whose objective focuses on creating an art that celebrates the authenticity, the beauty in all things, and compassion. A form of arts performing that combines the presence and the transformation of the emotions with the expression creative.

Opening hours: from 16:00 to 19:00 h

Price: €30

Contact: info@teatro-del-corazon.org or info@yogaanandamaya.com / T 647 51 22 78

Where: Yoga Anandamaya. C / Alcalá 68. Madrid

More information: https://sites.google.com/a/teatro-del-corazon.org/teatro-del-corazon-es/

Initiation to the meditation

Due to the accelerated pace of our work-life attention is dispersed easily and our mind is constantly full of distractions. To the train us in the retentive mental acquired the power to control them thoughts disruptive and keep the mind focused in what us provides peace.

When our mind is free from the agitation of the distractions, remains serene and quiet. To the enjoy so of peace inside and happiness, our wish of search objects external of pleasure is weakens's way natural and we feel satisfied.

Where: Yoga Center Muladhara. Avda Cabo de Gata, 275, C, Almeria

More information: http://yogamuladhara.com/1237-2/

Intensive Anatomy and system myofascial

8 and 9 of October. In this intensive weekend of 10 hours you can prodfundizar in anatomy and Mio-fascial system. It caters to all practitioners, students of Sridaiva, Yogis and athletes who want a basic understanding of the musculoskeletal system and the fascia. A new vision of the globalized anatomy. New research studies show the theory missed"isolated muscle" line and also the holder of the body skeleton, consider from this new vision will enter in the evolution and revolution of a new posture and actions that are developed through the Lineas Mio-fascial.

Teaches: Montse Fernández. Bowspring Teacher. A diploma in anatomy and biomechanics, reflexologist and therapist since 1998. Always in continuous research was evolving and teaching different disciplines, Iyengar, Anusara and Hatha. Today is dynamic arch (Bowspring) his Sridaiva lifestyle. His teaching is backed by nearly 20 years of experience.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-12:30 and 14:00 - 16:30 h

Where: Pramu, Mateu Enric Lladó, 1 Palma de Mallorca

Investment: Workshop full: 125 €

Contact: pramu@pramu.es

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1033755820076309/

Sunday, October 9

Mindful Hatha Yoga taught by Sara Rajzman

Based in a fusion between the wisdom ancient of the Hatha Yoga traditional and them practices modern of the MBSR (reduction of the stress based in the Mindfulness), Mindful Hatha Yoga us invites to cultivate the attention and the presence in the body with an attitude of goodness towards one same. The focus of a Mindful Hatha Yoga class is tuned with the breath, feelings, thoughts and emotions, and practice in a way that brings balance and harmony. Is a road, a trip, not to get to some place, but to be where are, time to time, guided by the process of exploration of our experience.

Opening hours: from 11:00 to 13:00

Price: €15

Contact: info@yogaanandamaya.com / 647 51 22 78 T

Where: Yoga Anandamaya. C / Alcalá 68. Madrid

More information: http://www.yogaanandamaya.com/yoga/

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