Break the crystallization

Meditation breaks crystallization created by the mind. Day to day, moment to moment, printing to print... the mind weaves a subtle network based fears and desires, through which creates the veil of the dream. Writes Emilio J. Gomez.


This is how human beings sleeps in the placidity of the reverie. Immersed in an illusory microcosm, but believes real. As real look like dreams for those who sleep. But are you?

Mind adheres to all that which perceives and although suffering produce you does not care. Prefer to continue clinging before having access to a glimpse of Ananda, the State of happiness.

It is natural to happen as well. Mind thrives on impressions, that is their food. Perhaps for this reason happens every time there is more impressions and they happen at a faster rate. Without even realizing the consumption of impressions has become an addiction.

It is possible that some of these impressions are painful and that they cause a certain amount of suffering. No matter, has reached a point where he seems to have chosen happiness through the unhappiness.

Practiced accordingly short meditation in fulminant way with the dream of attachmentwhatever that is. So it is when the awakening ensues. What is what wakes up? The consciousness of being.

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