Spine, axis of health and serenity

Most of the pain and health problems originate in a transient fault of short or long term in the spinal column. The design of the Yoga sessions should be fully linked to the awareness of the health of the spine to reverse or prevent these circumstances. Writes Paul Rego.


There are many factors that influence the health of the spine, but much is also the impact of this nerve centre of the organism is in the peripheral and Central processes of systems and devices of the body.

This highway of health and energy has thirty-three vertebrae and covers the entire length of the back of the trunk and the neck, contains the spinal cord and it is crossed by the central nervous system. Besides being the structural reference of all the physical body, it is also the of the transit of energy in his ascension through the chakras. And although it may seem redundant to remember Whats its physical location, if we reduce our vision to its existence we will notice its presence in all the vital parts of our body.

Original and ideally, on a basis of health at some point in our lives, the column spine-shaped product of the erect State of the human being and of the contents of the body. The organs in the abdominal cavity, the attachment point of the diaphragm in the central part of the trunk, organs of the thorax, the connection of the trunk with the head and all mobility for which we designed, including the projection to the legs and arms, drawn as our backbone should be without drawbacks.

An inward curve in the lower (lumbar lordosis), another curve in the opposite direction in the middle (kyphosis) and another inward curve in the cervical area (cervical lordosis), in a straight line in the Centre from one end to the other, is the natural drawing of the spine and is very important keep it in its natural proportions, Since deepened or modified is desarmonizará throughout the body.

The Yoga and the spine spinal

While it is important to have arms and legs strong, usually, in everyday life, too much emphasis on the use and development of the limbs, is made without taking into account that the truly important is mobility and strengthening of the entire environment of the spinal column.

The practice of Yoga must contain in their routine, as central object, strengthening the muscles that hold the original structure of the column. Also should focus on the mobility of the spine, in all its possibilities, bending forward and backward, lateral flexions and torsions. Stretches are also important.

Yoga offers a wide range of postures and exercises to release tension and at the same time strengthen the structure of the column. The therapeutic dimension of Hatha Yoga, in any of its branches, provides a comprehensive training of the whole organism, but with the awareness of the important thing is the maintenance of the spine.

This mobility and muscle strengthening of the environment is the key to intervertebral discs are lubricated and flexible, and each vertebra is in place.

The disharmony begins in the column

A disc displacement, misalignment of vertebrae them, lack of mobility, muscle weakness bring immediate disorders and disorders, chronic and, unfortunately, in many cases, difficult to reverse.

Typical abdominal pains, the dysfunction of its organs, the emotional irritability, lack of desire to move or perform tasks, diseases simple colds that become recurrent and that do not heal with normal could be the first wake up call that our spine need to be cared for and trained.

Displacement or Herniated discs, cervical or lumbar, pain strong in a particular point in the back, chest or abdomen, dizziness and even vomiting, lack of response of the immune system, sadness and even depression or stress, are the deepening of the first symptoms that begin to manifest itself more strongly in our body.

And as the entire energy system accompanies the full travel of the spine, these anomalies modified the balance of each chakra or energy Center and the flow of energy between them. And, conversely, conflicts or traumas emocionales-energeticos unresolved, are housed in determined/s Center of energy creating a particular ailment in any part of the body that finishes running and sick our column.

Health of the spine and States of mood

When we get a healthy state in our spine we also release conflicts hosted at certain points in your journey.

The nervous system connects with the organs and structures of the body through nerve endings that go between the vertebrae. Lack of lubrication of the intervertebral discs, misalignment or compression of the vertebrae will affect the normal passage of nerves creating pressures and consequently the same dysfunctions.

The functioning of the organs, certain movements or sensations will be altered and as a result we will feel a discomfort that can vary its intensity from annoyance to excruciating pain.

If we get that this structure is aligned, strong and flexible organic and energy our body functions will be normal, the nervous system is not altered with ease, our immune system will respond optimally and the general feeling that we have in our body will help us to carry out our activities with a better disposition and mood, allowing us better results.

Paul Rego. Yoga teacher. Integral masajista-Terapeuta. Diploma in medicine Ayurveda of India.


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