Interview with Luisa Cuerda: "Patanjali could have used the internet to transmit the Yogasūtra"

Yoga to serve for the cessation of the mind is not possible, it would be "flat electroencephalogram", says Luisa Cuerda, an expert in the study of the Yogasūtra. We speak of this "Treaty of brief psychology, selfless and compassionate" and his proposal to release of being, more realistic than the of the Buddhist traditions, according to Luisa. It is an interview YogaenRed.

Luisa rope

Luisa rope is has become in a brilliant specialist in Yogasūtra, that teaches with much talent in courses and through internet. Recently has created Yogasutraonline, that "justified" as well in your home: "Thinking about the difficulties and costs that tend to result in displacement to carry out intensive seminars and the little use of these, because the Yogasūtra requires time and reflection, I propose the online study with a maximum of four students, weekly classes and days and hours to be agreed among all". (Sign up here for this super course

The question inevitably is: Patanjali would use today day internet to transmit their teachings?

There is a phrase that says: "is taught what is known, is transmitted to what we are". That transmits it should have gone and returned. Patanjali had only four students, according to the tradition, so seems that not had much interest by having students. But assuming that considers that was that much people knew what he wanted to say, that is doubtful (laughs)I think Patanjali could very well use internet, because it is a very simple thing, save travel and money. Three things that the yoga aplaudiría.

People who perhaps could not go to a site to do a course (for example, a woman with children) can afford it. In that sense... it's also compassionate.

We see that you are partisan in the adaptation of yoga to our days... The essence of yoga will not disappear by that...

The essence of yoga disappears if you for example the latest I've read a week ago and left me shocked: "Bier yoga", beer yoga, that is made in Germany. But transmitting it by internet not is that; in fact, the kinds of yoga that receipt of Frans Moors as student them receive by internet. And now that I'm going to start singing Vedic, is it going to propose to a Professor of India. With internet is can do very well a course in which you must take you your time to go internalized, better that with a course super intensive and short in India.

Luisa rope, Fight for their friends, licensed in law, Professor of piano, voluntary in projects solidarity, writer, blogger (wonderful was your portal of Mettacuento), was a young and a passionate athlete when a day, to the year 1996, is presented the yoga in its road. And already not so make him your life let it never.

How it conquered the serene yoga to a hyperactive athlete?

It is that I was a hatha yoga enough end. Was in very good form physical and practiced hour and half of positions extreme. I then spent a very funny thing... and was that I, who had stopped going to church for years, when I had just my āsana session felt great desire to pray. It was a strange feeling. It got more later, when I knew the importance of āsana for the centering of the mental preparation and the stillness of the mind, which makes the spirit to surface.

Then, with them years, left that yoga end because the own nature made that had more tranquillity and less desire of both exercise.

Comes from where you wish to specialize in the? Yogasūtra?

It is a gift that it came to me that desire. Arjuna Peragón, with whom I trained, has very well structured his training and dedicated a part to the Yogasūtra, what I did started to interest me. I bought the book of FASD, with translation of Desikachar, and I was fascinated because in a few very specific words, aphorisms or sutras, Patanjali not only is to explain the spirit of yoga, which explains it perfectly, but it was a Treaty of psychology as I did not know any.

I liked both that I began to deepen. I discovered that traditionally students learn it and recite from memory, and only then the professor explain its meaning. So I did, I learned them from memory first in Spanish and then badly in Sanskrit. I was slowly improving this learning. And I can say today that When recite the Sanskrit with respect of heart and intention of knowing, there is information and meanings that you arrive. By that always recommend that you learn and memorize in Sanskrit, because the Yogasūtra Enter to form part of it.

There is a word in Sanskrit, samyamawhich means the specialization in a subject meditating and learning about it. I for four or five years it was doing without knowing it; I was going to swim or to walk and while was reciting them yogasūtra... Was my occupation fundamental in my time free, and that I was giving not only knowledge but love for them. So continued studying with Arjuna Peragón and with other people, as the teachers of the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation. Now I just do another review again with Frans Moors, great teacher of yoga in the tradition of Krihsnamacharya.

How it is possible that the? Yogasūtrathat was written makes thousands of years, continue taking them answers that all seek and need today, here and now?

Because it's true, because it is a pure message, as happens to the Tao. Because is selfless and for the benefit of whom it listen, not for who it enunciates.

What kind of beings have been enunciating those messages of pure wisdom?

Patanjali is little known, is someone surrounded by legend. There are those who think that who call Patanjali - as who we call Lao Tse - were schools of thought. Are the essence compassionate of a line of thought or, better, of a form spiritual of living in the world.

Patanjali means "fallen from the sky to the hands". According to the legend, at a time when the world was full of disease, wars, confusion and suffering, was invoked the gods to ask for help. Fell that helps in the hands of Patanjali, that made a grammar for the people is understood, created the Ayurveda so people lived a long life and the Yogasūtra so people evidently in his mental suffering. That is the legend.

To me I find it easier to think that the Yogasūtra is a way of being in the world. Who has come from? Maybe someone great (laughs), but better that do not know, so not it deifiquemos.

And what is the? Yogasūtra do you have other books of wisdom?

For me them sūtra have something fundamental, and is that are brief, that not say or more nor less that what have that tell, that not are interested in the sense of that not are attached to any school and that known to the perfection the psychology of the human being.

The Yogasūtra is made for release to the spirit through the purification of the mind, and to that have that know how works your mind, them tricks that normally a human being with mind uses and how neutralize them for, coming to have a mind pure (sattva), the spirit arises. And that can do it to a man, woman, young, atheist, agnostic, of any religion, with immense intellectual skills and without them, with a physical way extraordinary or paralyzed in bed... It is universal, quite compassionate and brief, not you bundles.

In a time in the seek the utility above all, how you you explain to someone that unknown this part of the yoga for what served them yogasūtra??

To be free. To the person that you know that you are, that being that accompanies you since you were born and what you want the noble, good and be happy, exit to the surface by removing all masks you've had to and you are doing so much damage to you. The yogasūtra serve for that.

The sutra more known, Yogaścittavṛttinirodhah, is often translate as "the yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind". Is it correct?

Città It is the mind in this case and vritti they are fluctuations, but also functions. Thus it would be: "yoga is the functions of mind control (not default)". However, well-known people have explained it as that yoga is the cessation, stop, mind. That is called electroencephalogram flat, because the mind not you can stop.

For this reason It is so interesting to know all the possibilities of the Sanskrit, with the help of a person who makes you understand that first and foremost no to abandon common sense. Those gentlemen who gave us the yogasūtra were Indian, not aliens.

And functions that tries to control the yoga? The imagination, the memory, the understanding, the dream... Is so particular and so simple as that. Explained so not is something impossible, but it is question of training.

What is your sūtra more beloved, that one by which feel weakness?

There are many that I love, and van varying with my practice. But there is one special which is the I.33 (article in YogaenRed). Maitrikarunāmuditopeksānām / sukhaduhkhapunyāpunyavisayānām / bhāvanātascittaprasādanam. Means that if like have it mind in State of grace, you must cheer you with the happiness of your friends and sympathize with to who are more unhappy, sucking to it noble, recognize it where it see, and be fair with it ignoble (not laugh you the grace to which think more important that you nor make firewood of the tree fallen). With those four attitudes, have a mind in grace.

Look at what it took to explain it and short which is in Sanskrit. Another Sutra defines the liberty thus: "Freedom is when the mind is as pure as the soul". In other words, when you have so little fear, so little disordered desire, so little hatred, that looks through your eyes is who you are, purusa, "he who sleeps in the village," your spirit. That is freedom.

An of them issues important that can make is with the eight members of the yoga of Patanjali is take them to the life real. To the education, for example... How can teach is this system of release of our authentic being to children?

Already is made, not be me has happened to me but has been the form of teach in the India the yoga traditional. Little children, the first thing you are taught is āsana, adapted to them but not necessarily playing to mimic animals. Yoga is a discipline, and the child have to introduce it. And, course, start as soon as possible with yama and niyama, them attitudes relational and them attitudes towards one same, and that for them children is very simple, only there is that sort it class, be contributors ones with others without create competitiveness, speak of habits of consumption, of life, what feel when talk of not damage and see certain things in them drawings animated...

In summary, to those 12 years, āsana. I know that there is custom of putting to them children to meditate as to me I put to pray... Them children are grades imitators of them adults and les love please them, but that does not want to say that are in situation of internalize to that age.

Starting from them 12 years, prānāyāma, and this already is a preparation to the concentration as a first element of the meditation. In addition, towards the adolescence, is can go proposing a concentration in some subject (can be a quality spiritual). From age 25 to 50 already enter the central period of life in which you introducing you most in meditation for, starting at age 50, which is very brief āsana, prānāyāma, and predominates the meditation. Because they already getting ready to go home...

I give lessons to girls of 3rd and 4th ESO and works very well in that way, but always watching as concentration meditation. Because meditation proposed by Patanjali is the vipassana proposed Buddhists...

How would describe the difference between the meditation that proposes Patanjali and the meditation Buddhist?

Well I've done meditation vipassana, light afortunamente, because for a person Western that not is a monk Buddhist those retreats of 10 days I seem to be drug hard. But, well, I know that they do much.

To me I seems a lot more effective, at the time of not deceive you to you same and clarify your mind of truth to the spirit outbreak, the meditation that proposes Patanjatali. The others have a component "religious" and have been born in a field monastic. Then, if I'm not used since childhood to be sitting with your back straight and a teacher give me affectionately on the head with a bamboo stick, maybe stay 45 minutes or an hour in that position is a Tour de force that is doing more by my ego and by my feeling of own power that by the feeling of abandonment to the infinite and the acceptance of my limits.

The object of your concentration can be in your soul, in purusa (literally, "which sleeps inside the people") or simply in the tenderness, if think that it need, or in the relationship with your partner if requires your attention... or even in the study of them yogasūtra (laughs).

You have prepared you for half an hour or more with āsana and breath you are doing your state of dispersion is lower. And when already are quiet, you go to that theme, to that relationship that want to improve or that quality that like have, but during five or ten minutes. At the beginning you come ideas and phrases preconceived, but at the end of every day there comes a time in which the mind stop talking with words and settles in you something that has to do with the essence of that quality or theme in which you were concentrating, you suddenly see it, make it yours, you understand it. That is what is called dhyāna, and what is normally understood as meditation, which actually arrives at that moment. And, at the end of the time, if you fundes with what in what meditate and "eres" that quality or that theme, that is samādhi.

This concentracion-meditacion is much less lying, because the other is given to fantasizing, confused me with my expectations.

The meditation vipassana as drug hard can pose is as a flight and a dependency, rather than as a genuine release...

Yes, I know people who, after several days, eating poorly and sentenced to be concentrated for hours and hours, they have had moments of alarm and fears, because it is also often go to these retreats when one is worse, something that should not be done.

There is great confusion in this "hypermarket spiritual" that is has since of fashion in those countries Western. How to guide us among all the range of techniques, courses, retreats, etc., to distinguish the wheat from the chaff?

I don't know, that's one thing. I can tell you what I've done. First, do not direct me to things excessively expensive, because the yoga as attitude proposes sobriety. Then try that the yoga not is mix with other things as the sport, her sexuality, the glamour, or even another type of teachings spiritual. If what I want is deepening in the yoga, prefer digging a well of 20 metres, not 20 wells of a metro. In general, leave to a side that that may be interested.

Reasons give them practitioners who go to their weekly yoga class to study a course of? Yogasūtra?

So them cundiese their practice, to surrender all its value the work that make of āsana. There are people who says that they go to yoga class from 20 years ago, but have changed your life significantly?, are you angry with your sister-in-law?, Yes? Since then no you are taking advantage of. The Yogasūtra ago that that āsana and prānāyāma that practice it do with a meaning. And at the end, leave of feel anger for your sister-in-law.

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