How to tame the monkey of your mind

You have a pet? Then, you must know how many raisins hours training it, watching it and wanting it... did you know that you could have another? One even knows that there is someone that you accompanies to anywhere to go. I speak of the Mono that is jumping in your mind... Writes Swami Mukti.


You have probably heard of the "monkey mind" concept and how yoga provides tools that help us to tame this adapted Companion. When we say that the mind is like a monkey, we refer to the nature of the animal: restless, dynamic, that it distracts and can not be calm.

In fact, we will think about that There are two monkeys that live in our mind. There is one that is restless, agile, that goes jumping of branch in branch and pays little attention to the things. Then there is rather fat, lazy, no inertia and monkey love to sleep. Two ways to act different in the same mind. The people experienced both forms of feel and act due to an identification wrong of the mono. When this false identification us causes too much suffering, we want to wake of this safari.

Yoga distinguishes three mental fields through which, as beings conscious, have that pass for so recognize us to us themselves of a way more deep.

They are known as: Manomaya or the ordinary mind; Vignanamaya, the mind intuitive; and Anandamaya, happy mind.

When we speak of the "mind of mono" us refer to Manomaya, the mind ordinary or intellectual that gets the food of the senses and constitutes the part more surface of our experiences. Within this mental field we experience all the concerns, all the anguish, all life fluctuations. Due to our ID wrong of this mind, consciousness remains asleep.

As we are going 'desidentificando us' of Manomaya, we started entering Vignanamaya, the intuitive mind. Here our sense of "I" and "mine" plummets and we begin to clarify the mind. This process continues to be able to further refine our conscience, so that brings us to the last mental field known as Anandamaya, happy mind. The mind more light.

When try to deal with the monkey, recalls that the nature of the mind ordinary, with which us feel identified the 99% of the time, not is can change... Actually no it fix Neither the reduce.

We can not relax the monkey mind, but have to purify our consciousness through a process systematic of ' disidentification ' of them games of the mono. This process we will take to other fields mental more refined. So if we train you so you take a suit and jump through the hoop, or tie it to a tree so not to cause problems, a monkey will remain always a monkey! So we must not suppress what is by nature. Instead of that, there is that observe your behavior with Temperance and patience, familiarize is with its nature erratic and be attentive to their multiple movements, without losing the balance. Throw him a banana so... but continue observing him, being aware of everything that happens in our mind. Over time, will pass to your intuitive mind: the beginning of a light mind. This is not the end of the road, however, lets you feel comfortable / in your own skin and flow with the existence.

Swami Mukti It is speaker and international mentor who understands and conveys the yoga as the art and science of living with positivism. Director of Light Mind.

The course those 5 pranas. Convert you in your own healing.

Swami Mukti taught this course of the 30 of September to the 2 of October in Dharma Yoga.

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