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El yoga ha sobrevivido a lo largo de más de siete mil años. ¿A qué se debe ese vigor, esa capacidad extraordinaria para la supervivencia y para haberse convertido en el eje espiritual de Oriente y ser cada vez más practicado en Occidente? Calle Ramiro writes.


Basically a which is a set of efficient and verified psychosomatic tools to promote conscious evolution, improve the quality of inner life, stabilize the mind and heal the emotions, in addition to facilitating spiritual progress.

The pharmacy of the yoga is impressively rich in "drugs" to the human being can feel is best, resolve conflicts internal and update potential mental lethargic. But of the same mode that by much that is read the prospect of a medication if not is swallows not serves of nothing, so the technical of the yoga have that be applied with assiduity to try all their benefits.

Not there are that pass by high that although in the yoga there are philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and mystic, is of way very special a method practical, more beyond of beliefs religious, aseptic, that appeals always to the experience personal. Yoga is practical and invites the practice, without staying in theories, speculation or philosophical abstractions. It is a "philosophy" practice, a technique of life, an art of living, and above all a huge set of procedures psychophysical, energy and spiritual to influence on the body, the body energy, the mind, the system emotional and the supramental. The first method of the ORB, collecting innumerable human improvement is technique of meditation for the methodical training of the mind, inner development and the conquest of wisdom that really transforms and humanizes.

The various philosophical currents throughout history have shown its ineffectiveness to transform human beings and make possible what is most urgent: change the mind, because without that mutation persons will remain conditioned by their tendencies of obfuscation, greed and hatred. Les has missed a method practical and them same is have desertizado in all type of speculations philosophical, undoubtedly interesting and very suggestive, but inefficient as regards to calm and clarify the mind. Report knowledge, but not that wisdom that has coined precisely the term. Missing on the tools necessary for inner change, been stuck in its circuit of intellectual lucubrations, that having even managed to be tall, have no ability to transnformativa.

Not just with say to where there are that go, but ensure them media or vehicles for power move is. Like that to cross a river other side (of the servitude to freedom) requires a raft, as well practical methods, are required to achieve the independence of mind and inner freedom in the yoga involve:

-Consciously work on the body, through the body plans, techniques of respiratory control, conscious relaxation and other variety of psychosomatic domain and reorientation of energy procedures. In this sense operates true hatha yoga, but not at all the pseudoyogas or 'yogas' misleading, and not at all the mere 'yogas' sporting or gymnastic.

-The practice of meditation and various techniques of self-knowledge, self-development and concentracion-visualizacion.

-The proper use of discernment, that you are reporting a new way of seeing.

-The cultivation of conscious perception What is happening outside and inside one.

-The self-observation and the contemplation of mental and emotional reactions.

-Stay more attentive to what is thought, said and is done.

-The action more consciously, dexterous and cooperating.

Procedures to stimulate the flow of energy.

-The firm intention to become more aware.

The Yogi is converted in their own laboratory living. Performs on its own Alchemy to transform their qualities and unhealthy qualities trends and healthy trends. Puts them means working to learn to direct the thinking but also go more beyond of the thought, because as reza the old teaching yogic:

When the thinking ceases, it reveals the light of the be.

There are countless techniques yoga to learn to put thought and rediscover the essence that is prior to the thought. The term meditation derives from the same Latin root as doctor, medicine, or medication. Is the medicine of the mind and of the system emotional. One has to convert is in an own master and his own disciple; in your own therapist and his patient. The path to real mutation of consciousness to connect with consciousness is long, but maps to traverse, compasses to not lose the North have provided us.

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By • Aug 29, 2016 • section: Calle Ramiro