Types of discernment

Could it be Vivekadiscernment, the key tool of the Jnana yoga, the ideal instrument for the search engine of the real thing, of truth, of the spirit? Writes Emilio J. Gomez.


Yes and no. Distinguish between the Real and the illusory corresponds to advanced stages of the search process. For this reason, the Jnana yoga, the yoga of discernment, is not widespread, although his main proposal captures with ease the minds of many Westerners care.

Discernment depends directly proportionally of the vibration of the practitioner level and by extension of their level of understanding.

In a first phase initial you can practice Viveka trying to find what does not change ever, separating it from what is impermanent, and therefore subject to the inexorable law of change.

Just being attentive, you will see how what seemed immovable, immutable, one day, sooner or later becomes movable and mutable, to stop being as it has always been, as much as the mind to work otherwise.

In this way, to observe lo impermanent, it is possible to find a crack through which to perceive that which is always permanent. By observing discernment is not only viable, but is also easy, by the obvious that is.

What that does not ever change? The essence, the observer... One who It gives counts. I.e., the consciousness of being.

Thus, with a simple, simple, and above all natural way, the search engine begins to investigate and find the differences between the essence and personality, going into what could be called a second phase of discernment.

The essence is that which has always been. The personality, on the other hand, is acquired, the imitated or copied. What does not belong to us, and therefore it is not authentic, but illusory.

Installed on the essence, the search engine can start to delve into research providing discerning you, reaching what might be called a third and last phase consisting to discern between the Real, the immutable, absolute, and mutable reality and therefore relative. I.e., between the Real and the illusory, authentic essence of the work of the Jnana yoga.

Try to carry out such work of discernment without passing through the previous stages is the shortest way to discouragement in the practitioner, by much interest that may have in the beginning. And, what could be worse: make a mental effort, which would be doomed from the beginning to the most resounding failures of discernment.

Discern is a slow, very slow, work which requires much perseverance in order to accumulate the many "realize", many "outlets of consciousness" in order to have a glimpse of the Real thing. In any case it's a mental, or intellectual work, but a tune with consciousness.

We encourage you as the reader to perform this unique search by the hand of someone with experience in such way, as despite apparent ease and its singular attraction, is full of trails and nooks and crannies in which end up lost.

Emilio J.GomezEmilio J. Gomez It is the inner circle of silence Yoga yoga teacher

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