The mystery of life

You put your hand on fire that this is the truth? Type David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu), traditional master Advaita Vedānta.


-You put your hand on fire that this is the truth? -I asked a dear student endowed with the beauty of spontaneity.

We were in a car with six good people, a baby. I, with neck pain and dizziness trying to not always give back. She, doing the same movement but conversely consoling his daughter, Maya, spirit still not tamed by the chains of metal vehicles that cost so much to win and maintain (not all vehicles are metal).

I replied between another good student jokes that he noted that my hand was just dancing to the wind outside the window and not precisely in the fire.

The truth does not depend on either hand, place or action. Truth is truth only because it depends not on anything to be.

The truth is that there is always because your own being, its own nature, is existence.

The existence is. It is not born Because it is by itself, and not because otherwise give her itself, not because another Supreme being granted the grace of exist, give life, believes him and ask change believe and obedience.

Existence does not die and is. Because that is not born, nor dies. What has not been created, nor does exist. Or he owes nothing to anyone. Or your life!

Is it transformed? The existence, truth, taking different forms, cuerpos-mentes - hearts, objects, and at the same time it is existence, without transformation.

That is the mystery of life: in the multiple and changing to recognize the unchanging and one. And in the immutable and one understand and illuminate the multiple and changing.

Life itself contains in its bowels the way of salvation.

The truth is existence. I exist.

I know without a doubt because I know it directly, myself: I am. Therefore, I am truth, infinite existence, without limits of time or space. And, two, the existence known to itself. The truth is thus existence and knowledge.

I am the truth, a, changeless, infinite.

Recognizing me as well, I feel peace and joy in me. Not for nothing.

To recognize you so, you feel or feel the same peace and bliss in you. Not for nothing.

Therefore, my real I, really a, unchanging and infinite is existence, knowledge, peace and bliss.

That I am.

And all this to my bodily eyes see and confuses my knowledge in my finally are forms and different of the same truth, my truth I.

What merit there is in put your hand on fire that this is the truth?

My dear, know you well, and you put it as I do and we will dance in the wind of life, knowing where it is, where is and where is the wind of life.


David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu). Traditional teacher of Advaita Vedānta

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Scriptures of Advaita Vedānta and Yoga Sāṅkhya - knowledge and traditional practice

Complete and in order original writings from the oral tradition: Sāṅkhya Kārikā, Yoga Sutras, Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, Bhagavad Guītā, Upaniṣhads and Brahma Sūtras

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Presentation of David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu)

David RodrigoShe surrendered completely to the full recognition of itself and the truth since in 2008 went to Rishikesh, Himalayas, India and gave with his master, Dravidāchārya Rāmakṛiṣhṇan Swāmījī (Shastra Nethralaya Ashram), Advaita Vedānta tradition of Śhaṅkarāchārya; disciple Swāmī Sarveśānanda Sarasvatī and his teacher Swāmī Śhānti Dharmānanda Sarasvatī.

He studied for six intense years of self-transformation, contemplated, applied and experimented with the master, in a personal and daily relationship, the wisdom of tradition revealed in the great Scriptures complete and original of the classical spirituality and philosophy in India schools releasing (ṣhaḍ-darśhana) and Sanskrit:

-Advaita Vedānta

-Prasthāna Traya ´Triple Canon´con Śhaṅkarāchārya comment: Bhagavad Guītā, main Upaniṣhads and Brahma Sūtras. The latter with Bhāmatī, Vāchaspati Miśhra subcomentario.

-Advaita Siddhi, Madhusūdana Sarasvatī, part of the Prasthāna Traya Bṛihat ´Gran Triple Canon´.

-Prakaraṇa granthas (secondary texts) as Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, Śhaṅkarāchārya; Panchadaśhī, Vidyāraṇya Muni; Vedanta Paribhāsā, Dharmarāja; Siddhānta-leśha-saṅgraha, Appayya Dīkṣhita; Dakṣhiṇāmūrti-stotra ´Himno to Dakṣhiṇāmūrti´; Pancīkaraṇa; Tattva boddha; or Ātma-jñāna-upadeśha-vidhi.

-Yoga sutras of Patanjali with commentary of Vyāsa, etc.

-Sāṅkhya Īśhvara Kṛiṣhṇa-Kārikā.

-The rest of the classical schools (astika darśhana): Artha-saṅgraha (Pūrva Mīmāṁsā); Tarka-saṅgraha (Nyāya-Vaiśheṣhika).

-Grammar of the Sanskrit (vyākaraṇa): Laghu-siddhānta-kaumudī of Varadarāja (traditional simplification of the Aṣhṭādhyāyi of Pāṇini).

He was initiated in the tradition of the Yoga meditation in the Himalayas by is Veda Bhāratī (Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh, disciple of is Rama of the Himalayas).

Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh began to transmit knowledge, practice and experience of Scripture and meditation; and coordinated Dhyāna Gurukulam, the traditional school of the ashram.

In 2014 the life brought you back to Spain, making available directly - without raiment or conversions to what are not-, knowledge, practice and experience of these writings of universal wisdom that arise and lead to the direct and immediate realization of the himself: existence, consciousness, same happiness, without differentiation or transformation, unlimited.

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