AUM, the universal vibration

When the light of wisdom shines through all the gates (senses) body, we know that Sattva (attachment to happiness) is the predominant quality)Bhagavad Gita XIV.11.) Writes Maheshwari (Mayte Aguado).


AUM It is a word that has no translation since it serves to represent the Trinity, and the correct way to pronounce the sacred syllable is differentiating the three phonemes: A, U, and M. We say "Om" because it comes from a natural shortening of 'au' diphthong, a phonetic variation that is due to the wide use of the word AUM, primarily to be sung introduction to mantras most speedy way.

AUM is the vibration of the universe, eternal because it is energy that is not destroyed. When we pronounced AUM we tend to do it as if we were scheduled for implementation leading to the final destination, which is the process of the evolution of man. But if we look at the way not as something that leads to a goal, but to the own way as the goal, we note that When we decide AUM consciously, since we inspire until the end of the own vibration, serves for reaffirms our union with the Universal, with our deeper inside. If we look at that moment of the vibration from the physical part, where we are mostly water, we will feel our organisms to clean physically to finally get to spend to clean our minds; i.e. we move from science to the threshold of metaphysics. This situation occurs when we feel that vibration seems to become infinite being power, which transforms from the outside to the inside, where is action in inaction.

The energy that we can do emerge will depend on the amount of energy that can flow in our consciousness to pronouncing AUM, which must be proportional to the universality of our consciousness, i.e., abandoning any distraction and in the most immediate present when it comes to pronounce it, to eliminate the superficial layers, distracting us from the flow of life.

A good example to see what produces AUM to pronounce it is to think about the effect of the Tibetan bowl full of water when do you sound: water begins to vibrate, and that is exactly what happens inside ourselves. But as with the bowl, this should not be in any way. The important thing will be breathe and connect with our inner, channeling the energy and vibrate with it so that our liquid, as well as of the bowl, not overflowing. You have to get a constant in this vibration produced by the sound of the pronunciation of AUM, in such a way that when we are closing the mouth and continue with the vibration becomes an OM that makes right there when you feel this wonderful union.

Why is it important to pronounce AUM?

That when we take power, life flows with us and leave empty spaces have been all. But when we dig in restricting our energy, either causing a tsunami or containing it, we experience a lack of it because we have not let life flow through us. Maybe the same goes if we pronounced the AUM and do not do this correctly: the energy does not flow, it will simply be without being cold sound. But when we evolved from the very beginning with the AUM to the OM, life flows within us, our being ready to open the thousand petals all of us.

Understand that as well as the water flows toward down following the line of less resistance, the energy inside flows towards his field more useful of activity. Thus follows the law of evolution, since our power will be always moving towards that field of activity because we are matter and energy that flows with the energy of the universe, which neither increases nor decreases, but is transformed or transmuted constantly from one State to another, until you reach the fourth State, Turiya, where the cessation of activity will transform in the renewal of the activity but in another field.

Melt us with the vibration of the AUM is that action where our energy will be better channelled and will it manifest itself more evolutionary mode of creation, where time and space ceases to exist and is one in that vibration.

All this power control, which is more than correct use and pipeline, is located within the practice of yoga, where the flow of life is in fact the current respiratory of the human system, and the channels through which flows are the nadis and levels the tattwas. When our flow of energy seems to dry, we should seek remedy through the own energy, thanks to the sound with your vibration will make, together with asanas, that opens the lock to be full of energy.

AUM is part of yoga, and is being given importance whenever we begin our exercises, whether of relaxation, breathing, Asana or meditation, because this will release our blocked energy.

Make every step of the yoga identifies us with our energy and universal energy, and transforms our consciousness in unlimited, eternal, just following its great pillars: breathing, relaxation, proper exercise, proper nutrition and positive thinking and meditation. But beginning with the universal mantra or the vibration of the universe, which is why AUM in Hinduism is the unit with the Supreme.

Vibrate with AUM is to flow with life.

With love, Maheshwari (Mayte Aguado)

Maheshwari (Mayte Aguado). Yoga teacher certified by the Sivananda school in Rudraprayag (India). Disciple of Fernando Diez. Collaborator of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and the yoga of the Guadalajara Aylu gym teacher.

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