Ramiro Calle, the maestro

Forty-four years of experience as a Yoga teacher, along with thorough and prolific dissemination of the Dharma, the teaching, as he likes to say, make Ramiro Calle master two generations of Yogis. He same is prefers before Yogi that master, something that we have lost in our days, where is seeks to be Professor of Yoga without be Yogi. Is an interview of Carmen old to YogaenRed.


Calle Ramiro left in his encyclopedic novel The Yogi clear marks to walk this path of Yoga without getting lost. This is the second part of an interview very special (Here the first). We wanted to know what has happened to the spirit of the author of the book that launched countless people in the path of Yoga.

"How looking for spiritual maturity without having achieved the mental?", asks him to Devendrenath, the protagonist of Yogi, his father. When are we prepared to start the journey of the practitioner, the sadhaka?

In the West, almost nobody actually follows the path of the practitioner. There is a demand of the Yoga as therapy, as sanitation of the mind. 90 percent of the people who come to Yoga classes are looking to feel better, which is fine; but you are looking for psychosomatic balance and the most authentic aspect of Yoga that is spiritual technique is completely relegated.

All in West drag a great ballast, that is precisely the mind small, it mind neurotic, with their countless quirks, obsessions and frustrations of all type. But if we open a slit towards the big mind, which is also in us, we can then begin the practice of highest Yoga, as a means of integration and self-realization. It should not be forgotten that the goal of Yoga is samadhi, a higher State of consciousness that we integrate with all.

You must first stabilize psychologically to then collect all these energies and redirect them to a search for higher-order; But if a person is victim of the anxiety, the depression, the bitterness, the stress..., if has many cracks of the soul, is very difficult that find motivation for goals spiritual more elevated.

"Connecting our conscious mind with the breathing process, we can perceive the great cosmic force that flows through all of our being, and we can do with our body and our mind things that others, ignorance, it seems impossible." Is so?

The breath is a ganzúa to open doors to levels more elevated of consciousness. The Yoga teaches to remove all the pearls, as said Ramakrishna, but for that not only are them asanas, but also them bandhas, them pranayamas and many others technical very varied. The asanas are fun: is the postureo, the exhibitionism. Pranayama is very heavy do, why is not practiced. There are many schools that do not you teach and that is inconceivable. The prana alone can move through pranayama and pranayama is the key of the encounter with the deepest of us. All the Yoga, and is very important understand it, seeks from the beginning the suspension of the thought ordinary for go to the be inside. What us distance of the being inside is the thought. If thoughts stop, turns out the light of being. As an of the technical primoridiales of suspension of the thought is the pranayama. And it is what takes you to the pratyahara (internalization).

Throughout the entire book of Yogi, insists on the need for the practice: "there is nothing as important as trained in the physical and mental strength. "Is truly strong one that learns to resist". Not have we become very cuddly in the West? To what we must resist?

In West there is a fatigue psychic amazing. Apathy, apathy, lack of motivation, external and internal routines that are unbearable. And we've made very docks, effectively. Meditate up to half an hour seems a world. There is that strengthening is inside. What called them Yogis Tapas, that not is austerity exterior, but inside, to accumulate all our energies, or virya, that is the force inside. Babaji Sivananda of Benares always said: "The most important thing for a Yogi is the inner strength."

One of the teachers that our protagonist, visit tells him: "do you know what is the evil of our time? That man wants to discover the secret of the truth without being prepared for it and without making any effort". How avoid that taking all the information to our hand, not create have the truth without having it worked?

The great sufi Mystic Kabir of Varanasi told his disciples: "look at me, myself I am a slave of my own strength". More not be can tell. In the center of Yoga have violinists, pianists, playing 6-8 hours in a day, and I say "Ramiro, never move from being mediocre". Not know why understand that for an activity sports, for an activity artistic, there are that put much time and however not is puts effort for it spiritual. Hence comes the trick of the gurus that offer shortcuts to reach heaven and happy people do not have to make any effort.

There was a great introducer in Spain of psychosomatic science, Rof Carballo, saying, "the Western wants to get in a weekend what a zen monk or a Yogi to get in twenty years"...

The other great constant of his life has been the search for the inner Master: "man must find that master thing in itself, pure as a child and as an elder Sage". It gives the impression that Ramiro Calle already found him and gives him now to the rest...

No, not what I have found. Again I refer to the words that had just my book The Fakir: "I am an apprentice and the duty of all apprentice is continue learning". Even, never have used the expression "be disciples". I'm not a guru, I have no disciples; I have spiritual friends that by helping them to climb a step, they help me to upload it to me. Does the child to the mother or the mother does son? Master and disciple are always side by side. I am a spiritual companion, a pilgrim for life, giving others what they have received. Simply. That's chain of transmission.

Ask a master in his book: "How can meet is a true master?". And answers: "by his works, by the way they behave, for his wisdom, for his love, because even in the eyes, pure and crystalline, there's something that allows us sense"... the teacher is born or is made?

The master is made. There is a bias, as that has good hearing or ability for languages, but then has to forge. Is an Alchemy inside where we treat of transmute our qualities lower in qualities superior. The grand master resides inside our heart and true master is that teaches you the path to the.

Is more easy to tell what not is a true master that what it is. A true master don't worry be founded ashrams, be doing their teaching a kind of spiritual supermarket, or tours world as if it were a player in fashion. A true master does not need even search to no one; is like the flower that not pursued to the bee...

Was there really a Swami Vicharananda for your initiation?

All the teachers who appear in The Yogi they are real. With one or another name, but they are real. In ninety-nine trips I've made to the India I have interviewed teachers, gurus, lamas, hermits, and there I got all that material, which is real.

To all person that came by Madrid, swamis from various spheres, you invited to dinner in my house. Should I say, poor my first woman, Almudena Haurie, that along ten years, nor an only day had dinner alone. Always had dinner with swamis, Yoga specialist, healers... Our House is developed in a true sanctuary of encounters spiritual. I've been taking lessons in opening of an infinite number of teachers; clear, took all my life devoted to it. I have been called "holy men Hunter"...

"The meditation is a light and a sentinel that is resisting to all what can impair your world inside". Has been meditation throughout this time his personal sentry?

It has been one of the techniques that I have used: meditation, pranayama, asana, always as a means of assimilation, not of the cult of the body, the recitation of certain techniques of observation mantras like Om Nama Shivaya, HamSo, that have been part of my daily strategy. All that we call interior work, which is very wide and you need to take him also to everyday life. There is that work on all the person, on all the levels of our personality, the instinctive, the sexual, the drive, the mental, the energy... If not, the work instead of being comprehensive, becomes very partial. Is all a strategy.

Especially we must attend to the energy field, to 21 points on the body, because Yoga is in that sense an acupuncture will be playing points to open channels.

One of the characters in the book, a lama, advocates to generate a personal mysticism. You speak little of their own beliefs, but yes in the methods. Should generate a modesty special to the form in that each one understands it transcendent?

I speak very little of my own beliefs to not be conditional, indoctrinate or create diagrams and models to others. You do not even have to imitate Jesus, Buddha or Lao Tse. Each one has to be himself. By that those methods are aseptic. The rest is lecturing. And as I said a great Yogi: "so I lecture, I'm with my Pastor". Not me change of the Christianity to the Hinduism so I keep lecturing. Why not try to influence; give teachings and methods of the way traditional: listen, discern and try. If you used, you incorporate it into your life. And if not you served, you discard. We don't want to blind people, which is what makes the sects with their spiritual leaders.

This advice is given in the book: "how I search? Check, free from prejudices and dogmas, striving to obtain a superior knowledge. Required purification in every way". Is it necessary to move away from dogma to find the true inner journey?

The dogma is a tie, a gag, a prison which you can not leave. It must overcome the dogmas and follow the path without path that is the path. That is to say, not to follow the path of another, but make the same journey inwards. If there are dogmas, you clots you.

Yoga is completely adogmatico. Even in the ancient Yoga, there have been two currents: the yoga atheist and theistic yoga. Today seems to have that be theistic, but that is from those groups hinduizantes. You have to go by yourself to know if it is the empty or is the whole...

The protagonist of the book is faces to his uncle, priest of them Brahmins: "not can believe in something that divided rather than integrate." "That feeds the differences rather than transcend them". Was this the initial reason that led him to the East, the pursuit of a spirituality freed from religious dogma?

Yes, although the India religion is more dogmatic in the West, because there is much superstition. Is a country very superstitious where there are that go spreading the herbs medicinal of them herbs poisonous. But yes, I drove the search of it not dogmatic; or, what not can encrypt is in code, because is more beyond of concepts, Word and ideas. Krishnamurti, which led to more that adogmatismo was clear. Although he said that no was a master, was a master; Although he said that he taught nothing, I was teaching; but was of preventing that the people is established in a code, in a mold.

"All the roads honest lead to the truth". Can this be one of the conclusions of their long search?

All those roads honest converge in the yours own, that you have that lead to your I more honest. Are poles, maps, compasses, to guide us in the journey inside. Anyone can obtain the release on the other.

"Beware - they advise you to Yogi. Let you only teach for those that really have something to teach you. Do not waste time, because life is much shorter than we think. Ever you show sectarian or fanatic. "Open yourself to all systems, because there is a part of truth and all in all they'll learn something". Is your Council of teacher?

Open to all genuine teachings. There are 25 books that for me are the column vertebral of the spirituality and, curiously, the most is written by Western, not of this time, but as much of them years forty and fifty, when not had anything marketed and were pure and serious.

You have to look at the source. But then one permitted license, but at least to drink at the source. What said Picasso, first learn what traditional to then break it. But the bad thing is to break it without knowing the tradition.

What in that sense, holds in his spiritual journey of Christianity?

I'm universalist, like a good gourmet. I am a gourmet spirit. And I try to feed me the great masters. All those days them read. In my table there is a series of books and a day I inspired in the Dhammapada Buddha, another day in the Bhagavad Gita, another in the Gospelsanother in the Tao Te Ching. Are food pure, inspiring, revealing, for the mind.

It Pearl Golden in the vertex of the head it can achieve?

Yes. The Golden Pearl is the sahasrara, the Lotus of thousand petals that are at the top of the head, where Yogis realized, when they die, send your prana to exit through the "gate of Brahma" and merge it with the cosmic energy. The Pearl Golden is the conquest of our be more profound. But before you get to it, they are other pearls which are associating the different chakras, another very important part of Yoga if you are not falseara... The chakras are as floors that to the go climbing by them is clarified our vision.

The Yoga is of wake what call it Bella sleeping: that light or energy of wisdom that, being in all us, precise be activated through tools, through procedures.

Can any practitioner of Yoga aspire to basic levels of samadhi?

There are samadhis very provisional that everyone can experience in a time given. Even those moments of fullness that can come through the hug a loved one, of a poem, the music, the observation of a lily, the contemplation of a sunset, or sit entranced in the fire. Are moments of suspension of the thought, are pre-samadhi.

But the samadhi already as a state very top of conscience there is that work it much, because only appears when the thought conceptual ceases and is reveals it light of the be.

In its origins, Yoga was a spiritual technique. Those Yogis aspired to the samadhi, because us out of the world of it phenomenal, of the nesciencia, of the ignorance. But today no one practically aspires to do so. Only who is engaged very to fund can get to it. But at least do that for "we are going to there, although not come". If we did not get in this life, we may get in other stocks, if any...

"I walk that big belly to get to know me and to meet others, find me and find in myself to all the others." Is Ramiro Street still a sadhu wandering?

Of soul, spirit, heart, blood, I am a wandering sadhu. I think that a trick of fate placed me in this situation. But my soul will always be that of a wandering sadhu.

So I've written both on the sadhuismo, and so when I go to the India I received as if it were his brother in the camps of sadhus. I identify as a supermini sadhu, a Western sadhu, but one of them.

"How much you learn on pilgrimage! Pilgrimage amid the grandeur of nature, feeling part of the universe, throwing out stupid links and prejudice, combating the weakness of the body with the fullness of the spirit". Magisterial text of The Yogi in which he praises as benefits of the pilgrimage patience, the liberation from time and the resistance... How can we convert to pilgrims?

All are pilgrims by the Via Láctea, us demos has of this or not. As Castaneda said, "life is foolish, but you can live with consciousness or without consciousness." We are going on a pilgrimage, but we have to make this pilgrimage of conscious and fruitful, for its own benefit and that of others.

It is said that when Buddha was going to die he was asked: "master, would and end what?", and said: "at the end, clear-minded and kindhearted". All what we bring to that, is the teaching.

Thank you, master.

Carmen Viejo Yoga network. Carmen old heir teaches yoga, writer and journalist.

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