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Discern is regarded as a key element in Jnana yoga. Certainly, to discern between what is true and what is false, between essence and personality, between reality and the Real... Between Purusha and Prakritti, according to Samkhya philosophy, it is one the last stages and perhaps also the most advanced within the spiritual search. Writes Emilio J. Gomez.


The quality of the discernment genuine It is not easy to get and much less than carried out, therefore to apply Viveka a suitable previously it is necessary to obtain direct knowledge, or at least one glimpse of that on what is meant to or want to discern, otherwise it would be in a sterile mental practice more.

Through the word, it is possible to know what we are told that it is illusory, and therefore unreal. But... really know the Real thing to be able to separate it from the Unreal? No. We do not know it. Perhaps what we can imagine and also craving. In the worst cases, can assume it, because of what we have been told or have read.

Without at least one glimpse, a Flash of the Real thing, is not possible to separate it from the unreal through discernment. Such a glimpse must be direct, invalid intellectual interpretations drawn from books, or even the words, always well intentioned, of those beings who live in the Real.

That to realize It is intimate and personal. Not purchased in group, not reading books, nor is it on the internet. And much less be found attending conferences or talking about it. Such an experience simply happens. It is the awakening. He wakes up to the Real thing. And the Real thing cannot be achieved it through thought, intellect or mind; only you can be it.

From the moment you connect with the presence of being, with the self, the Atman... Only from that timeless moment, meditation practice ceases to be a preparation, a put the right conditions so that Flash of reality from happening, and happens to be in a essential instrument in the life of the search engine to deepen its presence to be.

Once the Flash of the absolute through the be is when the practice of the posture of meditation in silence and stillness acquires all sense. By then, the longing of man will have changed: now he wants to delve into what he has experienced beyond the word, thought and mind.

The deliberate cultivation of the presence of be what happens during the practice of meditation holds new meaning. Now, the discernment happens naturally and effortlessly, as it should be.

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