Teacher training Yoga Sivananda: talking with Vishnu

Yoga online interview with Vishnu, Professor at the cUrso of teacher training yoga Sivananda in Spain, which will take place in Lacasatoya, Madrid, Zaragoza, from August 15 to September 11, 2016.


Swami Vishnudevananda It has retained in training the traditional Indian system of the Gurukula, in which the teacher and the student live together in the Ashram. Through contact with the teacher, the pupil opens physically and mentally and acquires a great experience of Yoga, which will later forward to others, in his capacity as Professor. In order to create favorable conditions, initial and advanced training is carried out exclusively through intensive courses in the ashrams.

The Sivananda Vedanta international Yoga centers were the first to provide training courses for teachers of Yoga in the West.

This summer, like the previous ones, the Sivananda Yoga teacher training ashram moves for almost a full month to La Casa Toya, in Madrid, Zaragoza.

Yoga network want to introduce the teachers and teachers of this veteran course.

Vishnu is Professor of asanas and of pranayama in the course of training for teachers of yoga Sivananda

Question: What is your "special" contribution as a teacher to the TTC?

My contribution to the course of teacher training yoga Sivananda, TTC, as the of all the teachers we teach classes throughout the month, is mainly that of the service. We are pending any need of the students, to do or not to education, who are with us during the month.

I teach the asanas. In the course we do four hours a day of practice. Two to eight in the morning and two at four in the afternoon. Normally the morning practice focuses on the students themselves. The afternoon are structured so students can gradually learn to teach. During the course we teach more than 120 positions.

What is the main thing that you expect to be able to transmit to the students of this course?

That you feel passion with and for practice. That you understand that placed in a position implies to have the five senses in the same. That connect with the feeling of feeling any part of your body, and that they know how to identify it. That feeling, by very subtle to be, manifests itself. That you learn to live with it for the whole practice. You can learn to connect with the heart of the posture, that connect with the present moment through breathing and live the magic that brings us the asana at every moment.

And above all feel eternity in each moment.

Your experienced teacher of the Sivananda Yoga training courses, what you value most?

Our teaching is ancient and we are very respectful with the forms. We teach as they taught us people who gave their life to a way of understanding the transmission of yoga through a lineage. We have varied very little that essence. Logically we have adapted to the needs of the place and the times in which we live.

Our teacher Swami Vishnudevananda left his life and his way of living in the India. He came to the West. He made all kinds of adaptations, but not changed the essence of the transmission of the teaching.

I especially appreciate that intrinsic capacity of adaptation that gives us the yoga for every situation in life. This only what we can get with the best standard of yoga: practice, practice, practice.

A memory, a story that you treasure especially, of any of the courses passed in Madrid.

There are many ways to teach, and there are many teacher training courses. Now courses of teachers in a thousand different ways are made and that's okay. We are at a time where the surrogate and the authentic coexist naturally.

In the India become a Yogi comes to take us between eight and twelve years. Students live in the House of the master or a sshram. This teaching it is called gurukula.

We try to teach that way: simple, direct, and classical. Live teachers and students for a month, in the first part of the training and another month in the second. We captured us teaching our teacher Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda and share it every day.

Would you like to see pictures of the experience of the teacher training course?

More information and reservations at: http://www.sivananda.es/curso-de-formacion-de-profesores-de-yoga-en-espana

Centre international de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta of Madrid. T 913615150




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