How to deal with the fear of the unknown

At the beginning of our lives, ignorance is a comfort. We are used to being who we are and the way we perceive life. We simply don't know anything else; things are "as they should be." But soon uncertainty appears. Writes Swami Mukti.


However, as you know, comfort doesn't last forever: life has been sending us signals of something else.

A child who builds a sandcastle on the beach is satisfied with the structure he has raised, but when the tide arrives and takes the castle ahead, the child is overwhelmed by a feeling of sadness.

We have become accustomed to our day-to-day life, the external circumstances we have to deal with in our families, in society and at work. But when things don't go as we expect, or obstacles appear in our way, we too are disappointed.

The first reaction to the unknown is often fear, and the attachment we have to that initial way of living can become stronger.

Fear and the fact of resisting the unknown appear with such force that they prevent us from living experiences and expressing ourselves as usual, locking ourselves in a false sense of security.

The Unknown is there to be known. We must explore in order to dispel all the unfounded thoughts and feelings that neutralize us and do not allow us to grow.

Hold a meditative pose life could be a solution.

The more our consciousness expands, the more our relationship with fear will change. So we begin to witness that fear, as if it were an outdoor activity or a performance on stage, rather than getting carried away and paralyzed by negative thoughts.

We are aware that fears are but a figitive of our own imagination.

Also, remember that fear is an energy, just like enthusiasm. It could be an indicator that we are about to do something really important for the evolution of our soul.

Instead of being paralyzed by fear, we should stop stepping on the brake that directs that energy, and try to bring it back in a positive way to move forward.

Do you want to spend your whole life wondering: What if...?

Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the unknown, trust and move on.

It is after taking the first leap when we learn to spread the wings.

So, enjoy the flight.

PS: If a colleague, customer or friend is struggling to get their foot off the brake, please share this text. I could help them move on!

Swami Mukti es orador y mentor internacional que entiende y transmite el yoga como el arte y la ciencia de vivir con positivismo. Director of Light Mind.

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