Ramiro Calle, the Yogi

This is a very special interview with Calle Ramiro. Have loved know what has been of the spirit of the author of the book that started to countless people in the road of the Yoga. And we have found, forty years after writing it, that Ramiro is still, more than ever, The Yogi. Carmen old talked with him for more than two hours. Soon, we will publish the second part: Ramiro, master.


Does forty years What Calle Ramiro began to write the history of Ananda, Yogi, that would still be Ananda, insider and Ananda, the hermit. In Spain they were published together in a single volume: The Yogi. Was for many search engines the call of output to look towards East and discover the path of the Yoga. For this reason, We have dear offer you public recognition through this interview.

Today The Yogi It is still a fully valid reference work: Apart from the imprint can inspire and generate respect and devotion to Yoga, spiritual, contains valuable information on essential concepts of different branches of the wisdom in the East, and is in itself a guide which lend hand throughout the life of any practitioner.

In novel form, The Yogi It is a fiction of encyclopaedic knowledge and intimate background, in which the pilgrim of the inner path can see reflected their desires, fears, exploits and setbacks.

This book, forty years later, inspired by this interview to Ramiro Calle, not the writer or scholar, but the practitioner, to the sadhaka, the Yogi.

Question: The Yogi It is the story of a tireless search for the India... from his first trips, felt that "I already was here"? Have you found after so many years why was born in Spain and not the India?

When I traveled to the India, there were several things that are very suspicious to me: first, that all the great masters opened me the doors, even the most inaccessible. And that some teachers I called branch, because this was the name of the great diffuser of the teaching spiritual.

It is true that I have always been in the dissemination of the Dharma. Whenever I wanted to stop writing, a Publisher has offered me a hook some undeniable proposition. Now, for example, that it had decided not to return to writing a book, I had to do it again with Take a breath. This work has gone to the detriment often of my own inner evolution because I have given many hours to broadcast, that if had devoted them me me, it would now be a jivamukti, a liberated (laughs).

Do "Spiritual melancholy", "nostalgia of the encounter with the self", still persecuted today?

Yes, it's the existential void that while we do not fill of big mind, we will continue experiencing. Is the desire of the being or the loneliness cosmic, a constant in all my novels: in Yogi, in The Fakir in The Temple of ice, in The seven initiations. In all my stories the protagonist experiences that desire to be as it is not satisfied, leading to live the "noughts" of San Juan de la Cruz, the "dark night of the soul".

The great deception, the great hoax of this society is make us believe that can fill that vacuum inside of things, people or situations from the outside. Then vacuum each day grows more. You can only fill with ourselves.

This immense dissatisfaction comes from the search for reality, which we wriggle, and as the environment is not the most conducive to that search, people experience much unhappiness.

The father of the protagonist of The Yogi He says to his son: "You must allow that your spiritual ambitions will prevent you to meet your family karma". Do you feel Ramiro who has been able to reconcile these two dharmas?

I am a city dweller Yogi. Urban Yogi has to learn to deal with two oceans: the everyday life and the spiritual lifewhich is not easy. Many times we find ourselves divided between the edge of the physical and tangible and the shore of the spiritual. But what is not in our hands is the total renunciation. Because as I said Ramana Maharshi, if it has to be, you will take. But you can not take it.

To them forty years wanted to close the Centre of Yoga that had and dedicate me to it gives total. My first wife, Almudena Hauríe Mena, also Yoga teacher, I was encouraging: 'Become a sadhu', but that is something that one cannot choose freely. So I think that I it have projected in The Yogi: a symbol of what would be desired be.

An of them main tools that uses the protagonist of his book in its road spiritual is the introspection: "instead of look towards outside, I had accustomed to look towards me same". Has it reached you isolate this natural predisposition towards the interior?

When it is a spiritual seeker, always is only. Each one has to solve its own life inside. In a way, you are without being. Do not get to join fully in this film than in Yoga we call samsara; live outside as if the actual substance that can be found inside missing.

"A sannyasin deviates from the external sacrifice for the internal". He regretted having given up on something?

I waived to the children. Already in my Spiritual autobiography I tell you that I announced it was to my father when I was a child, who would have no children. And then I said to myself: "Only if I fail to find the son of the spirit, I would have the children of the flesh". And as at this point I don't know if I found it, I'll not have now, they would already be grandchildren...

I have renounced a very easy and hedonistic life that might have led from the first moment, because my father was one of the major employers who had in Spain. But when you get to the search, and you can't miss it.

But I'm not sorry. The only thing one is questioned is the suffering that has been caused to other people. The people who have been with me has felt that some doors were difficult to open, as he has recently expressed my wife, Luisa, in the documentary Traveling to the inside, Calle Ramiro. We are sure that all my partners I have caused them suffering by this way of being, so internalized.

"Observe the mind without fail, such as if you sit on the banks of a river and closely observed the evolution of waters". Is this the essence of their practice and mastery?

Is what I has allowed being in this society, really terrifying and appalling. I like not, as happened to Herman Hesse, with none of the values of this society. And the only way to keep it is to situate yourself, as we say in Yoga, consciousness witness and look and look. My teacher, and one of my spiritual brothers, Babaji Sivananda of Varanasi said: "Look, silent and smiles". Is very difficult to be in the mud without stain you or pass by the fire without burning you. It pays a tribute very high by living in this society. But nor there is another option: you going to a cave in the Himalaya and is it same, also is it society, and just having problems with the Yogi of to the side or with the justice that wants to take you of the cave. The great secret, at the end, is the equanimity.

"The dance cosmic of Shiva hidden them things small for only to discover them them large men". What are some of those giant trifles?

Everyday life is the truth, but as a Zen master, some know see and others do not know see. We look forward to the adventure, we look forward to the big event, but life is formed by a succession of small moments. And only if we live them with attention, we get to be the first and last, with its specific weight. We are always looking so far we do not see what is next.

"Immerse you in you same and get it possible by experience you, by take conscience of your being". Is that still the main Board that gives its students?

It is the only way to clean the mud we carries into the unconscious. We talk a lot of environmental pollution; but mental and mental is much more serious. The only way to desalienarnos is trying to stop the connection with the external and drink in the waters fresh of our be internal, for some moments. We should teach this practice to all children. Everything in this society alienates us, we alienate. The only way is disconnected.

Every day first thing I do in the morning, still in bed, is to feel my body and my breathing stop. And throughout the day looking for moments for such disconnection.

"To be able to evolve there sort that chaotic inner world, reforming what is positive in one and remove all the negative charge". Today Ramiro is satisfied with that personal Polish that so much effort and years led him?

I had to Polish more than anyone else. I have gone through tremendous crisis of panic anxiety, a real headache for my poor mother. Yoga without it would have ended in a psychiatric hospital. How I survived thanks to the investigation and psychoanalysis. Was a personality tremendously fragmented, by not be able to understand this way of life. Wanting to find the other, lived the dark nights of the soul. By that is so important go to the teachings authentic and traditional, that come from the transmission genuine.

We can not squander the precious heritage of Yoga. What of truth I hurts is that is know as little of the Yoga. It is all the important texts, the history, roots, sources are unknown... Arrived to say, even at a University, Hatha Yoga is an invention of now...

Why try to create what is already created? This is inconceivable. It is not our message, is teaching!, Yoga is teaching! If the people escarbara to background in it, is give has of that is impressive. I took sixty years to do so and still consider myself an apprentice, because it is completely incomprehensible.

"If on something insist much sacred teaching of Yoga, it is that nothing gets for nothing, it must make a great effort to transcend limitations and obtain the higher evolution." That effort, how has materialized in his life and is still taking shape?

Never, ever let me overcome by laziness; Although many times, must overcome laziness through the will and effort. Nowadays there is another great fallacy in all these neos-yogas which are emerging. It is said that you must not make any effort, teachers have been fashionable of the "already enlightened". In essence we all have a conscience Christ, Buddha, but how much must be done to free us! Then, only one gets to no effort at the end of the effort. There isn't any great teacher who has not had to make strenuous efforts, none. Just see the history, Milarepa, Jesus, Buddha... A terrible fallacy is all these gurus who preach that Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta effortlessly. That does not exist. The grace is there, but there is that win it by us themselves.

What is your yama or niyama more dear?

MI yama and niyama more dear is recast in the compassion, by that am a defender to wishful thinking of them animals and a stubborn pacifist. During years, in the program that did with my brother Miguel Angel, since spent it's Iraq, said: "never estrecharé the hand or of Aznar, nor of Blair or of Bush, because not me like stain me of blood". I wanted to put a complaint to Aznar to my country to the war. We must defend the peace. If there is compassion, all other values are included. All the other yamas and niyamas are unnecessary if there's infinite compassion, opening of the heart, including all animals.

In the book advises this attitude: "Avoid the extremes and seek the path of balance, harmony". Equanimity is another of its values more sought after and exercised?

Is the more I try to exercise: the well understood equanimity that is simply not react excessively or with attachment or hatred, but maintain the balance between these two great forgers which is grasping and hatred, attachment or abhorrence.

"All those days are excellent when we are at peace with us themselves". And peace is the value most listed now in your life?

There is nothing to pay a moment's peace. On this planet, he said it's the asylum of the other planets, the only thing that we can maintain is the peace and balance. Already Buddha said: "the only happiness is inner peace". Everything else is fun, entertainment and distraction...; but that is not inner happiness.

Says his character of The Yogi: "Up to such an extent was accentuated my unease and desperation I decided to suspend my meditations". What has been the 'dark night' of Ramiro Calle?

Many. I have spent plenty of dark nights. Life is a succession of crises; the important thing is to leave them as Chrysalises, i.e. crisis with wings, crisis for growth and development. But a seeker. constantly through crisis, because his loneliness is always there. As it is said that the satiated can not understand the hungry, that is not search engine cannot understand this immense concern to melt you with all.

"The fear is one of the most serious obstacles. Also anger, ignorance, dissipation". What have been the obstacles more difficult of overcome?

My psychology was the most difficult. I was a problem child and had to suture many open wounds that had in my psyche, cover the cracks of the soul, and trying, to the extent possible, of cauterize them wisely. Also many trends antojadizas and capricious that had since child. To the be the first-born in a family in which I sobreprotegian and spoiling, I had that go Unlearning. Yoga is not just to learn; Yoga is more to unlearn. Throw overboard accumulations that we all have and that we condition. My learning in this regard has been very long and clumsy. A master mine Buddhist said: "some running, others walking, others dragging is, but to the end we will see all in the goal". My way has been dragging me; but I have not stopped dragging me, that it is important.

"Even the Anchorite who throughout his life is isolated in a cave needs of his great love for the divine." Is Calle Ramiro a bhakti Yogi?

No, I am not, because a bhakti Yogi is that basically feeds the longing and the "die because I don't die", of the divinity. I am not a theist or an atheist, I am what you might call transteista, in the sense of going beyond the models of God or no God. That's why in my novel The Fakir I use the term of primary vacuum for the ultimate reality. If there is everything or nothing is irrelevant: everyone living their own experience.

I'm more a karma Yogi, a jnana Yogi, a raja Yogi and a hatha Yogi. The downside of Bhakti is that take advantage to all sects and factions, because there are many devotees who are not mature and they fall into these networks. The bhakti Yogi is the weakest, because it is his love that can trick you into everywhere. We must join Bhakti, Jnana and Raja, if you do not return a fanatic. Maybe many of these terrorists that we see are bhakti Yogis, in the bad sense of the word...

"Make yoga your companion, your friend, your lover, your dearest family". 60 years after dedication to Yoga, do you keep that preferential relationship?

A human being without the Dharma, without the education, is nothing. Schopenhauer said that the Upanishad they had been for him the comfort of his life and his death... I Yoga say. In the worst moments of my life, the only thing I've really had is Yoga, that to the end and within is union with the power cosmic, as it wants every one understand, and union with one same and with them others.

The Yogi should be an anarchist. Let's not forget that Yogi, in its origins, was a revolutionary who reacted to the stifling orthodoxy of Hinduism. Buddha reacted also to orthodoxy. All the Mystics are revolutionary and why society has abused them, starting with San Juan de la Cruz, because they are not left to put in the cage of social molds.

Carmen Viejo Yoga network. Carmen old heir teaches yoga, writer and journalist.

(Coming soon, the second part: Ramiro, master)

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