I fair of life/Yoga, yoga & healthy living

Marbella will have its first fair Yoga / life, from the 5 to the 11 of September. The celebration will transform the Plaza Antonio flags of Puerto Banus in a great center of yoga to outdoors.

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During a week full and throughout all the day, Life | Yoga will offer to the city of Marbella a large space dedicated to the yoga and the life healthy: classes open, access free of the public to talks that feed the mind and the spirit, scenario with music in live, patio of power ecological, exhibitors of products and services. And much more.

With the clear objective of motivating both amateurs and professionals, the organizers of life | Yoga is ilusionan even more with the idea of that the yoga is discovered by the thousands of people that still not have last by this wonderful and transformative experience.

Life | Yoga will be a site of encounter and of union. Is known that will attract to the people more alternative that surrounds to the world of the yoga, the health and the welfare, as to it more interested in products and services related with a high quality of life. And for this nothing better that a place open in the heart of Puerto Banus, where thousands of people travel to daily enjoying of the good life. And if it made from the hand of the yoga, much better.


For a week, and throughout the day, life | Yoga will offer ample space dedicated to yoga and healthy living to Puerto Banus: classes open, free public access to lectures that feed the mind and the spirit, live music, organic food playground, massage, complementary therapies, healthy products and organic cuisine tasting, and much more.

  • Free yoga for all them public: Is scheduled classes open of tomorrow and of evening, with monitors specialized in all the types of yoga, both for public in general as for children, pregnant and practitioners frequent of yoga.
  • Aula de yoga for children: Is the inspiration for a new generation. With a zone destined exclusively to the children, will have several sessions of yoga for ages starting from them 3 years.
  • Area of talks and lectures: Each day and at different times, the classroom lectures is intended to open talks and fun and informative at the same time, conferences on themes of yoga, health and education, welfare, healthy cuisine, therapies and inner growth.
  • Stage for the art: The scenario creates a warm and unforgettable atmosphere, with performances of artists local and of other parts of the world.
    Courtyard of organic food: A space for healthy food that will be a claim to the public that seeks to unite the tranquility and the eco-alimentos.


The Conference will be to cargo of the Dr Sreejith Narayanan Nampoothiri (astrologer Swami), Neel Venugopal (medical Ayurvedic) and Nithin Babu (Professor of yoga), and is may attend of way free in the frame of the fair life / Yoga, in Puerto Banus, Marbella.

He astrologer Swami Dr. Sreejith Narayanan, master spiritual that directs his own ashram in the India, travels by the world offering conferences and talks about astrology, in which is performed works for channel the energy. Through his work us teaches how channel and balance our energy inside as well as modify the power outside that us surrounds. For this they used technical ancient of astrology. Sreejith is located with the people and them offers the analysis of their problems through a consultation astrological with meditations and bids: them ceremonies of bid are offerings (prayers) to the power divine.

The medical Ayurvedic Neel Venugopal works currently in a hospital of medicine Ayurvedic in Kerala. Specialized in this type of medicine, its function consists in making a diagnosis and the rear treatment custom. In the diagnosis not only has in has the ailment, but the style of life of the person, their personality, circumstances personal and your state current of health (harmonization of "doshas"). The treatment includes massage and also the use of oils herbal, baths of steam, inhalations and Shirodhara, among others.

The teacher of yoga Nithin Babu is, in addition, therapist Ayurvedic. Currently teaches his classes in the Centre AyurYoga in Kerala, located to the South of the India. In said Center will teach them various forms of yoga: them 4 yogas mental, that are Bhakthi Yoga (emotions), Dhyana Yoga (wisdom), Raja Yoga (meditation) and Karma Yoga (actions), and the yoga physical that know all in West: the Hatha Yoga. Yoga represents the union between the mind and the body, that us teaches to dominate our mind and the senses.

More information and booking of spaces exhibitors: T + 34 91 442 00 99 / 91 750 47 24 / 690 000 193 / Email: target@targeteventos.com

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