Accept the pain, prevent suffering

Pain and suffering are not the same thing. What we call pain is inherent in the life of any living being. Suffering is mental. Yoga trains us to live life in its entirety: joyful and painful. And teaches us to avoid suffering. Writes old Carmen heir.


Yoga is a mother who embraces and welcomes equally the Duckling and Swan, because he knows they are two phases of the same individual. The same happens with dukha (pain) and sukha (joy). Dukha covers all these painful situations involving physical or mental stress, change, adaptation, condition or loss. Sukha, however, concerns what is pleasant, harmonious, balanced, and allows relaxed States.

The practice of Yoga we trains to pass through all these States without numbing us in sukha or haunt us in dukha, but generating equanimity. Like this effort and relaxation combine becoming lucid and useful.

Another issue is the suffering, the emotional reaction of our mind to that which generates rejection and aversion. Interestingly, the suffering can occur before dukha and sukha, because its origin is in personality, and not in externals, making us take by pleasant the unpleasant or vice versa.

The suffering has five reasons (kleshas), According to the masterly synthesis of Patanjali:

-Avidya: the ignorance that leads us to confuse the eternal with the temporal.

-Asmita: ego identification.

-Raga: desire.

-Dvesa: rejection.

-Abhinivesha: the fear of death, derived from ignoring our true nature.

The kleshas not only generate suffering who suffers from them, but they are driving forces of aggression and causing suffering to other beings.

The Yoga-Sutra They claim that the practice of Yoga with its eight elements eliminated the kleshas or causes of suffering. Practice makes us unbiased to the pleasant and the unpleasant; kind and respectful towards life; It prevents the mind clings to outdated; It opens the possibility to experience direct and naked than we are and will be; reduces the fear of the pain of the body, change and the future.

The practice throughout her life us teaches to embrace the existence and the present moment, by accepting, trusting. And this serene host beat the suffering.

Carmen oldCarmen old heir (Ahimsa)

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