Books / 40 doors, José María Doria

This book proposes a path to the transpersonal intelligence and the mindfulness, the key that will make you pass the 40 doors wisdom. A notebook log that will change you life. Edit: The sphere of books. Price: €22, €9 ebook.


Consciousness or "to realize" what is living - the «be aware» - is an emerging capability that allows a change in consciousness and the human heart. In the same way that all the rivers reach the sea, the same happens with our inside look: all lead to deep in the presence. In this sense, the culture of silence and introspection is essential to deploy the ability of self-observation of own mental processes.

That mindfulness training Jose Maria Doria He brings in the book the 40 gates, is a path to the transpersonal intelligence. The author offers practical tools through those doors that should go slowly, expanding our listeners and our search for the essence in each one of them. Via mindfulness has exceeded the therapeutic field and has expanded to the world of education, health, business, sport... A world-wide phenomenon that helps us to understand that we are actually privileged witnesses of an enlargement unprecedented in human consciousness.

Jose Maria Doria, President and founder of the Spanish School of Transpersonal development (EDTe), entity with more than one hundred professionals from the world of psychology and education that combines scientific knowledge with the culture of silence and meditation, advises management teams and collaborates in universities as a Professor of the Master in Mindfulness. Currently, its main activity focuses on the dissemination of the 'transpersonal paradigm' in international forums.

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